Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 11th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 11th June 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 11th June 2013 Written Update


Renu comes shouting to hall and tells govardhan that julie ran away, renu also knows. Sonaiya comes with neelam and julie and bindiya asks julie where she went without informing. Kanhaiya says that julie again planned for a trip with friends and packed bag. It was great that neelam got to know and informed us. Govardhan and bindiya says that to julie that they were so worried and what if something had happened to her. Kanhaiya asks not to shout at her as already she has got the dose from them. Govardhan says that from now julie will not be allowed to go anywhere other than her college.Sona tries to cover up saying that julie won’t do this in future again. Julie agrees and bindiya and govardhan takes her away. Renu asks kanhaiya that he went to megistrate’s office. Kanny informs that he will go go shrirampur to meet the megistrate as he is on holidays. sona says that she will also come with him and renu says that sona did everything bad still kanhaiya finds goodness in her even knowing that sona only acts. Kanhaiya says enough and he does not want to listen anything against sona and sonaji should not be blamed like this. kanhaiya leaves.

Sonaiya in there jeep reaches the village and asks a person for megistrate’s house. the person asks them to reach a primary school and then turn right from there. kanhaiya has some flashbacks and asks the man if there is a big ground near the school. the man informs that the ground used to be there but now there is some building.Sona asks kanhaiya how he knows about the place being a first time visitor. kanhaiya laughs and says that somebody must have told him about the place but sona questions that he has come to the place now only and kanny says that he meets with so many people everyday. someone must have told me which i remember now. at megistrate’s house, sonaiya greets the megistrate and informs him about the case adn megistrate checks the call list. he informs that in this case even if sona says that she did not made the complaint, then too actions can be taken on sunaina and asks sona if she has filed a complaint that someone is using her name. sona says no not yet. kanhaiya says that someone is doing this to there family intensionally.Megistrate asks them not to worry and sunaina will be out of the jail soon. megistrate’s servant applies a photo of an old man in the wall and kanhaiya sees it and while drinking water. kanhaiya looses the grip and glass falls. kanhaiya gets shocked and asks the megistrate about the man in the photo. megistrate informs that he was his elder bro and is no more. kanhauya says that he feels he has seen him somewhere. sonaiya leaves the place.

Sonaiya drives out and are happy that mummyji will get bail. they drive through an open area and suddenly kanhaiya sees a tbig tree and asks sona to take care and turns his jeep and stops. he asks if sona is ok. sona says that she is fine and asks what happened. kanhaiya says that suddenly a tree came infront and sona says that there was no tree. Sonaiya moves out of the jeep and kanhaiya is tensed. sona walks a bit and sees a cut down tree and thinks to herself that kanhaiya was right. sona asks kanhaiya to calm down and they hear the bells of a temple. sona says that she decided to go to temple once mummyji will be out and now as she will be out, we should go to the temple.

Kanhaiya agrees and they both reach temple. kanhaiya sees the lord shiva statue outside the temple and he gets a lot of flashbacks about the place. He moves out of jeep and sees the statue. next he comes to the stairs and he feels like he had come there before. he gets tensed and stops there and had flashbacks of the temple. sona takes him inside the temple and both prays/. kanhaiya sees the statue of god Nandi and a shivling.kanhaiya sweats and is tensed. they both prays and kanhaiya has flashbacks of a ashtdhatu murti(an old statue) at the place of the shivling. he tells it to sona and a pandit informs that kanhaiya is right and some years back that statue was stolen. kanhaiya and sona both gets shocked and they wonder how kanhaiya knows everything when it is the first time he had come to the place. Episode ends.


The pandit says that kanhaiya is very little of the few who knows about the place and kanhaiya wonders how he knows about everything. Sona also tells kanhaiya that the tree was there only. kanhaiya gets shocked.

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