Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 11th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 11th April 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 11th April 2013 Written Update


Bindiya comes to sonaiya’s bedroom and switches ON the fan and writes on a letter. Sunaina thinks that kanhaiya has gone for work and sona to market then why the fan is ON. She goes to the room and bindiya hides herself behind the bed.


Sona enters her room worried about what her bhbhi’s are thinking and how to save everything. Sona reads the letter. It says that sona had to come on the terrace at midnight and her bhabhi’s will be waiting there. Kanhaiya comes from police station and both sona and kanhaiya think about what their bhabhi’s want to say. Dimple enters sona’s room to take laptop and while talking to her friend takes the letter for writing a phone no. Dimple comes down and throws away the paper in the dustbin but it falls down and moves away with the movement of air.


sona comes to the terrace and there bindiya asks sona to talk to kanhaiya so that even he stands with them and can ask mummyji to sell the house and then kanhaiya will be getting a good share. Sona says to her bhabhi’s that how they can think of doing this to mummyji and she and kanhaiya will never join them. Sona says to neelam that she never thought that even Neelam can think of this. Neelam thinks for a moment.Sona says that she doesn’t care if no one is there with mummyji but she will always stand by her. Bindiya and darshana gets angry and says that they will anyhow get mummyji to sign up the papers and now they will be giving nothing to kanhaiya. Sona says that she will never let the house to be sold but if even somehow the house is sold ,still she is sure that kanhaiya will not take even a Rupee from this property


In the morning, all family members enters the hall and uddham says to sunaina that he wants mummyji to sell the house. Even manohar with hesitation joins him and then finally goverdhan. Kanhaiya says that all do not want the house to be sold as he is against and says that may be his brothers have big dreams and expectations but he does not want something by all this.kanhaiya holds sona’s hand and comes in front to say. Uddham goes against kanhaiya and even manohar says that Kanhaiya has no right to speak in between. Sunaina listens to all this. Chachaji comes and hands some papers to sunaina. Sunaina says to everyone that all want the house to be sold and asks bindiya for the papers and bindiya happily hands over.All are happy except sonaiya and sunaina asks sona to bring a pen. Sona is still in shock. She finally goes and brings one. Sunaina says that all want me to sign up the papers. All are happy. Finally sunaina tore up the papers into pieces and all are shocked. Sunaina says that she already got to know of all their intentions as she got that letter from near the stairs and had listened to the terrace meeting and then asked devarji to make such papers. Sunaina says that now no one will be able to sell the house unless i am alive or after my death and if someone tries to do so then the house will go to charity. All again shocked and viewing the house. Also sunaina says that they will all get nothing from the house. Sunaina says that sona had many reasons to go against her but she stood with me. In happiness kanhaiya holds sona’s hand. Sunaina says that all the ban which she applied over sona bahu, she is removing the ban now. Sona is happy and holds again kanhaiya’s hand. All other are in tension


Bindiya ,renu and Neelam at indrani’s place. Indrani sees the pieces of property papers and says that sunaina is very stubborn and now they, the bahus need to go against and not to take part in matters of chaturvedi niwas. .

Update Credit to: sonali.singh

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