Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 10th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 10th June 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 10th June 2013 Written Update


Sona crying comes to her room and sees kanhaiya Upset. She sits near kanhaiya and asks him if he like others too believe that she made the complaint. Kanhaiya says that it is not so that he does not believe her. He believes her but it is also a truth that mummyji is in jail. Kanhaiya stands up and cries that he is feeling shame on him being a police inspector as he can’t do anything for his Mummyji.He says that he is grown up and his mummyji everytime took care of his wants and now she is in jail with people who do things like kidnapping, robbery. How our mummyji will be feeling there. Kanhaiya had tears and leaves the Room. Sona feels bad. Renu and bindiya praises each other for everything being done and then they confess that they both did not made the complaint. Renu wonders who made the complaint when they both did not made it. Julie io her room worries why avi does not called her.Neelam comes to her and tells that she knows about her and avi. Neelam says that avi is an outsider and kanhaiya’s friend but julie was their own and still she thought to love avi. Neelam warns julie not to meet avi again otherwise she will tell about them to everyone. Neelam goes from room and julie thinks that neelam bhabhi is right but she can’t stop herself from loving avi.


Kanhaiya checks the call list and talks to his officer on phone. Sona also comes with the call list of her mobile and gives it to kanhaiya.kanhaiya asks her if she thinks that he does not believe her.sona says that it is not so and take it as a proof that icomplainnt is not done by me. kanhaiya gets call from bajrangi and he informs that the complaint call was done from the public booth of churvedi niwas road and the call is being traced. Sona and kanhaiya gets bhappy and kanhaiya says that he will find the culprit soon. Sona asks to firstly get mummyji out of jail and kanhaiya informs that court is closed for the two weekend days. Sona feels bad but then gives kanny the idea to talk to the magistrate directly. kanny feels happy and decides to meet the megistrate the other morning. julie comes to avi’s house with all her belongings and says to avi that she left the home and is not afraid of neelam bhabhi.Julie says that she will pack avi’s bag and they will be leaving the city. avinash had a mischivious smile on his face.

Neelam notices julie’s room and gets to know that julie ran away. sonaiya reaches megistrate’s house and a person informs that megistrate is out of the city for some work. sonaiya are shocked and sona asks for the address of the place. it was somewhere in the village area. kanny things to himself that he had heard the name before but where he does not remember.kanny gets a call. sona , kanhaiya and neelam comes to avi’s place and kanhaiya comes infront of avi but then instead of getting angry, he keeps his hands on his shoulders. neelam wonders on kanhaiya’s actions and kanhaiya tells neelam that avi already informed him about everything and remembers the call received outside the megistrate’s home.julie gets amazed and sona says that julie is not wrong but she is small and its her time to complete her studies and make career.Bindiya comes to julie’s room and gets shocked to see that julie ran away from the house even avi says that he himself has not established so how will he take care of julie’ s future. avi says that firstly it is important that they both become self-dependent. everyone agrees and even julie feels good. sona says to neelam that avi is a good boy and he being the friend of kanhaiya doesn’t matters . all gets happy along with neelam.sona asks them all not to talk about it all to anyone otherwise problems will occur. episode ends


renu says to kanhaiya that he everytime finds sona right and kanhaiya in an angry mode says that he did not want to listen anything wrong against sonaji and everyone should stop blaming her and from now no one will take sona at fault(sorry friends_didn’t remember precap well)

Update Credit to: sonali.singh

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