Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 2nd August 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 2nd August 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 2nd August 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Chitrasi brings the fire closer to the sindoora and Sona grabs Chitrasi’s hands and blows the fire off. Sona says you can’t win and Chitrasi asks what is Sona saying? Its already 12ap and you lost the deal. Sona remains silent and brings down the sindoora and asks Chitrasi to look at the clock where its showing 12.05am. I turned the clock 5 minutes earlier which means only now is 12am.Chitrasi says you are lying right? Sona says lie? If you don’t belive, try looking around at other clocks. Siddeshwar calls out for Deva and Chitrasi asks Siddeshwar what is the time now and Siddeshwar says that its 12ap. Deva comes and Chitrasi looks at Deva’s watch where its showing 12am and Siddeshwar asks what happened? Anything special? Chitrasi says that she just wanted to check if the time is correct and both Siddeshwar and Deva leaves with some files and Sona smiles to Chitrasi showing the sindoora. Sona says what do you think? Only you can do tricks and Sona leaves while Chitrasi throws a pillow in anger. Sona says to Suhnaina that we have won and Suhnaina asks Sona to prepare lime water and Sona asks what is this for? Suhnaina says this is for Chitrasi and do it carefully. Suhnaina says let me see how this Chitrasi keeps her fast while i am around where i will not keep quiet till then. Faster make it and Sona starts doing the drink. Suhnaina thinks to herself saying god, please forgive me as i am trying to break someone’s fast but she is trying to take my bahu’s place and i will never allow that to happen. Sona gives the drink to Suhnaina and Suhnaina smiles. Shakuntala asks if is Chitrasi’s alright and i am sure that my Chitrasi will keep her fast and it will be broken by Kanhaiya’s hand. Chitrasi says that she will surely win and Suhnaina comes to Chitrasi asking how is she feeling now and Chitrasi says that she is still not fully recovered. Siddeshwar and Kanhaiya enters and Siddeshwar says why are you still refusing to see a doctor? Kanhaiya says let me call a doctor and Suhnaina says there is no need for it. I’ve made this lime water and once Chitrasi drinks this, she will feel better. Suhnaina asks Chitrasi to drink it and Chitrasi says she don’t want to drink this and Suhnaina asks if you won’t listen to me? Kanhaiya says mummy ji is asking to drink it right, do drink it and Chitrasi says but she don’t like lime water. Suhnaina says don’t worry, just drink it and have some rest. Suhnaina tries forcing Chitrasi to drink and the cup falls down and all the drinks pours down and Suhnaina stares at Chitrasi. Kanhaiya asks what have you done Chitrasi? Chitrasi says i am sorry everyone as i had lied to all of you. I am feeling well and i am keeping fast for Kanhaiya and Suhnaina says how could you keep the fast? You are not Kanhaiya’s wife and Sona smiles. I know you are sad about this but the truth is that you can’t keep this fast. Kanhaiya says mummy ji is right and you have no rights to keep this fast. Chitrasi says i know and that’s why i didn’t tell anyone that i am keeping this fast because i know that all of you will stop me but i still think of him as my husband. Please allow me to keep this fast and Kanhaiya stares. Chitrasi goes to Siddeshwar and asks him to speak to Kanhaiya asking to allow her to keep the fast. Siddeshwar says to Kanhaiya that Chitrasi had not asked for anything till now and since she wants to keep the fast, let her keep it. Siddeshwar looks at Kanhaiya and Kanhaiya says since you said it, let it be then and both Suhnaina and Sona is unhappy. Chitrasi thanks Kanhaiya and Kanhaiya leaves. Chitrasi walks past Sona and smiles. Chitrasi is speaking to someone on the phone saying didn’t i ask you not to call me, why did you called now? That too today! I don’t want anyone to know about this and Chitrasi hangs the call. Sona hears this and wonders who did Chitrasi spoke to. Sona informs this to Suhnaina saying that something is surely wrong and Sona needs to get the number of the person she talked to. Suhnaina says that she will try to get the number for Chitrasi’s phone and they can find out who Chitrasi spoke to. Sona says alright and Suhnaina leaves. Suhnaina enters the kitchen and sees Chitrasi’s phone where Suhnaina takes the phone and looks at the call log and memorizes the number. Chitrasi enters the kitchen and Suhnaina hides the phone and smiles to Chitrasi.

Part 2

Suhnaina says that Kanhaiya had not accepted you as his wife till now but you are keeping fast for him. How many people are like you these days. Chitrasi says that she is only doing her duty as a wife and Chitrasi says so what if Kanhaiya don’t accept me as his wife, i have accepted him as my husband and Suhnaina quietly places back the phone without Chitrasi’s knowledge and leaves. Suhnaina repeats the number to Sona while Sona dials the number and the phone rings. A guy picks up the call and Sona is shocked. Sona goes to a restaurant and looks around and calls back to the number and a phone rings. Sona turns and looks where a guy is seated where Sona greets him. The guy asks what type of insurance is Sona selling and Sona says i’m sorry i lied to you as i’ve not came to sell any insurance. I just wanted to know a truth and the guy asks about what? Sona says aboout Chitrasi and the guy is taken aback. The guy says i am leaving as i have something important to do. Sona says don’t you want to know who am i? I am Sona Chaturvedi, Kanhaiya Chaturvedi’s wife. The same Kanhaiya whom Chitrasi married while small. The guy says so you are living with Chitrasi and her family? Sona says yes and asks how do the guy knows Chitrasi? The guy says that he is Chitrasi’s lover and he loves her while Sona is shocked. Sona says what? The guy says don’t mistaken me. My name is Madhav and i live near Srirampur. I love Chitrasi and she loves me too. But i could not propose to her as i have no money. I wish if i had more money so that i could start my life with her. Because of my situation, Chitrasi is not with me. Sona says this means you can help me. Madhav asks what help? Sona says she will give him money so that he can get Chitrasi where no one will come in between of her marriage life and Madhav will also get Chitrasi. Madhav smiles and says sure and what will he do? Sona asks Madhav to say the truth in front of all the family members. Sona asks Madhav to come to the house and reveal about his relationship with Chitrasi in front of everyone. In the night, everyone is praying for the teej pooja and Sona looks at Kanhaiya and takes the water from the mandir and brings it close to Sona’s mouth to end her fast and Suhnaina smiles. Chitrasi then pretends to faint while Kanhaiya grabs her. Siddeshwar asks Kanhaiya to give Chitrasi the water and Shakuntala smiles and Sona looks at Suhnaina. Kanhaiya brings his hands to give the water to Chitrasi while Sona takes the water from Kanhaiya’s hands and gives the water to Chitrasi and sprinkes some water on Chitrasi’s face. Chitrasi opens her yes and sees Sona and is shocked to see the container in Sona’s hands and Sona smiles. Deva says Chitrasi, you go to your room and rest and we will send food to your room. Chitrasi is about to leave and someone knocks on the door and its Madhav. Sona and Suhnaina smiles to each another while Chitrasi gets scared looking at Madhav.

Precap :
Madhav introduces himself and informs that he loves Chitrasi and they always quietly meet. Deva is about to hit Madhav asking who sent him and say the truth. Chitrasi says Deva bhaiya, what Madhav is saying is true and everyone is shocked while Suhnaina and Sona smiles.


Update Credit to: visha_dhami

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