Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 12th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 12th April 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 12th April 2013 Written Update


Sunaina says that the family members will get nothing from her and saying so she leaves.Sonaiya are happy and even they leave.Chachaji says to uddham and others that what sunaina bhabhi did is right and they should not think of selling the house.Chachaji leaves and all are upset.Darshans looks at bindiya ans says that people talked so big but when it came to doing then nobody was able to do anything.all started blaming each other from uddham to govardhan.


Sunaina keeps the papers in the locker and kanhaiya stands nearby. Sunaina sees kanhaiya and kanhaiya looks at her mother with teary eyes.Sunaina remembers the flashbacks of how she blamed kanhaiya and slapped him.Sunaina goes to kanhaiya and asks him if the slap was hard on his face.sona comes and is happy to see them talking.kanhaiya says that the slap does not hurt his face but his heart and he loves his mummyji alot.both had a cute hug and sunaina says that u are very close to me otherwise all others have parted ways and now it seems that everything can’t get all along.both had a good talk.


Sona comes to sunaina and offers her lime water.Sunaina says as to what sona thinks that if she removed the ban from her does not mean that what mistakes sona did in the past,she will be forgiven for everything.sona says that she is alright with mummyji’s decision.kanhaiya sees this and wants to say when sunaina says that sona is the daughter-in-law of the house and she can never become her bahu as she can’t even trust her own daughter sunaina now.Sunaina says that she can’t trust her own inlaws now and sona is an outsider so how to trust her. Sona feels bad. Sunaina says that sona is the bahu and she will never become her daughter and sunaina starts going out of the room but again returns and drinks lime water and feels good.This makes sona and kanhaiya feel happy.


While sunaina leaves , kanhaiya tries to console sona and sona says that she is not feeling bad and infact she knows tha difference between a bahu and a daughter and she will run along the path to become the lovable daghter of mummyji.kanhaiya says that he likes sona more because of her confidance. u never give up and they had acute moment.


Uddham, bindiya, renu and the others blamed each other and neelam also says that what happened was not good at all.darshana screams at neelam and uddham supports neelam and again the group starts thinking about what to do next as now we will not get anything. they finally decides to return the property papers back to indrani devi.


Sona was placing the pickle pots outside the house when she notices her bhabhi’s going out and stops them.Sona tries to explain them not to fall in the trap of indrani and bindiya stops her and says to sona that sona should do what she likes and they will tell what they can do.


Indrani thinds that sunaina is a strubborn lady and she won’t accept defeat easily.Indrani tells the bahus about NON- COOPERATION MOVEMENT–means the bahus should start her new work of not co-operating in the household activities.


Kanhaiya was ironing his shirt and talking to someone on the phone to send file to heigher authorities.Sona comes and says kanhaiya that she will iron.Kanhaiya says that he can do his work by himself and not to forget that he used to do everything by his own before marriage.Sona tries to irritate her cute hubby.Sona says that you are afraid of your wife.kanhaiya says that she is his loving wife and that is why she everytime takes advantage otherwise in whole banaras everyone has afear of Inspector kanhaiya.Sona says but he has afear of her. kanhaiya says that he can do everything and even her work to which sona firmly relaxes herself and sits on the bed and says that kanhaiya should do all her work by now like cookong. cleaning. washing etc
kanhaiya gets in tention listening to her words and comes to her and says that even the work can be divided.Sona says that kanhaiya accepted his defeat. Kanhaiya says that he can never win from his wife and at his heart sona rulesAnd sona should also understand her feelings.Kanhaiya takes her hand inhis and says that he should now tell her the duties of a wife.Sona cutely takes away her hand.Kanhaiya says taht sona can handle everything at home and she should alson try to stay away from these tensions and says that indrani won’t accept her defeat easily. Even sona starts thinking about what next step indrani is going to take and what the family members are planning. kanhaiya feels that the family can suffer from a big break in future and Sonaiy gets worried.

PRECAP Sunaina is shouting at neelam that no work is being done by her since morning. Sona is seeing all this and feels surprized on her mummyi’s anger. Neelam stands still.Bindiya comes with a cardboard stating_NON COOPERATION MOMENT and says that neelam will not work and even she will not cooperate in any of the household works..sunaina and sona are shocked.

Update Credit to: sonali.singh

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