Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 19th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 19th June 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 19th June 2013 Written Update


Sonaiya enters police quarters facing all the dust and kanhaiya says that the place is not bad at all. Kanhaiya opens the window and the banaras ghat was visible from it. Kanhaiya gets emotional and says that from the window of their home, fresh winds used to enter the house. Sona too gets emotional. Kanhaiya says that he used to enjoy a lot there but now he has accepted the fact that life never stops for anyone and keeps on moving. He holds sona’s hand and says that she is with him and they together will pass all hurdles of life. Sonaiya smiles.Next kanhaiya arranges clothes in the wardrobe and sona gives him clothes. Sona sees the album and smiles seeing the pics of the little kanhaiya with darshana and the brothers and says to kanhaiya that he was very cute. sona notices the date on one photo..1989 and then checks all the photos after 1990′s and gets surprized that kanhaiya was not in any photo before 1990 and even not in the group photos. sona remembers kanhaiya’s words that an album of his childhood pics was damaged inside water. sona feels amazed and asks kanhaiya. kanhaiya says that it happened because of that album that all the pics were destroyed otherwise how can this be possible that he is not the part of photos(smilingly says).. sona is astonished but says that she things to make a frame of his photos from his photos as a kid to the grown up kanhaiya. kanhaiya says that she is the mistress and has full rights to choose the photos. both selects photos for the album. Renu and bindiya feels happy and praises the family since the papers were being signed and says that family helps in need.


Sona was sitting and checking documents and kanhaiya comes freshening himself. he says to arrange food for him since he is hungry. sona asks him about his birth certificate. kanhaiya says that he does not have his birth certificate. sona is surprized and asks kanhaiya that he must have needed it during his school admissions and during his joining in police. kanhaiya says that everytime he required birth certificate but since chachji had a great impact on everyone so he helped. kanhaiya laughs and says that people remember a little things about their childhood but he does not remember anything, even a single thing before him being a 5 year old kis. sona is again surprized and starts to think. kanhaiya laughs and asks sona not to ask questions like a reporter and he is going to arrange for some food. door bell rings and kanhaiya feels happy seeing neelam. neelam greets both sona and kanhaiya and kanhaiya asks her if she didn’t found any difficulty reaching the place. neelam says that she easily found the place since the area is known and says that she brought food for them . sonaiya becomes happy seeing the food and kanhaiya starts eating food directly from the tiffin to feel the orininal taste. just as he eats a bite he realizes that its not being cooked by neelam bhabhi but mummyji. he calls sunaiya. he happily speaks mummji and sunaina speaks kanhaiya and then they realize how they are seperated by a distance from each other. kanhauya says that he is fine and missing her. sunaina too has teary eyes and says that she loves him alot. all had teary eyes. renu comes to manohar and asks to meet the broker to search a new flat since bindiya bhabhi must also be planning for a big home. chiku smiles and says to renu that she laughs infront and bindiya chachi and in alone talks bad about her. renu asks chiku to shutup and when manohar says the same then renu tells that she does not like bindiya bhabhi as she is cunning but she can’t be like sona who was simple and sweet. manohar asks her if she now realizes that sona is sweet. renu things for a moment but unable to answer goes out of the room.


Kanhaiya waits for breakfast and sona serves him and asks him to arrange gas cylinder as nothing would be done without it. kanhaiya says that he will arrange. kanhaiya gets caal from his senior inspector and he asks kanhaiya to reach shrirampur. kanhaiya gets shocked hearing the name. the inspector tells that a minister will be visiting the lord shiva temple there and kanhaiya has to check for his security along with the local police. kanhaiya gets tensed thinking about the flashbacks of the temple but says ok. sona says that she will also come with kanhaiya and kanhaiya asks her if she thing sthat like before even now he will have flashbacks at that place or will find the place strange again. sona says that it is not so but her heart is saying that she should come along with him. kanhaiya agrees him and sona goes to get ready. kanhiya drinks tea but thinking about shrirampur his smile fades and he gets tensed. Episode ends.


Kanhaiya beats an old man and says that he was responsible for firing the whole village. sona and a constable doesn’t understands and asks him what he means by fire as their he no fire at the place. kanhaiya beats the man and says he made fire and another constable says that yes the place was burnt but it was very long before. sona is shocked and even kanhaiya things how he knows it at looks angrily at the man. the man things how kanhaiya knows this which no one knows.

Update Credit to: sonali

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