Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 16th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 16th August 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 16th August 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Kamal comes to Suhnaina promoting a new channel that shows movies, New India. Suhnaina says i am also sure that everyone would like the channel. Kanhaiya comes to Suhnaina saying he received a call from Sona’s Dadi where Sona have not gone to Dadi’s house. If she have not gone to her Dadi’s house, where could she have gone? Suhnaina says what? Even i thought she would have gone to her Dadi’s house. You need to find out where she have gone. Kanhaiya says he himself is scared on where and how is Sona now. I am leaving to the police station and find out and Kanhaiya leaves. Suhnaina thinks to herself that Kanhaiya is still so worried about Sona and this is a good thing. With god’s blessings, the truth shall come out soon and Sona and Kanhaiya will get together again and Suhnaina smiles. Chitrasi comes saying she is leaving to the mandir and Kamal says that he will send her on the way and Chitrasi says its alright as she has something else to do on the way and Chitrasi leaves alone. Suhnaina thinks to herself that Chitrasi is lying and she is certainly going somewhere else on the pretext of going to the mandir. I need to follow her and see what she is up to. Let me call to Sona’s new number and ask her to follow me as Chitrasi is certainly going to do something. Sona and Chitrasi arrives at the place where Chitrasi is looking around at the place where she burried Sona’s ‘body’. Suhnaina and Sona watches by hiding behind a tree while Chitrasi is still finding for the exact spot of the burial. Sona says i feel she have came to burn the body. Suhnaina says if she takes out the fake body, all the truth will be out. What would we do now? Sona says i got a way and takes out her phone while Kanhaiya is wondering where is Sona at his police station. Kanhaiya asks his constables to inform everyone if anyone had gone missing. Sona calls to Kanhaiya and speaks on her own voice saying ‘Hello’ and Suhnaina alerts Sona where Sona cover the phone with a cloth and changes her voice saying that a few people are disturbing a lady at the nearby jungle. Kanhaiya asks who is this and Sona says that is not important, faster go and save the lady where Sona hangs the call and Kanhaiya leaves. Chitrasi finally finds the spot and starts digging while Suhnaina and Sona watches. Sona says why is Kanhaiya not here yet and Suhnaina says he is supposed to be here by now. Kanhaiya spots Chitrasi’s car and stops next to the car where Sona and Suhnaina hides. Kanhaiya sees Chitrasi digging and Kanhaiya comes and calls Chitrasi and Chitrasi is shocked. Kanhaiya asks what are you doing now? Suhnaina says lets see how she saves herself now. Chitrasi remains silent and Chitrasi says she is taking the soil for some prayers. Suhnaina says just look how is she easily lying after all that happened. Kanhaiya says he don’t understand and Chitrasi says that a pandit ji asked her to do this when she told him her problems. The pandit ji said that i need fresh soil from any jungle and that’s why i came here. Kanhaiya looks around and Chitrasi asks you don’t trust me? You can follow me to the mandir and Kanhaiya says its alright, i trust you. Let me help you and Chitrasi says its alright, i’ve done it.
Part 2

Suhnaina says lets go from here Sona before any of them sees us here. Kanhaiya drives Chitrasi back and Suhnaina consoles Sona. Kanhaiya what is the need to come this far all alone? Its not safe to be in such jungle and anything could happen. You could have informed me to come along. Chitrasi says you care for me so much. Is there any news about Sona? Kanhaiya says there is no news yet. Chitrasi says i didn’t want to trouble you more in between of what is happening. Sona would have gone to any friends or relation’s house. Kanhaiya says i don’t know anyone like that. I think its time for me to tell the truth to Sona’s Dadi. Chitrasi says won’t she feel sad if you say what Sona have done? Kanhaiya says this is why i could not even say anything on the phone fearing she would be scared. But how long can we hide this especially when we know Sona had not gone there. I need to inform about Sona ji. Chitrasi calls to Shakuntala saying thank god she had not taken out the body when Kanhaiya arrived. Shakuntala asks how did Kanhaiya knew she was in the jungle? Chitrasi says i don’t know, perhaps anyone would have seen me and inform him. Shakuntala scolds Chitrasi on why didn’t look around first before going? Chitrasi says its happened and how will you escape from Sona’s ghost? Chitrasi says if you really care about me, why don’t you come back here? Shakuntala asks are you mad? Why would i come back to that house which has ghost? Look Chitrasi, i am saying this for your goodness. Leave everything alone and come. Chitrasi says i will never give up hope. I don’t know how will i fight against the ghost but i will certainly not give up. I been with this family all this years for the property and when i am getting closer to it, i will not leave it. Shakuntala says do what you want but i am warning you to come back now and don’t lose your life for this. Chitrasi says Kanhaiya have already gone to meet Dadi and i wonder what would he do next. What if he suspects me? I will call back later and Chitrasi hangs the call. Kanhaiya informs Dadi and Dadi says so many things happened and no one informed me anything. Kanhaiya says our relationship have gone bad and i could not even inform this. I thought Sona would have come here and i don’t know what to do now. Dadi says i am very worried now and Kanhaiya says this is why i didn’t inform this to you yesterday. I came to meet you to ask if Sona has any friends or relations. Dadi says let me give you Sona’s diary which has all the numbers. Sona comes to meet Dadi while Dadi is worried if anything bad could have happened to Sona. Kanhaiya says don’t worry, nothing would have happened. Sona opens the door and sees Kanhaiya talking to Dadi and closes the door back while Kanhaiya noticed the door closing. Sona thinks to herself that Kanhaiya is here? Looks like i arrived at the wrong time. If he sees me here, it would get bad and Sona leaves. In the night, Kanhaiya is looking worried and Suhnaina says i am really scared. Where could have Sona have gone and she went out with a broken heart. Kanhaiya says i am scared too. Chitrasi says she could have gone to other city and Suhnaina says that is not possible as she is a lady. Deva says you are true, someone going missing is something to worry about. Kanhaiya, have you asked Sona’s relations? Kanhaiya says i got this diary from Sona’s Dadi and i called to everyone and she is not there. Deva says i feel something bad must have happened too her. Suhnaina pretends to be shocked and Kanhaiya says nothing will happen to Sona ji. She will be safe.

Precap :
Chitrasi says i want to ask you something and you must now deny. Can you sleep in my room tonight and Kanhaiya stares.

Update Credit to: Visha_Dhami

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