Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 18th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 18th April 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 18th April 2013 Written Update


Sona gives prasaad to chiku and kanhaiya and neelam happily comes and takes up prasaad from sona.panditji leaves,uddham and gang starts to leave when sunaina stops them and asks them to take the prasad. They all starts to think. Sunaina says them to have some sense like neelam and not to worry at all as like them she won’t say that the prasaad they will eat will be by her money.


Kanhaiya asks sona to come and sleep and sona says that she will come within 2 minutes but then sona starts to faint. Kanhaiya sees this and comes to sona,takes away the clothes from her hands and asks her to sleep. Kanhaiya like a teacher asks sona to close her eyes and sona asks kanhaiya not to get angry and she is closing her eyes.Kanhaiya holds sona’s hand. Sona sleeps and kanhaiya puts a blanket on her and smiles.


Renu says the gang to sleep as its late.Darshana says to durgesh that how come his plan of sleeping pills failed and sona was as usual. Bindiya asks all to relax and let mummyji celebrate their small victory and when they will win, they will throw a big party.


Sona wakes up late and comes to sunaina and says sorry for getting late and she will prepare breakfast now. Sunaina says that its time for lunch now as sona is late and asks about her injury. Just then the shopkeeper of shop situated beside the road comes and asks for Rs 25000–the bill for last 2 months whom gyaneshwar didn’t came to pay so he came. Sunaina says that she does not have the money right now and there was a lot of expenditure in yesterday’s jagrata. The shopkeeper says that he knows well as he saw sona bahu taking scooty and going to buy scooty knowing that suji was available at my place. He says that he wants the money right now. Sunaina is helpless when kanhaiya comes and says that he should come with him to ATM to get 10000 and Rs 15000 he will pay later. Shopkeeper says that he does not have time to go to bank. Just then the other bahus arrives and starts to leave for shopping.
Shopkeeper asks sunaina that why is she lying that she does not have money, even your bahus are going to shopping.Renu and bindiya are happy at the helplessness of mummyji and shopkeeper now starts to badmouth chaturvedi family saying that he never thought the family will fall to such low extents. Sona asks shopkeeper to be in limits and sunaina tries to calm him down. When he doesn’t stops then kanhaiya shouts but the man asks kanhaiya that he won’t fear by any policewaala as his relatives are the DGM of city. Sona finally brings her necklace and asks him to take it and other 10000 will be given by kanhaiya. Sunaina stops her and goes near temple and takes out money from collection bow and gives it to shopkeeper. Shopkeeper says that if sunaina already had money then why she did all drama and says that from now he won’t give anything in advance to chaturvedi family members


Kanhaiya says to sona that why sunaina gave the money which she collected every year for diwali pooja. Sunaina says that sona is her bahu and she is not less than laxmi of her house. Kanhaiya says that the brothers are thinking that everything is easygoing but they forget that they are being supported but when they will do something by their own then they will get to know the harsh reality of world. Sunaina gets a clue.


Bindiya and gang talks about sarees and sunaina comes there and also calls sona.sunaina says that she has decided to sell the house.sona is shocked. The other bahus are happy. Sunaina says about her condition. She will give a kitchen task and every bahu will be provided Rs 500 and they will have to prepare best food. The one who will win,her decision about home will be final. Bindiya agrees and sunaina gives RS 500 to each bahu


Outside the house kanhaiya says to sona that he will drop her to supermarket and sona says that she will go by her own. Kanhaiya happily says that whether sona wins or loose, he is happy in both cases and sona says that she has to win because now her winning is related to mummyji’s pride. Sunaina comes and says that sona is right and she trusts sona that she won’t let her down


Renu purchases some ingredients worth Rs 500 and thinks as if she is doing something wrong, bindiya buys potatoes costing Rs 500(LOL)..Neelam argues with shopkeeper to give the vegetables on the proper amount and sona asks the shopkeeper that her peas are not much good and to give at the suitable rate.Episode ends on all 4 bahus.


Sona and neelam at kitchen and durgesh turns commentator.sona cuts potatoes and neelam peels lauki. Neelam completes tadka in her pulses before sona but her lauki dish falls. Sona is also about to fall…Now it is to be seen as who is going to win.

Update Credit to: sonali.singh

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