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“Thank you so much for coming!” Shweta beamed at Swara who give fake smile at her sister .
“Shweta come here baby we have to cut the cake.” Swara heard her sister husband oh so sweet voice calling her sister.Shweta give apologitic smile to Swara and walk towards Her Husband.
Swara couldn’t help but wipe her lone tear and stood at bar clutching wine tightly. Life is so unfair as she look at the way of her younger sister Shweta hugging her husband Sahil lovely. While Sahil kissing her cheek .they are celebrating SAHIL birthday and here she is as a guest.
“you can stop staring them and share you sad story beautiful lady!” Swara look beside young man standing all dashing and handsome .Well he is her boss SANSKAR MAHESHWARI.she worked for him past one year as assistant account manager in his company.
Swara quickly smile formally – nothing sir want drink?
Sanskar smile back ,this girl never stopped amazing him .SWARA BOSE a very beautiful confusion of his life .After her coming in his life he had stopped going around for women and even stopped his one night stand.She is professionally best in her work , always maintain her relations in only limited boundaries. Very Hard working and exception from all the womens in his office who always make move to get his attention. And he like her attitude but she never smile heartdly .wearing happy fascade permanently.
Sanskar chuckle- Miss bose i think we are not in office. So no formality .
Swara countered back saying- but sir you are using Miss bose ? And I would like to be called Swara outside.Deal?
Sanskar smile – Deal but you have to call me Sanskar not sir !
Swara nodded and then heard loud squalled around the crowd as Shwetha told that she’s pregnant and Sahil lifting her high .it made her smile wiped and hurt expression covered her face,she muttered “excause me SIR” saying this she went outside.
Sanskar noticed the hurt expression and then he can get something that it is related with her sister which made Swara this upset but why?he followed her outside. There she was standing on roadside waiting
Swara swore under her breathe not finding cab and these damm tears are not stopping!!
“You know crying your heart out is not stupid thing and when you are so much hurt!” Sanskar said.
Swara chuckle painfully and said -“will you join me for drink this evening SANSKAR?”
“Yes” he said immediately without even thinking because he don’t wanted to think when she is this much hurt .he just know that he have to be with her .
Sixth votka glass finished and Sanskar count it with wide eyes and jaw dropped looking at this girl who is so much drunk like hell!! Is he said that she is not crazy ever then scratch it because she’s CRAZIEST GIRL HE EVER SAW.
Swara laugh drunk up and said – you know whattt sirr oops sanskarrr….i am so happyy todayyy like this much (she shows her hand making her point clear which made Sanskar chuckle) askkk meee whyy i am sooo happpyyy!!!!ask meee!
Sanskar chuckling -tell me SWARA why are you so happy?
Swara stare at him and said – because i am bad omen .a bad women !
Sanskar look confused and somewhat angry hearding this nonsense-what do you mean Swara?
Swara laughing said- I hate kids!!! Because of them i am today called bad women ! I can’ttt givee birthh to a babyy so they all called me bad women and bad omen whyyy??? my mummy and daddy think me as punishment of their past little sister ..she think me as a women who will snatched her husband by my seducing acts and …sahil…sahil ..i loved..him..soo much what he did ??!he chose Shwetha and left me !!! Frommm my childhood all said me that i will be the bride of Sahil and Sahil was so much sweett and what he did !!!broken my heart !!! I hate him!!!his mother called me a bad omen !!she was crying by now totally devasted.
Sanskar was in rage and possessives grown for beautiful broken angel in his heart .he wanted to sooth her and make her feel worthy .
Sanskar quickly hugged her and said softly -you are most beautiful women and good human being i ever seen from inside and outside Swara.
Swara stopped her crying look at him ,he wiped her tears and make her drink lemon water to make her come back to sense.

They are back to Swara home way in his car.Swara is totally in sense as she feeling embarrassed breaking down in front of Sanskar..sir but it felt so right and his soothing words were just calm but still she was embarrassed.
Sanskar stopped in front of her home .Swara.was about to move out when she heard him .
“I am orphan and lived all my life in orphanage .it was not because i don’t have mom and dad but they felt me as a burden.!i was unwanted child for both of my parents.My father was already married and my mom wanted to become model so .they just left me in orphanage when i was six years old.and a letter telling me reason and don’t think that i am responsible for anything because it was their brutal act and i am happy as i am being alone because who don’t think you as any worth of it then they are the shit part of our life Swara.” As he completed his word’s his eyes are moist and next second Swara was hovering in his arms crashing herself as much as possible. He was stunned but he hugged her back tightly. And whisper -you are worthy to get every happiness but you have to stop your self from blaming yoirself as a mistake..
Swara nodded her eyes are teary and lips trembling. After some time they reluctantly break the hug.
Sanskar smile slightly – good night Swara .
Swara smile back genuinely – Good night Sanskar.
Swara come out from car and was about to go when she again heard him she bent down as he slid the mirror and said teasingly- as much i don’t want you to cry Miss bose but i would love to say you look cute.and he zoomed off leaving swara shocked then smile playing on her lips.

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