Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 29th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 29th April 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 29th April 2013 Written Update


A Shadow is shown in a kitchen and Sonaiya are busy romancing. The neighbour finds her vegetables stealed and she shouts. The theif runs and kanhaiya starts chasing him through lanes and streets and kanhaiya catches him but the theif hiding himself in shawl throws some small playing balls and kanhaiya looses his balance and theif escapes leaving the vegetable bag.


Sonaiya are shown locking the door from inside and angrily asking sunaina to give them the locker keys.Sunaina says she won’t and kanhaiya forces him. Sonaiya moves forward and sona tries to take away the keys and sunaina shouts and finally realizes that she saw a dream and thinks that she won’t let this happen in reality.Sunaina goes out and sees sona coming inside and asks her where she went so late. Sona says that she went to gave kanhaiya a cup of tea and sunaina says if kanhaiya himself asked her for tea. Sona is surprized.


Kanhaiya in the hall says that the theif escaped and sunaina says that sona is responsible for it because kanhaiya was busy taking care of her. Sonaiya are surprized. A senior inspector comes and he asks kanhaiya to solve out the matter and arrest the theif otherwise it will be a matter of shame. Chiku gives kanhaiya a letter dropped outside and kanhaiya reads it out. It says that kanhaiya tried his best to catch him but he won’t stop yet and he challenges kanhaiya that his next stealing will be in kanhaiya’s home only on the other night and if kanhaiya will not be able to catch him then he will have to resign. All get shocked reading this and kanhaiya decides that he will anyhow find that theif or otherwise he will resign from his post himself.The senior inspector wishes him all the best and sonaiya goes out to see him off. Sona is worried over kanhaiya’s decision and kanhaiya assures her not to worry and he will find out the theif by today only as he himself told about his next place of stealing and since both will be free the next day so he will spend time with sona and saying so kanhaiya moves close to sona and she moves up the stairs and so as kanhaiya. Kanhaiya takes her to the wall and blocks her way from both sides and with loving eyes look up at her. Sona says that its not there bedroom and kanhaiya says so what they are married and so anything is wrong. Sona is shy and he moves out of the block and runs inside and strikes with sunaina. Sunaina says to Sonaiya that she believes that both of them remember the mannerism of chaturvedi niwas. After sunaina goes , Shy sona and goes inside and kanhaiya smiles cutely.


Bindiya and renu comes to sunaina and makes excuses for getting late and not helping in ram navmi pooja. Also both says that kanhaiya’s decision is wrong and whaf if he looses. Uddham is also suspended for the time and what if kanhaiya resigns. Bindiya and renu blames Sona for it and sunaina listens everything. Sona comes and offers help for ram navmi pooja and sunaina with no expressions on her face asks sona to go and sleep as she didn’t slept the last night. Sona wanted to say and sunaina asks her to go and sleep.when sona leaves Sunaina asks neelam to purchase pooja items from market and nothing of the household items should be used in pooja work and asks neelam to remember it as a strict precaution. Bindiya comes to sona near her room and apologizes for her wrong deeds. Sona forgives her and tells her that money is not that important. Bindiya asks sona about ram navmi pooja and sona says that if mummyji asked her not to do anything then she is happily satisfied with her decision. Bindiya tries trapping sona in her words and asks her to help sunaina in pooja work without coming in her eyes. Sona thinks that the idea is nice and bindiya asks her to make the prasaad for pooja. Sona agrees.


Kanhaiya sets his police team all over his neighbourhood along with hulchul and bajrangi and vows to catch the theif anyhow.


The neighbourhood people are entering inside the chaturvedi niwas and kanhaiya sees a man covering himself in shawl and trying to enter inside. Kanhaiya grabs him and says that finally he is caught. All sees this including sona.


Update Credit to: sonali.singh

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