Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 13th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 13th June 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 13th June 2013 Written Update

Part 1:

Kanhiaya is talking to someone. He says its hard to remember, but you have to really think hard. Who came that day from my house to call from your booth. A lot of people come to call in that booth, still you have to try and remember who it was. And if you cant’ remember, then I’ll make sure you remember. The guy says if you try to ask me while scaring me then how will I be able to remember who came? Kanhiaya says this tea cup in is in my hand. Before its finished remember who came and tell me. The guy says I remembered. Kanhiaya asks who came? The guy says I don’t know. Kanhaiya says I’m asking you. Will you tell me or shall I slap you? The guy says Before hitting me listen to what I have to say. I wasn’t there that day. My nephew was there. That’s why I don’t know who called from here from your house. He went to his uncle’s house today. Kanhaiya asks where were you? The guy says what do I tell you? The guy gets out a handkerchief and wipes sweat of his face. Kanhaiya asks where did you get this handkerchief from? The guy says it was here. I couldn’t find mine, so I picked it up from here. What’s the matter? I’m telling you the truth. Why would I lie? Kanhiaya asks when did you find this? The guy stammers. Kanhiaya says how long will it take you to remember? The guy says I remembered…I found it the same day you were just inquiring about. Kanhaiya thinks to himself this handkerchief is Sona ji’s.

Part 2:

Sunhiaya says to Sona wash them properly. Last time you had messed up my saree. It had another color of another saree on it. Sona says okay mummy ji. Kanhiaya walks in. Sona asks did you find out who called? Kanhiaya says I got some really good evidence. Sona asks what? Kanhiaya takes out the handkerchief and says this handkerchief. Its yours right? Sona says yes but where did you get it from? Kanhiaya says I found it near the place where mummy ji got a complaint from. How did it get there? I’m asking you something. Sona says I don’t know. Kanhiaya says see mummy ji. It’s amazing. Its her handkerchief and she doesn’t know how it got there. Why don’t you answer me? HOw did it get there? Sona says please believe me. I really don’t know anything about how it got there Kanhaiya says listen Sona ji. Now the truth is in front of everyone. There is no need to say or understand anything. Sona asks you’re doubting me? Kanhaiya says I’m not doubting you. I’m convinced now that the handkerchief is yours. Its possible that you may not have called. In fact I know you didn’t call. Mummy ji I knew from the beginning that someone from this house is trying to ruin yours and Sona ji’s relationship. I will find out who it is. Sunahiay says Kanhiaya beta I don’t think there is anyone in this house who wants to do that. Why would they do that and what benefit would they have? Kanhiaya says we’ll only know that when we find out the person. Now you wait and watch, Sona ji. Mummy ji, just give me one day. In one day I’ll find out who that person is. Kanhaiay leaves the room. Sona asks why did you do this Mummy ji?

Part 3:

Sunhiaya says Sona bahu what are you saying? Sona says will you still lie to me? Mummy ji I remember really well, that day when you were going out you weren’t able to find your handkerchief. You had taken mine. And this is the same handkerchief.

Flashback is shown where Sunhiaya is trying to find her handkerchief. Sona says mummy ji what are you looking for? Sunhiaya says I need to go out and I can’t find my handkerchief. Sona says you can take mine. I’ll just go and get it. She comes back with it and gives it to her. Sunhiaya asks how are you hands? Sona says better. I was saying, its very sunny and hot outside. You’re also not feeling well. Why don’t you rest. Sunhiaya says no, I’m better. Our neighbor’s husband isn’t doing well. What will they think that Sunhaiya didn’t even come once to check on them. I’ll be back soon.

Present is shown again. Sona asks again why did you do this? What happened that you took all the trouble to put all the blame on me? Tell me. Sunhiaya says you want to know? Then listen. I had called the police.

Update Credit to: Cutiepie_rani

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