Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 20th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 20th August 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 20th August 2013 Written Update


Chitrashi is tensed and Kanhaiya says he is Sorry for speaking like this but he does not want anyone to say anything against Sonaji and he himself even do not want to say anything for her and saying so he goes. Chitrashi is tensed and decides to hide the phone. Siddheshwar talks to his panditji for the poornima day and Sunaina asks if tomorrow its something special. Siddheshwar says its Chitrashi’s birthday tomorrow and whatever is happening with her in her fear, he wants to arrange pooja for it. Sunaina says this to Sona and Sona says tomorrow she will let everyone know the real intensions of Chitrashi and her chapter will end and kanhaiya and family will be saved by Chitrashi’s evilness. Chitrashi in her room laughs with evil smile seeing the mirror and says that she will make Sona’s ghost out of her life and tomorrow is my brthday. “Kanhaiya will have to forget his past Sona and hold my hands”. This is what i will ask kanhaiya tomorrow and he won’t be able to say me No. Next in the Morning Chitrashi and Deva Promotes ‘Grihalaxmi Magazine’.


At The Outhouse Sona sees kanhaiya’s pic and remembers all their sweet moments together and had tears. Kanhaiya in his room thinks of Sona and Remebers all the moments when he and Sona were together. He looks up and sees Sona smiling and smiles back, looks down and again up and nowhere finds Sona and feels bad. Next he sees Sona lying beside on the bed. Whatever kanhaiya does Sona becomes Copycat and then both laughs and Again Sona vanishes. Kanhaiya had teary eyes and thinks where have you gone Sona Sonaji, i am so alone without you and i am missing you so much and can’t live without you. Again he imagines Sona smiling infront of him and feels happy. Kanhaiya keeps imaging Sona everywhere. In the Night Sunaina brings food for Sona and asks Sona not to feel bad as tomorrow everything will go fine. Sona says thanks to mummyji for being her strength in this critical period and Sunaina hugs her lovingly saying Sona is her Daughter. Sunaina says Chitrashi’s end is near tomorrow so why should she sleep peacefully today.


Chitrashi slees peacefully in her Room when Sona ghost comes with candle and ghost Special Chocolate cake with Chitrashi’s name on it. Chitrashi gets scared and asks Sona whats left for her in this world now that she does not leaves. Sona says she will not leave the world till she kills Chitrashi and Wishes her Happy Birthday Dangerously and asks Chitrashi to cut the Cake. When Chitrashi does not then Sona herself Cuts the Cake from middle and Says like how the Cake is Cut in that way only Chitrashi will be cut down and death time is Close. Chitrashi gets tensed and starts crying and Shouting and Sona gets Advantage and moves out of the Room with cake with the help of Sunaina and Chitrashi cries to Sunaina that Sona was here and wants to kill me. Sunaina says its only her imaginations and hugs her and laughs. In the Morning Siddheshwar asks Kanhaiya to grant Chitrashi everything Whatever She wishes from him. Kanhaiya says he will and Sunaina asks kanhaiya if he got any information about Sona and kanhaiya says not yet but he is trying to search for her. Siddheshwar asks Kanhaiya to leave all this and Kanhaiya says Sona is my Wife and she is still part of his life and he loves her and finding her out is his duty. Sonaji is not like the bark of a tree which is cut down and he will get her back. Also as a police officer its his duty to search Sona. Siddheshwar doesn’t says anything and Chitrashi comes and Deva and Brothers starts wishing her and gives her gifts. Kanhaiya also wisher her and says a sorry for not bringing any gifts as he was unware of his birthday. written update by sonali, please do not copy. Chitrashi says she does not want any gift from him and kanhaiya has to fulfill her promise which she will ask today from him as her birthday gift. Kanhaiya agrees and Chitrashi happily goes to keep birthday gifts in her room thinking that her wish will be fulfilled and gets threatened seeing a letter (Written with blue) Stating ‘ just few hours more for your end’. Chitrashi is tensed and comes to the hall showing letter to Kanhaiya saying she will kill me, kill me. Kanhaiya says the letter is empty and Chitrashi says no it was written there. Sunaina also Comes there. Kanhaiya asks Chitrashi not to get worried and she is scared. Episode Ends

PRECAP-Chitrashi is crawling in the floor and moving back in her room while Sona is with the same spade with blood spots and moving close to Chitashi. Chitrashi asking for forgiveness and Sona says Chitrashi has to die and keeps up the spade.


Update Credit to: sonali

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