Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 17th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 17th April 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 17th April 2013 Written Update

Part 1

The preparation and decoration is done where Suhnaina admires and is happy. Sona is still cooking in the kitchen preparing halwa and calls out Suhnaina saying she have finished making the halwa. Everyone hears it and Durgesh, so she have done all the work? Only four of them have done everything without all of us. Bindiya says we have to stop this jagran and Durgesh says that he have an idea and only if everyone agrees. Durgesh says that the jagran will only start with the person who prepared everything. The person is Sona and what if she is not able to perform the pooja? Darshana asks how and Durgesh smiles while Neelam is listening to this and seems worried. Guests starts arriving and all of them get prepared and comes down for the jagran where Kanhaiya, Suhnaina and Chacha ji sees. Suhnaina goes to all of them and says you all didn’t want to come, how come you all came? I could have ignored all of you but all of you are my own family. Go and take part in the jagran. Suhnaina calls Sona to bring the prasad and Sona brings the prasad and looks at everyone who is praying and Durgesh signals to Govardan and leaves. Neelam looks worried and prays. Sona gives the aarti plate to the pandit while the rest takes their seat. Durgesh goes to the kitchen and sees Sona’s glass of water and puts in sleeping tables and says let me see how do you do the jagran now because you will start feeling sleepy and Durgesh leaves. Sona enters the kitchen and drinks the water which Durgesh watches. As Sona is preparing the prasad, Sona starts having headache where Durgesh goes and inform the rest that their plan is success. Dimple taunts that everyone is here and Bindiya shuts her. The pandit ji calls Suhnaina to call Sona to start the pooka since she did all the preparation. Suhnaina calls Sona to come as the pooja is going to start. Sona walks and starts feeling dizzy. Dimple asks the pandit ji what is a jagran done for where the Pandit explains to Dimple. Sona is having bad headache in the kitchen while Suhnaina calls Sona to faster come as its getting late. Sona washes her face and the pandit ji asks why is Sona not here yet and Suhnaina says that she must be getting prepared for the jagran and Sona says that she is coming. Sona says to herself that she should not lose now and let down Suhnaina, please help me god. Sona sees some green chilli and bites it . Sona keeps eating a few chilli’s and Sona is feeling so spicy and drinks water as she could not take the spicyness and Suhnaina calls out for Sona again

Part 2

Sona’s eyes are red and Sona comes to the living hall and everyone is shocked while Sona is still feeling spicy. Suhnaina asks Sona to come and start the prayers where Sona lights the diya where everyone is unhappy except for Neelam. Indrani enters and sees this Sona lighting the diya. Suhnaina turns and sees Indrani and calls Indu! Why are you standing there, come in. Sona turns and looks and Suhnaina says you are welcomed in, won’t you come in? Sona walks next to Suhnaina and says welcome in, did you saw that even God is with us and Indrani stares at Sona and is about to leave. Suhnaina says the aarti is about to start and i know you time no one but at least have some respect for god. Indrani enters and Suhnaina smiles to Sona. Sona performs the aarti and the jagran starts as everyone sings. Sona sings and Indrani seems to be unhappy and feels warm. The pandit says about Navartri and Suhnaina looks at Indirani and Indrani fakes her smile. Indrani, Renu and Darshana feels sleepy and Indrani gets up and starts walking. Sona says Indrani Devi and Indrani stops while Sona asks the pandit to continue. Sona says that we normally don’t give anyone the prasad till the jagran is over but you are our special guest, that’s why i’m giving you and Sona hands over the prasad. Indrani says you told so many dialogues, let me just say one. How many times will you try saving this house from me? At one point, you will lose to my Housewife Sona as you don’t know my power. Sona says i am not worried about you and i know you would do anything and i am ready to face it. Indrani says i love this attitude and i noticed this since the first time you came to interview me. But you don’t know about my attitude, i will take this house by hook or by crook very soon and Indrani leaves.

Precap :

Same precap of the challenge between Sona and Neelam. ..

Update Credit to: Visha_Dhami

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