Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 2nd April 2013 Written Episode Update

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Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 2nd April 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 2nd April 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Sona goes to Bindiya’s room and sees Darshana together and enters saying that she had ironed Dimple and Chicku’s clothes, is there anything of hers to iron and Bindiya remains silent. Sona says that the socket in her room is faulty and takes the iron and starts ironing on the table in Bindiya’s room while Bindiya and Darshana continues to ignore Sona. Darshana is checking out Bindiya’s cosmetics and Sona talks supporting Bindiya and Darshana asks Sona, you think you know better than me and Sona smiles. Sona purposely leaves leaving the iron on and Bindiya asks Sona to off it before leaving or she would get scolding from Suhnaina instead. Sona says sorry and off the Iron and says that i would not tell Mummy ji that you both talked to me and

both Bindiya and Darshana looks at each another. Darshana, Udham and Manohar are sitting at a shop where Sona comes to buy things and greets them where everyone ignores Sona. They are talking about Cricket and Sona gives her comments about the Crickets and Manohar asks what do you know about Cricket and Durgesh supports it. Udham says that reporters like you always don’t cover the exact news right? Sona smiles and says thank you so much. Even while angry, all of you talked to me and Sona leaves smilling. Sona calls Neelam to bring oil and she gets angry when she sees Sona. Sona smiles and enters the kitchen taking out the oil and starts planning. Sona brings the cooking oil to Suhanina and gives it to her and Suhnaina stares and calls out to Neelam. Neelam arrives and Suhnaina says that what is this Sona trying to prove? Trying to win my heart? Tell her that she has nothing to do with me and leaves in anger. Neelam leaves and Sona accidentally walks by a light lamp and it almost falls and Neelam asks Sona, could you not see and Sona holds Neelam’s hands saying you talked to me and Neelam pulls out her hands. Sona says that no matter what happened, all of you still accept me and that’s why you all get angry with me. Even Mummy ji but her anger is more and i will cool her down. Sona and Kanhaiya are washing the clothes together and laughing where Sona says that everyone scolded me today and at least they talked to me except for Mummy ji. Kanhaiya says don’t worry Sona ji, mummy ji will also talk to you soon and Sona sees Suhnaina standing behind Kanhaiya and keeps quiet.

Part 2

Kanhaiya pretends to get angry with Sona and leaves. In the night, Dimple asks Suhnaina permission to watch the TV and Suhnaina scolds her that no one will be watching the TV. Suhnaina sees Indira Devi, her friend on the frontpage of the newspaper. Udham asks how do Suhnaina knows her as she is a very famous industrialist and Suhnaina says that she is Indhu for me and she is my childhood friend. We studied together and she went to Delhi for studies. Udham says then Indrani Devi can help me since she knows many ministers in Delhi. Udham asks Suhnaina to speak to Indrani Devi and Suhnaina says that she will surely do it the next day. Sona comes asking if she can follow them along? Sona says that she knows Indrani Devi since she had interviewed her before and she will eb able to explain the situation. Kanhaiya comes saying that he is still angry with Sona but Sona is right and she sholuld go. Durgesh says that Suhnaina is still angry with Sona, how will they both go together? Chacha ji says that Dimple can go along and Kanhaiya smiles to Sona. The next day, Sona makes Dimple sit inside and Suhnaina comes to sit next to Sona and Suhnaina makes noise asking Dimple to get up and sit in between. Suhnaina stops to buy some sweets that Indira likes and Suhnaina asks Dimple to ask Sona to pay and she will return it back at home. Sona says mummy ji, even after all this years.. you still remember what your friend likes. If i was you, i don’t think i can remember this. Suhnaina remains silent. They reach at a hotel where Suhnaina sees Indira coming out and Suhnaina calls her Indu and goes hugging her. Indira looks at Suhnaina asking what she is staring at and Suhnaina gives the sweets. Indira throws saying that she don’t eat oily food and she don’t know Suhnaina. Suhnaina tries explaining. Indira says that she don’t know Suhnaina and recognizes Sona as the reporter. Sona says that she is no more a reporter now and she is a housewife. She is the bahu of Suhnaina and Indira says that your future was very bright but you are now a housewife? Many womens makes this mistake and Sona says how you know that this is a mistake? I don’t wish to argue on who is better between a housewife and a working wife. Sona tries supporting Suhnaina and Indira just looks.

Precap :
Indira is trying to influence Bindiya about opening a parlour by selling the house. .

Update Credit to: Visha_Dhami

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