Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 26th April 2013 Written Episode Update

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Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 26th April 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 26th April 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Suhnaina says to Chacha ji that he don’t need to start praising Sona and Kanhaiya now. Chacha ji says ‘what Sona is doing is right, then why are you getting angry with her? Why don’t you want to support her? Don’t forget that she stood by your side when the whole family was against you.’ Suhnaina says when did she deny it? ‘I’m myself even praised her for this but it can’t change the fact that your Sona bahu is trying to bring my son Kanhaiya away from me’. Chacha ji says ‘i don’t agree with you at all. Sona would never do that and she is trying to unite the whole family instead’. Suhnaina says ‘i know you would not listen to me since you are supporting Sona’. Bindiya comes and eardrop the conversation while Suhnaina says ‘i know that Sona is taking my son away from me’ and Bindiya thinks to herself that so this is the issue and leaves. Suhnaina says that she had never lose Kanhaiya to Sona. Bindiya is keeping some snacks in her cupboard and Bindiya comes to Renu where Renu says that she is hiding all the food so that their food don’t get stolen. Bindiya says nothing like that will happen but i already found out the reason of mummy ji getting angry with Sona. She feels that Sona is coming in between of Kanhaiya and Suhnaina. Both of them decide to make this problem bigger and celebrate together. A guy selling clothes comes selling some clothes and Suhnaina buys a dress for everyone. Darshana taunts that buying clothes for the guys are more expensive and more over Udham is not working now and Suhnaina shuts Darshana that she knows what to do. Bindiya says she wants to call Sona to select the Kurta. Suhnaina says why should that be? Bindiya says ‘since you are taking the kurta for Kanhaiya, it must be the one Sona select right since Kanhaiya only likes Sona’s choices’. Suhnaina says ‘how many years have you entered the family and who bought for everyone? I’m the one who buy even for Govardan right?’ Bindiya says that Kanhaiya’s life decision is being taken by Sona after the marriage and Suhnaina gets angry saying she have been the one making all the decisions in the family. Suhnaina selects a kurta for all the sons and selects a black kurta for Kanhaiya and Suhnaina says that Kanhaiya will look good in this and passes it to Renu to give to Sona. Renu enters the kitchen and shows Sona the kurta where Sona says it looks good. Renu says that Manohar actually likes black color kurta more and can they exchange it? Sona says why not and exchange the kurta with a red kurta and Renu asks Sona not to inform Suhnaina about this or she would be angry. Kanhaiya is leaving out and Sona brings the kurta to Kanhaiya saying he has to wear this and Renu comes to Suhnaina and fuels saying that she told Sona that Suhnaina selected the black Kurta but Sona said that Kanhaiya would look good in red and i had to give up the kurta. Suhnaina says ‘Sona bahu, what is this? Why didn’t you give Kanhaiya the kurta i gave?’ Sona looks at Renu where Renu makes a pity face and Sona says, ‘mummy ji.. He already have many black kurta’s. So i thought why not take a different color Kurta.’

Part 2

Suhnaina says let me make the decisions and i never asked you to say which is good or bad. Sona is shocked and Kanhaiya says ‘what happened now? This is only a small matter and i am always wearing black kurta, what would happen if i wear something different now?’ Kanhaiya gets a call and leaves while Renu makes face to Sona asking not to reveal and Renu gives a winning look to Bindiya while Suhnaina is upset. Kanhaiya is giving instructions to his constables to be alert while Udham offers to help Kanhaiya in catching the thief and Durgesh taunts Udham for being jobless despite being an army while Kanhaiya says ‘you could be in prison by now for talking bad about an army. Don’t forget that he fights at the border for people like us. Anyways, what is the use of me explaining to you? You are not the person to understand all this but look, he himself is offering to help which is a big thing. You look best when your mouth is shut’ and Kanhaiya goes to Udham saying ‘you are protecting the country. I will take care of the things here and you offering to help itself is a big thing’and Kanhaiya leaves while Udham holds Kanhaiya and Kanhaiya asks what happened? Udham apologizes to Kanhaiya for his behavior to Kanhaiya for the past few days and Kanhaiya says that you are elder than me and there is no need for saying sorry and they both hug while Durgesh fumes looking at this. Kanhaiya leaves giving instructions to his constables. Kanhaiya is outside his colony giving instructions to his constables through phone and Kanhaiya sees a shadow and gets suspicious. Kanhaiya looks up and its Sona bringing a cup of tea for Sona where Sona says that Kanhaiya made her scared. Kanhaiya says you are doing work the whole day and even now bringing a cup of tea? Kanhaiya says since you are now here, there will be no problems. Sona says ‘i was not sleepy, so thought of giving you company’. Sona and Kanhaiya drink tea where Kanhaiya shows how to drink tea in Allahmebad style and asks Sona to repeat it which Sona denies at first and follows it and they both laugh. Kanhaiya and Sona are about to sip the tea at the same time and share an eyelock and they drink the tea together. Sona accidentally hurts her fingers with the hot tea and Kanhaiya holds Sona’s fingers and Tum Hi Ho song plays while they look at each another . Kanhaiya kisses Sona’s fingers and Sona feels shy and leaves while Kanhaiya holds her by her saree and covers her head. Sona hugs Kanhaiya (wow, they are getting romantic ). Kanhaiya suddenly sees the shadow of someone and leaves to follow the shadow while Sona is wondering.

Precap :

Suhnaina asks where are you coming from at this late night? Sona says i went to give Kanhaiya tea and Suhnaina says did he asked for it? Sona says no, he didn’t. Suhnaina says then who asked you to leave the house and roam outside at this time and Sona looks shocked.

Update Credit to: Visha_Dhami

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