Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 26th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 26th March 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 26th March 2013 Written Update

Part 1:
Sunhiana asks Neelam if everyone is following the rules and regulations created by Sona. Neelam tries to change the topic about the medicine list for Sunaina. Sunaina gets her back on track and tells her to make sure everyone is following the list and if somebody is not then that person should be brought to Sunaina. Uddham comes home with a lot of bags and his mom asks him what he has in those bags. Uddham says he went to go get vegetables. Everyone is surprised that Uddham went out to buy vegetables. Sunaina tells the brothers to stop fighting and asks Uddham to show him what he got. She asks him the prices of the vegetables and Uddham says he doesn’t know. Sunaina asks him if he got everything for free. He says that nothing comes for free these days. He says whatever he liked he put in the bag. Sunniana scolds him a bit and teaches him how to shop. Neelam says next time she herself will go and buy the vegetables. Sunahia says okay and take Uddham with you.

Part 2:
Suhnaina is in her room and forgot to turn off the lights. Chicku comes and says that he saw her breaking the rules. He asks her to give him 100 rupees if she wants him not to tell Sona. Otherwise Sona would give lecture to Suhnaina. Suhnaina agrees and gives him the money. Chicku leaves. Suhnaina says that he is getting too smart, but she is his grandma in end.. she will see him later.

Bindiya and her husband are upset with this budget plan. Right then, Durgesh exchanges their kheer bowl and listens to their conversation. Bindiya’s husband is complaining that food is tasteless these days. Durgesh then goes in and agrees with him. After that he brings the plate from outside their room and says, that doesn’t mean you leave food like that. Bindiya and her husband start arguing with each other that they didn’t leave food like that. Durgesh says there is no point of arguing and he will go and tell Suhnaina. Bindiya’s husband stops him. Durgesh says, if you don’t want me to go, then give me 100 rupees. Bindiya’s husband says, it is better if I give 100 rupees to Suhnaina then. Durgesh stops him now and he says, fine give 50 rupees. Bindiya’s husband is also smart and bargains more. In end he gives 40 rupees to Durgesh and Durgesh leaves.

Part 3:
When Durgesh is leaving, he sees Chicku with 100 rupees. He takes it away from him. Chicku says that he was going to give Durgesh 300 rupees which are in his back pocket. Durgesh takes those as well. Chicku doesn’t let Durgesh go and screams. Everyone comes out. Chicku tells them how Durgesh took away his 400 rupees. Suhnaina says that Durgesh broke rules and he will have to give 800 rupees now instead of 400. Durgesh gives it. Everyone goes back to their room. Durgesh pulls Chicku’s ear and Chicku’s dad comes there. He starts fighting with Durgesh and Suhnaina, Sona, Neelam come back.

Suhnaina scold both Chicku’s father and Durgesh and send them to their room.

Furious Darshana comes to Suhnaina and asks how can she treat Durgesh, this house’s damat, like this. She is very angry. Suhnaina tries to explain to her that it was indeed Durgesh’s fault, but she is too angry to listen. When she leaves, Kanhaiya sees her and follows her.

Darshana now comes to Renu’s room where Renu and her husband are discussing with each other about Durgesh. Darshana takes out her frustrations on them as well. Darshana says, that is no big injury to Chicku. When Sona’s name come up, Darshana says don’t take her name in front of him and says anything about Sona. Kanhaiya cannot control himself and goes and argues with Darshana. Darshana doesn’t listen to anyone and she tells Kanhaiya if he wants to teach anyone, then go and teach Sona. Her budget plan is going to save nothing, but instead increase more fights in this family.

Kanhaiya comes to his room and sees Sona crying. He decides he has to do something to cheer her up. Sona tells him what happened with Chicku and how everyone had tears in their eyes today. She blames herself for everything, but Kanhaiya says, it’s not her fault at all. Whatever she did and is doing is good for this house. And he says, this budget plan is new and whenever something is new, it takes time to do adjustments. They hug and then hear someone’s scream. They wonder what happened now and episode ends.

Precap: Bindiya’s husband showing Suhnaina some vegetables and says he saved 50 rupees. He brought 75 rupees thing in 25 rupees. Bindiya is impressed with her husband. But then Udham comes there with vegetables and Neelam is happy now.. and then my video gets cut 😀 so find out tomorrow what happens

Update Credit to: Rani

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