Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 3rd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 3rd April 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 3rd April 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Indrani taunts Sona for leaving her job and Sona talks supporting Suhnaina and says that she had came to meet Indrani for a help and she is sorry if they had hurt. Sona leaves with Suhnaina who is very sad and Indrani says they came to ask for help or give a speech? and Indrani leaves. In the night at the living hall with the whole family, Suhnaina says that she is surprised how one can change when they have money. Suhnaina asks Udham to forgive her as she could not talk to Indrani and Udham asks Suhnaina not to blame herself. Udham says that its the time to perform aarti and the whole family pray with aarti being performed and Indrani opens the door of the Chaturvedi house and enters. Indrani greets everyone and everyone turns and sees Indrani. Suhnaina looks at Indrani and Indrani asks Suhnaina to forgive her as she ignored her at the hotel as she feared that she would face embarassing moment and she feels wrong for doing it. Indrani says that she feels sorry and had brough some sweets for Suhnaina. She also brought another thing and Indrani hands over a cheque to Suhnaina saying its for 5 crores and everyone is shocked. Indrani says that she wants to buy over this house and everyone is shocked and Suhnaina asks Indrani to take back her cheque as she has no intention to sell it. Indrani says that she knew that Suhnaina would reply that and Suhnaina says that what happened in the hotel, Indrani has the answer herself. But Suhnaina’s doorstep will always be closed for Indrani unless she behaves as a guest and not with such intention. Indrani says that she is not here to joke and she came to make a deal. Indrani shows cash of 2 crores together with the 5 crorers cheque asking Suhnaina to accept it and asks what is her decision. Suhnaina says that her decision remains the same. Indrani asks why is Suhnaina being unproductive as Indrani wish to make a hotel in this property and she will transfer them to a better place with all the facilities. Everyone except for Sona, Kanhaiya, Neelam, Chacha ji and Suhnaina seems to be impressed with Indrani’s deal.

Part 2

Suhnaina says that there is no point in argueing and Indrani says that Suhnaina is selfish as she is only thinking about herself. She had lived her life and now is the time for the childrens. Indrani says that if she wants, she can… Kanhaiya asks what will you do? Leave our house right now. Suhnaina says did you heard what my son said? You may leave now and Indrani leaves and Neelam returns the cheque to her. Indrani stares at the Chaturvedi house and Sona comes out and gives back the sweets that Indrani brought. Indrani takes the sweets and throws it away and Indrani’s manager recommends other properties and Indrani says that she only wants this property as its concerning her ego. Indrani leaves in anger. Bindiya and Govardan are talking about the money and Govardan says why did mummy ji rejected such a good offer? Durgesh and Darshana are discussing about the same and Bindiya says that we need to think of something about this. Darshana decides to talk to Suhnaina to talk about this while Suhnaina is talking in anger to Kanhaiya saying this is the house they have been living all the years right from Kanhaiya’s grandparents and she will not allow the house to be sold. Suhnaina says that Indu thinks that she can buy my childrens with my money? And am i a selfish person? Udham comes in saying that yes, you are selfish. Udham says that you may not like what i said but you should have accepted this deal. We would have got money and i would have got my job back. What do you get by this old house? Suhnaina says that this is our house which we have memories attached to it and you grew up in this same house. Udham asks if is the memories more important than our future? No one cares about these memories and Kanhaiya says but i do! I value the memories and mummy ji had not done anything wrong. Udham says that its Kanhaiya’s problem if he don’t want a good future. Suhnaina tries to explain and Kanhaiya says that what Suhnaina is doing is wrong. Udham says that Suhnaina loves herself more than anyone else and the deal would have changed everyone’s life. Udham leaves in anger and Suhnaina is hurt and looks at Kanhaiya with tears and asks if is she doing a mistake and is she selfish? Kanhaiya hugs Suhnaina while Sona watches and leaves the room.

Precap :

Sona is in the kitchen saying to Udham and Neelam that mummy ji wants everyone to live together under one roof.

Update Credit to: Visha_Dhami

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