Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 27th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 27th June 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 27th June 2013 Written Update


Sona asks mummyji to tell the name of the hospital in which kanhaiya was born so that she can get a duplicate birth certificate of kanhaiya. Sunaina tells her ‘Kamla Nehru Hospital’ and Sona leaves. Siddheshwar was playing chess alone and kanhaiya comes there. Bhima and deva says to kanhaiya that nobody can win in the game with siddheshwar and kanhaiya says that he will play the game with him. Bhima and kamal says that since their birth they have seen only their babuji winning and chitrashi says that may be some magic happens today and kanhaiya wins. Siddheshwar makes his first move and kanhaiya answers with the check and mate process. Siddheshwar feels happy and says that its the first time he is having a good player against him. Sona goes to hospital and enquires about the birth certificate giving DOB of kanny as 11/01/84. In haveli siddheshwar says that whenever the horse plays his game then the person winning can’t be stopped to which kanhaiya says that when this horse takes his 2 n a half steps then the defeat of the other player is confirmed(update by sonali). Siddheshwar gets shocked with kanhaiya’s words and bhima asks kanhaiya how he knows this line. Chitraashi too wonders. Kanhaiya smiles and says that since birth whenever he plays chess he speaks this line. Siddheshwar stands up in shock and says that the final game will be played in the evening and he leaves. Kanhaiya wonders what happened to everyone. At the hospital the receptionist informs sona that on the date Sunaina gave birth to a boy named kanhaiya. Sona is shocked and asks for the birth certificate. Receptionist says that she can’t give because all information is lost. Sona sees that receptionist is lying since she was telling everything checking the 2013 hospital register. Sona thinks she will find the truth and goes to mummyji. Sona tells sunaina that she has got to know the truth and asks sunaina to tell the truth. Sunaina first denies the truth many times and then says to sona that she will tell her the truth and locks the door.


Chitraashi was taking out the dry clothes from the rope when kanhaiya comes there and starts seeing the sunset. Chitrashi says jo kanhaiya that sunset here is very beautiful and she can bet that kanhaiya wouldn’t have seen such a sunset in Allahabad. Kanhaiya says that everything here is so different and he feels like he has seen the sunset here many times before. Chitraashi laughs and says that he must have seen it in his previous birth. Kanhaiya gets shocked and tensed. Chitraashi says she is joking and asks kanhaiya not to worry as this happens with a person at a very new place. Kanhaiya says that he does not know what is happening to him. Sona and sunaina are crying and sunaina asks sona never to tell the truth to kanhaiya. Sona promises that she won’t ever tell the truth to kanhaiya. At the haveli the sounds of the temple comes and before chitraashi could say anything kanhaiya says that the sound is coming from the hanuman temple of the other road. Chitraashi feels surprized and says that kanhaiya knows this too like he had gone to the temple many-a-times. Kanhaiya too wonders(update by sonali). The winds start blowing and kanhaiya starts helping chitraashi in picking up the clothes leading to touching of their hands and the pallu movement of chitraashi’s saree. She feels she should leave and goes from there. Kanhaiya wonders about everything. Sona gets a call from kanhaiya and sunaina gets tensed. Kahaiya asks sona how she is and while talking truth chiku’s voice kanhaiya gets to know that sona is in home. he asks the same to sona and sona says that she came home to meet all and kanhaiya asks sona to give phone to mummyji. in the emotional scene kanhaiya says that he is her son and he misses his mummyji very much. sunaina says that she loves kanhaiya alot.kanhaiya says that they love each other but can’t live together in the same house as the living with the differences will not get them anything. They both have tears in their eyes and episode ends.

PRECAP – The mourning ceremony in the havely where sonaiya are dressesed in white clothes along with the haveli members. siddeshwar starts applying the photo of little kanhaiya on the wall and sona gets worried. kanhaiya sees the photo and asks siddheshwar why the photo is in their houre. both sona and kanhaiya gets worried.

Update Credit to: sonali.singh

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