Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 24th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 24th June 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 24th June 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Bheema, Kamal along with the servant is trying to catch the goat and Ridheshwar comes asking in a stern voice on what is happening here? Why are they behaving like small kids and everyone remains silent. Kamal says that Gulaboo the goat took his poem and Ridheswar says they are all grown ups and not kids! I don’t want to see all this anymore. Only Chitrasi is responsible in the house and Ridheswar asks the servant where is Chitrasi and the servant informs that Chitrasi has gone to the mandir and Ridheshwar walks away. Kanhaiya brings in Chitrasi inside Shakti Dham and looks around the house where it looks familiar. Kanhaiya thinks to himself on what is happening to himself. Kanhaiya brings in Chitrasi and Ridheshwar looks at Kanhaiya and Chitrasi and asks what happened Chitasi? Did anyone ill behaved with you? Ridheswar raises his voice asking who dare do it, tell me and all his three sons comes with a stick. Deva and everyone asks who is the culprit and Ridheswar looks at Kanhaiya while Kanhaiya tries to recall as he feels he had seen Ridheswar before. Chitrasi says no one did anything to her and no one dare do anything to her in this town. Ridheswar asks why is this policeman here and Chitrasi says that she was not feeling well and Kanhaiya took care of her. Ridheswar is concern and asks what happened and asks the servant to bring some food for Chitrasi. Ridheshwar says that Chitrasi cares for everyone but no one cares for her. Kanhaiya keeps looking around the house and the servant brings some food while Ridheswar feeds Chitrasi. Chitrasi looks at Kanhaiya and Chitrasi says that they have a guest and they should look after him first. Ridheswar walks to Kanhaiya and thanks Kanhaiya for saving Chitrasi and calls Kanhaiya inside. One of the servants comes saying someone came looking for them and Ridheswar asks to bring them inside. Chitrasi is about to faint again and Kanhaiya holds Chitrasi while Sona walks in and sees Kanhaiya holding Chitrasi. Deva recognizes Sona and asks how come is Sona here and Kanhaiya walks to Sona and asks how is she here? Kanhaiya introduces Sona as his wife and Sona says she came to return the sweets and Deva brings Sona’s box. Chitrasi says what happened was for good and asks Sona for the name and Sona says that her name is Sona. Chitrasi says its good that she came to Shakti Dam and says hows Kanhaiya helped her at the mandir and brought her home. Chitrasi introduces everyone and everyone greets Sonaiya in return. Chitrasi also informs that today is Ridheswar’s birthday and both Sonaiya wishes him. Sona and Kanhaiya is about to leave and Ridheswar says no one is leaving as its his birthday today and they shall not leave without eating. Kanhaiya says there is no need for all this and they will eat at their guest house and Chitrasi says that Kanhaiya helped her and they must eat before leaving.

Part 2

Kanhaiya and Sona agrees and Ridheswar calls them inside. Sona enters inside with Chitrasi while Ridheswar sits to talk with Kanhaiya. Ridheswar asks where is Kanhaiya posted and Kanhaiya says he is posted in Ahmebad and he is here to give security protection. Sona walks inside and Sona looks at one of the wall and notices a pic of a small boy. Sona is shocked and walks towards the photo thinking how come is Kanhaiya’s childhood photo in this house and the photo is dated 1989. The images in the album was from 1990 which means it was before that and that too here? Chitrasi calls Sona and Sona leaves to meet Chitrasi. Sona seems distrubed but sits at the dining table with everyone and Chitrasi notices that Sona seems disturbed and asks what happened? Sona is about to ask and decides not to ask about this now and ask about it some other time. Chitrasi asks who else is Sona’s family members and Sona says about everyone in the Chaturvedi mansion. Sona also says about her marriage to Kanhaiya. Kanhaiya keeps looking at Ridheswar and looks around the house which Ridheswar looks and says that anyone who comes to Shakti Dham looks at it as they have been maintaining this house for many years. Ridheswar also shows an olden days music player that people used to come over just to listen to the song and Kanhaiya recalls a music. Kanhaiya suddenly says can we leave to Sona and everyone is shocked. Deva asks what happened suddenly? You have not even seen the house properly and Kanhaiya says that he has an urgent work and he has to leave quickly. Chitrasi asks when are they leaving to Ahmebad and Chitrasi asks them to come over for dinner again and Kanhaiya says he has a lot of work and not able to come over. Sona invites all of them to come to their place whenever they visit Ahmebad and everyone smiles and they leave. Kanhaiya enters his jeep and Sona asks what happened and Kanhaiya says that they are leaving Shrirampur as soon as he completes his work as strange things keeps happening since they came here. Kanhaiya says he feels weird and he have never been to the haveli but he feels he knows every corner of the house and Sona recalls seeing Kanhaiya’s photo and is about to mention it and Kanhaiya asks what you saw? Sona says why do she feel that Kanhaiya have been to the haveli before and Kanhaiya says he wonders the same too and he can’t understand why. Written Update by Visha_Dhami for India-Forums. Sona thinks to herself that Kanhaiya don’t even have his birth certificate and she found Kanhaiya’s childhood photo in this haveli. Could all this have any connection to his past life? I need to find out about this and Kanhaiya decides to send Sona back to the guest house.

Precap :
Chitrasi and Sona is walking inside Shakti Dham and Chitrasi asks Sona which photo is she talking about and Sona points to the wall and sees the wall empty. Ridheswar asks which photo are you talking about? There was no photo here and Sona thinks to herself that she saw it right here and something is not right.

Update Credit to: Visha_Dhami

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