Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 13th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 13th March 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 13th March 2013 Written Update

Pandey ji is waiting for a call while Suhnaina asks Sona and Neelam to pack food for Pandey ji as he is about to leave. Pandey ji receives a call which Chacha ji and Suhnaina are listening and Pandey ji ends his call. Pandey ji asks if they can look for him a good hotel in Allahabad for one day and Chacha ji asks what is the reason? Pandey ji informs that his wife called since they had found an alliance for his daughter Devika and they are coming to meet the guy. Chacha ji says since its only one day, why do you need to stay in a hotel, you can stay in this house and Suhnaina agrees asking him to stay here. Pandey praises Suhnaina and Chacha ji that Renu is lucky to get such family. Chacha jia sks Pandey to stay at Chicku’s room. In the night, Chicku comes to Renu’s room to sleep and Renu asks are you going to sleep here? Chicku says yes and Renu says no way as he will kick her stomach while sleeping. Renu asks Chicku to sleep in Dimple and Julie’s room and Chicku leaves. In the morning, Neelam comes to help Sona with a new hairstyle and Sona notices it and asks Neelam anything good happened? Neelam says nothing like that happened and also updates that Udham was really happy but there is something in his heart. Sona says even I saw that, he is an army officer but there is something that is disturbing him. Sona says dont worry, i’m sure your life will change one day. Neelam says lets faster cook while Pandey ji is waiting for his wife and daughter. Kanhaiya comes to eat and Sona signals him to wait first. The house bell rings and Pandey ji opens the door where his wife Sarala and daughter Devika enter. Suhnaina and everyone is surprised to see the way Sarala behaves and talks. Suhnaina gets shocked to see them arrived with so many luggage and Suhnaina signals Chacha ji which Pandey ji sees. Pandey ji gives excuses saying that they brought things for the groom and Devika says that aren’t they going to stay here for long?

Sona and Kanhaiya are laughing at what is happening and Chacha ji says that they are welcomed here which Pandey ji thanks him. Sarala says that she is hungry and Suhnaina is about to say something and Chacha ji signals her to be silent. Everyone watches how Pandey ji, Sarala and Devika are eating while Kanhaiya says to Sona that he is leaving for work and Dimple asks Kanhaiya to drop her. Udham says to Neelam that he will be back which Sona and Suhnaina are surprised including Neelam. Renu seems unhapy and Sona asks do you want to eat anything? Renu says that she wants something sweet and Devika brings some food and tries to feed Renu while Sona stops her saying that it would not be digested and she had made Renu banana milkshake. Sona also informs that tshe have packed sandwich for Renu and Sarala asks how many children do Sona have and suhnaina says that she has just married and Sarala says that she is just married and she is advising me? Sona says that she doesn’t mean that as she had read about all this when she used to be a journalist. Eating a lot of Ghee is not good for Renu and Sarala asks Sona to learn how to respect the elders and she will look after Renu. Sarala takes the milkshake and gives Devika to drink. Pandey ji says that he will bring his luggage to the room and leaves. Suhnaina is angry and enters her room where Darshana asks what happened? Suhnaina says who asked Chacha ji to allow them to stay here? Chacha ji comes and Suhnaina says what is the need to welcome them here? They would even chase us out from here. Chacha ji asks Suhnaina to cool down and Suhnaina says that she didn’t like the way Sarala spoke to Sona. Chacha ji says but you should have stopped her and Suhnaina says I will surely reply her the next time. Chacha ji asks Suhnaina to have patience.

Precap :
Renu goes to the school and feels unwell while the rest of the teachers decides to call home. Chacha ji answers the call and looks worried.

Update Credit to: Visha_Dhami

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