Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 1st April 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 1st April 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 1st April 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Sona gets call from her editor where she is informed that the Chief Editor isn’t willing to publish the apology article and Sona tries pleading and the editor hangs up the call while everyone is looking shocked. Sona tries to take away the oil lamp and it falls down and breaks. Suhnaina asks what else is Sona going to do? Sona tries to explain and Suhnaina says enough! You have done everything you could and i have only one request from you. Don’t come before me! Sona looks helpless to everyone and leaves. Sona is sitting in her room sad and crying. Kanhaiya comes and holds Sona by her shoulder and Sona hugs Kanhaiya and Kanhaiya wipes her tears. *Flashback* where Sona explains to Kanhaiya that she wrote the article before her wedding and Kanhaiya says that you did your duty and i myself am not liking what is happening in the house. Let me go and speak to mummy ji that she should not accuse you like this. Sona stops Kanhaiya not to say anything to Suhnaina as she is very angry and she will think that Sona fueled Kanhaiya against Suhnaina. Kanhaiya says so you want me to remain silent? I can’t take any bad things happening and Sona asks Kanhaiya to listen to her and to be by Suhnaina’s side. Kanhaiya asks then how about you and Sona says i will try to manage the situation and asks Kanhaiya to agree to her which Kanhaiya agrees. The scene in the living hall which Kanhaiya blamed Sona that everything is because of her is also part of Kanhaiya agreeing to Sona. *End of Flashback* Kanhaiya says that he wants to go now and inform everyone that its not Sona’s fault and Sona says that she has lost. In the morning is 24 hours and she is not able to do anything and anytime she tries to do anything good, it ends up bad and Sona cries while Kanhaiya holds her close. In the morning, Sona brings cofee for Suhnaina and Suhnaina folds her bedsheet on her own. Sona tries to help but Suhnaina stares at Sona. Suhnaina takkes a sip of the cofee Sona made and drops it on the bed on purpose and Sona changes the bedsheet and puts for washing. Bindiya takes out the bedsheet and puts her own clothes and Sona tries explaining but Bindiya pretends not to hear. Sona enters the kitchen and sees Neelam where Neelam doesn’t speaks to Sona nor allows her to do any work. Suhnaina comes to Neelam and asks Neelam to wash her bedsheet as some people can’t do their work. Sona tries explaining and Suhnaina leaves. Kanhaiya comes down and sees Sona looking sad and asks her to smile, Sona smiles to Kanhaiya with Tum Ho being played.

Part 2

Chacha ji reads the newspaper and calls everyone happily to see what is written in the paper. Chacha ji reads an article about the Indian Army where the army officers that have been suspected are innocent and the real culprit to be caught soon. Everyone is happy and Sona receives a phone call from her editor where her editor informs that they could not publish the apology article as their publication name would be at stake but because of Sona, they had written this new article with care and Sona thanks. Sona informs that she always knew that Udham was innocent and Kanhaiya says lets forget what had happened. Suhnaina says that i told you to publish an aplogy article but nothing like that was written here. And where is Udham’s name in this article which says that he is innocent? Sona says please have trust and i don’t have the power in my hand. Suhnaina says that your article made my son lost his job. Now did your new article made him get back his job? How about our family name? My decision remains and no one in this house will speak to you and everyone has to pretend she don’t exist in this house. This is your punishment for your mistake and Kanhaiya looks at Sona. No one seems happy and Suhnaina walks away and everyone starts leaving. Chacha ji whispers to Sona not to worry and all will be fine. Sona picks up the paper and looks at Kanhaiya. In the room, Kanhaiya is so angry and says enough is enough Sona ji! What else will we do now? Go to the army headquarters and ask them to give back the job??? How could mummy ji decide such thing? Enough! I am going to go and speak about this to mummy ji where Sona is lost in thougts. Sona comes back to her senses and tries to stop Kanhaiya. Kanhaiya shouts to Sona not to stop him and let what happens. Sona says that Kanhaiya to let her solve this instead. Suhnaina sees Kanhaiya and Sona speaking and they both remain silent. Suhnaina comes comes and Kanhaiya pretends to be angry with Sona and Sona smiles to kanhaiya. Kanhaiya sees Suhnaina leaving and Sona thanks Kanhaiya for agreeing to her. Kanhaiya asks what will you do next? Sona says lets see what happens next. Sona is sweeping and the broom hits Govardan when he is leaving the house which Govardan scolds Sona and realizes that he should not speak to her. Sona says to herself that Govardan reacted to her when he was angry. At least they will speak to her when she makes mistake.

Precap :
Everyone is talking about the new entry (Suhnaina’s friend)

Update Credit to: Visha_Dhami

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