Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 1st March 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 1st March 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 1st March 2013 Written Update

Darshana and Durgesh tries to distract Chicku’s attention by giving him chocolates and makes him listen to songs. Sona asks Udham where is Neelam and Udham says that he have not seen her since morning. Suhnaina asks Sona to call Darshana and Durgesh for their meal and Darshana comes with Durgesh and Soan serves them food. Suhanaina says that she has not seen Chicku and have he taken his food and Sona says that she have given Chicku some question to study and she will bring the food for him and leaves while Darshana and Durgesh look at each other and Suhnaina asks why are they looking at each other. Neelam sees Sona in the kitchen and praises for her cooking so well like she have been doing this for years. Sona says a woman is multi-talented and that is how I am doing it. Sona also promotes the Grehalaxmi magazine and Neelam says that she will also read the magazine (Suhasi have appeared on this magazine cover a few times). Neelam says that she wants to help Sona with the work and Sona asks Neelam to leave till she fully recovers and Neelam leaves. Sona brings food for Chicku and Durgesh signals Darshana and Darshana says that she will bring the food for Chicku. Sona says that she will do it and Darshana takes the plate from Sona and says that she will do it. suhnaina wonders how come is Darshan changed now. Renu in her school enters the room and calls to Dimple and Bindiya scolds Dimple to concentrate on her work. Dimple says that the call is from Renu and Bindiya answers the call. Renu called to check if is Chicku studying and Bindiya updates that Dimple is now in the parlour with her. Renu asks what is Dimple doing in the parlour and Bindiya says that she knows what to do with her daughters and asks Renu to watch her son. Sona brings Neelam’s food to her room and feeds Neelam. Neelam says no one has loved me this much. Sona asks if is Neelam saying all this due to her fever? Sona says that one day, everyone will appreciate her.

Sona asks Neelam not to think much and feeds her the food. Neelam says that she would eat it as Sona has other works to do and Sona leaves. Sona sees Chicku running away and stops him in time asking where is he going? Sona asks if have Chicku studied and sona says that she is going to test him and Durgesh comes to support Chicku saying that he will test Chicku for one hour and Sona says alright, only one hour. Kanhaiya returns home and Avinash sends Julie back home at the same time. Kanhaiya thanks Avinash for listening to Sona and helping to send back Julie. Avinash asks Kanhaiya to call him anytime he needs any help and Avinash leaves. Durgesh is in the room with Chicku. Sona serves Kanhaiya and Kanhaiya stares at Sona which Suhnaina notices. Renu comes back saying that she is very tired and asks for tea. Renu says that she is feeling so tensed to go to work and come back feeling worried for Chicku. Suhnaina says why should you worry when there is a housewife like Sona. Renu says that she is worried as a mother and says that she called Dimple to find out what happened but she was in the parlour. Chacha ji, Suhnaina and Kanhaiya are shocked and Suhnaina asked what was Dimple doing in the parlour? Renu says that she is training her to be a beautician. Bindiya enters with Dimple and Suhnaina stops Bindiya asking what is she doing behind her back? She says that their day is not bad that kids need to work and asks Bindiya not to repeat it. Julie and Bindiya taught Renu for telling Suhnaina while Bindiya says that Dimple came to the parlour after her tuition and only sat at a corner. Suhnaina says you may say anything but I know the truth. Leave from here and Sona thinks that its been sometime and she wants to check on Chicku. Chacha ji asks suhnaina not to worry and only think of Chicku now.

Precap :
Sona tests Chicku and Chicku is cheating with notes under his sleeves which Sona catches him red handed.

Update Credit to: Visha

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