Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 18th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 18th June 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 18th June 2013 Written Update

Part 1:

Kanhaiya and Sona are walking down the stairs with their luggage. Chiku, Neelam, and Uddham are also with them. Sunaina is standing there with what seems like gasoline in her hands. Kanhaiya says mummy ji what are you doing? Sunaina says don’t you dare…If you take one step forward then I’ll spill this oil on me and burn myself. Everyone is shocked. The entire family arrives. Uddham says mummy ji what are you doing? Sona says what is this mummy ji? You can’t do this. Leave it. Sunaina says if you both step out of this house then I swear I will set myself on fire. Kanhiaya says mummy ji listen to me. You can’t do this. First put the bucket down. I’m ready to listen to you. Suniana says Kanhaiya don’t fool me. You’re just trapping me and then you’ll go away. But listen, I won’t let you go anywhere. I’ll give you 5 minutes. If you don’t give me an answer that you will stay here, then I’ll set myself on fire. You want to leave this house right? Go away. But before you leave this place, you’ll have to see your mummy ji burn to death. Tell me. Are you ready? What are you thinking Kanhaiya? Do you want to see me alive or burning?

Part 2:

Sona says to Kanhaiya, say something. Do something. Uddham says Kanhaiya say something. Why aren’t you saying anything? Govardan and Manhoar say the same thing to Kanhaiya. Kanhaiya says look mummy ji you can’t do this. I’m ready to listen to you…Sunaina says Kanhaiya I don’t want to argue with you. You just tell me this much whether you want to see me alive or burning? Kanhiaya says mummy ji…He starts moving forward towards her but she says don’t try to play smart with me or else…She opens the lid of the container. Sunhaina says tell me that you won’t leave me and do anywhere. Kanhiaya says okay mummy ji. Forgive me. I…Sunaina starts moving backwards and tells Kanhaiya not to move forward. She is about to trip and some of the gasoline spills outside. She picks it up and starts pouring it on herself and starts moving towards the mandhir in the house. The brothers all try to stop her. Kanhiaya says I’m ready to do what you say. But please listen to me. Sunaina says no…I don’t trust your words. I know that you are lying. Sona says to him tell her that you aren’t going anywhere. Kanhaiya says mummy ji I’m begging you and asking for your forgiveness. Don’t go backwards. There’s many diyas there. Kanhaiya says don’t go near the fire. Sunaina continues to move towards the diyas. Sona yells Mummy ji…and runs up to her. Sona does manage to pull her away, but a part of Sona’s saree is caught on fire. Bindiaya notices it first and says fire…Uddham says Sona…Kanhaiya runs to her. He touche the fire to get rid of it. Sona says come with me

Part 3:

Sona is applying some ointment on Kanhaiya’s hand as it is burned. Kanhaiya says mummy ji go and change. We won’t go anywhere. We’ll stay in this house with you. We’ll try and forget everything that happened and live like we used to live like. We won’t stop talking to you. But you must promise that you won’t do such a thing again. Sunhaia says Sona bahu…apply it properly. Tomorrow you both won’t stay with me. Tomorrow you have to manage all the responsibilities. You have to do everything alone. Why are you looking like that? I’m telling the truth. You guys have taken the right decision. For the mistakes I have done, I should be punished like this. Kanhiaya beta you had said the right thing. Even if you guys do stay then we won’t be able to live together like we used to. Because the mistake that I have done, it’ll keep taunting me. I know that you’ll never talk about my mistakes, but if I don’t see the love and respect in your eyes then I’ll die while living. So your decision is perfectly right. Kanhiaya beta and Sona bahu, you both go away from this house. Now I won’t stop you. Renu and Bindiya seem happy about this. Kanhaiya hugs his mom.

It’s the next morning. Sunhaina is praying at the temple in the house. Sona and Kanhaiya come up behind her with their luggage. The rest of the family come too. Sona and Kanhaiya walk up to mumy ji. They seek her blessings. Sunahia says Sona bahu, I’m not even worthy of giving you any blessings. Because I’ve always hurt you and brought you down. But I shall say one thing that every mother in law wants their daughter in law to be like them. But you don’t ever become like me. Sona says don’t say that mummy ji. They hug. Kanhaiya hugs his mom too. Sunahaia says stay happy always. Sona hugs Renu bhabhi and Bindiya bhabhi. Sona hugs Neelam bhabhi. Kanhaiya hugs Uddham. Sona says to Neelam take care of yourself. Neelam says the same thing back at Sona. Sona kisses Chiku. Kanhaiya hugs Manohar and Govardan. They carry their luggage towards the door. Flashbacks are shown when Sona got married and came to the house for the first time. Sona and Kanhaiya look back at everyone for one last time. Sona opens the door and both of them walk out. Kanhaina closes the door behind him. It stays slightly open though. Bindiya goes to her husband and says what are looking at? Talk about your share. Govardan says how can you talk about such things during times like this? Bindiya says okay whatever. Don’t lecture me. I’ll do it myself. She takes some paper out of his pocket and walks up to mummy ji. Bindiya says mummy ji I know its not right to talk about these things during a time like this. Sunhaina continues starring at the door. Bindiya continues but I don’t have a choice. This is about our future. The thing is ever since you did this with Sona, I’m scared. I’m scared that if you ever get angry at me, you’ll do what you did to Sona. After seeing this I think that we all need to split up and divide the property. Don’t say anything this time. I know last time it was our fault and we admit it, but this time it is not our fault. These are the papers. Please sign them. It says that you have no problem is selling this house. Renu says I know mummy ji that you’re probably very angry at us. But please sign these papers. Sunaina says where do I have to sign? Bindiya asks mummy ji will you really sign? Sunaina says do whatever you guys want to do. I won’t say anything. I don’t have any right in interfering in your stuff. Where do I have to sign? Bindiya says here…Sunaina signs the papers. She hands the papers back to Bindiya after signing them.

Precap: Kanhaiya is eating. Sona and Neelam are with him. Kanhaiya says bhabhi you didn’t make this. Mummy ji made it.

Update Credit to: cutiepie_rani

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