Horrific Past To Surprising Future – Ishqbaaz FanFiction- Episode 9

Hi This is VHM aka Harika coming up with a new story / Fanfiction on Ishqbaaz. This will involve all the three couples . A subtle romance, thrill, accusations, support and family bonding. Get on a new ride with me and do support me.

Please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes…….Hope the readers would support me the same way as they have supported me till date……


Anika just couldn’t believe what she heard, she smiled broadly thinking she has seen yet another shade of Shivaay.

—————–Oberoi Mansion

Shivaay stepped in and Rudy, Om, Prinku stoodfolding their hands looking at Shivaay

‘’what? Why are you staring at me? Am I looking like an alien?’’

‘’no…but we have to ask something..answer us and then get freshened up’’

‘’not now please ..i am tired’’

‘’did you apologise or did you show your attitude?’’ Om asked

Rudy ‘’he and apology…no way..i bet’’

Prinku ‘’I agree…Shivaay bhayya can never apologise’’

‘’When you know I can’t apologise why do you expect that I will apologise..i am Shivaay Singh Oberoi and Shivaay Singh Oberoi never apologises’’ he set his hair in his usual swag

Prinku ‘’nothing can happen of you bhayya’’

Om ‘’this time you were wrong shivaay and I know whatever you did to Anika was because of me. I am the culprit and punishment is beared by someone else. I am feeling so guilty now’’

Shivaay ‘’ok relax…Anika will be joining in couple of days..no need for this melodrama’’

Trio ‘’but howwwww?’’

Shivaay ‘’when I enter the scene everything should go as per me’’ he showed attitude

Prinku ‘’whatever…I am happy she will be back and you know what Om bhayya…A new joiny has also arrived…coincidentally she will also be joining in two days and one more coincidence is that the new joinee and Anika both will be staying in Anika’s house…so many coincidences at a time isn’t it?’’

Om ‘’new joinee? But who?’’

Shivaay ‘’exactly who?’’

Prinku ‘’ohhooo…Shivaay bhayya and Om bhayya…remember we discussed of hiring a new architect, so I hired an super talented architect…her name is Gauri’’

Om ‘’Gauri…did you say her name as Gauri’’

Shivaay TAM ‘’ Gauri…Gauri was MY Anika’s sisters name too….she used to love Gauri a lot..and she was Om’s best friend…while I and Stupid used to fight..Om and Gauri used to be always in sync…’’

Om TAM ‘’Anika…gauri…all these names are known to me…I am feeling as if I know them really well…again a feeling of dejavu is over powering me..’’

Rudy ‘’ohh hello…what are you both thinking? ‘’ he brought Om and Shivaay out of thoughts

Shivaay & Om ‘’what?’’

Rudy ‘’no body thinks of me…you three have forgot that you have a baby brother..one of it’s kind, cute, sweet, intelligent, smart..’’

ShivOm ‘’Shut Up Rudra’’

Prinku ‘’come to the point Rudy’’

Rudy ‘’what to say..i have so many sorrows… first you all brought me from there to here…then my college last semester requires me to do a project….I am paired up with a fatso named Sumo in the college project…we need to do a project together ..finally that fatso is not agreeing to me’’

Shivaay ‘’what is she not agreeing?’’

Rudy ‘’i..i asked her to complete the project single handedly and share it with me as I am busy and she straight away denied. How can anyone be so heartless that too after seeing me’’

Om ‘’do you have something called shame. First you are calling a girl as Fatso. Second you have changed her name ..i mean who keeps name as Sumo…next You have asked her to do everything and what will you do, you will enjoy the fruits of her hardwork. Grow up Rudra’’

Rudy ‘’O …she is so fat, so I called her Fatso..like the one Golu in Roll No 21 cartoon…second her name is Saumya, who will take such a long name Saumya everytime…so I call her Sumo which matches her personality too…third I too said I will do one work if she doesn’t agree to me’’

Prinku ‘’and what’s that one work?’’

Rudy ‘’I said I will assure that she is ousted from oberoi industires job’’

Om & Prinku ‘’what? She works for Oberoi Industries?’’

Rudy ‘’yeah..she does part-time job there , some representative job, I donno much…I said it’s my brothers and sisters company and I will ensure she is out of job if she doesn’t listen to me…but’’ he started crying

Shivaay ‘’but what?’’

Rudra ‘’she said ‘’Go to Hell Rudra’’ ..mummyyyyyyyyyy’’

All three burst into laughter

Om ‘’very good answer.. listen we are not going to oust her out and instead’’

ShivOmPrinku ‘’we are going to make her permanent and increase her salary…understand you cry baby’’

Rudy ‘’nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…..aap mere saath aise nahi kar sakte…aap mujhe paraya nahi bana sakte………who will help me now’’

Om ‘’enough Rudy..be serious at some point of time…you need to do a project..the only help we can do is , we can allow you to do the project in our company..if you are interested talk to your partner and come to the office, we shall see…understand’’

Rudra stood silent while all the other three left from there to their respective rooms.



———-On the other hand,


The day passed by and the next day as planned Gauri came to Anika’s house and they went to complete the formalities. Anika also helped Gauri in packing her stuff from her present location.

Gauri and Anika were bonding well . The next day as planned Gauri shifted to Anika’s house and Anika helped Gauri in setting up her room.

‘’hello Gauri didi…I am Sahil…the only man in this house and of this house’’

‘’Sahil…awe…how cute you are!!!’’

‘’Gauri did I am not cute…please …if you want to give me compliment say that I am handsome like SRK, SALMAN, HRITHIK, RANBIR KAPOOR..’’

‘’ok ok..fine….i agree you are super handsome..Sahil…’’ Gauri smiled

‘’You again started Sahil? Gauri has just come and you started eating her brain’’ Anika showed false anger

‘’Anika didi please…you don’t praise me..let Gauri didi do that, you know what I am enjoying the praises…Gauri didi you continue…’’ he spoke upping his collar

‘’He is so cute Anika didi…I mean Anika’’ Gauri smiled

‘’Gauri…if you are comfortable , you can call me didi…I will be more than happy to be called as Didi’’ Anika smiled

Gauri hugged her and thanked her, Anika reciprocated…both felt as if they are related very strongly, but both didn’t knew what they were feeling is reality.

‘’Come didi I will help you in cooking’’ Gauri held Anika’s hand dragging her to the kitchen, turned and looked at Sahil

Gauri ‘’what would you like to have Sahil ?’’

Sahil ‘’Anything except Aloo poori please’’

Anika ‘’why what’s bad in Aloo poori..it’s tasty, yummy, awesome, fabulous and …’’

Sahil ‘’boring too…Gauri didi you tell me..can anyone eat Aloo poori everyday?’’

‘’no…I cant eat everyday’’ Gauri exclaimed

‘’exactly, but this praani next to you can eat Aloo poori 24 x 7 and because of her I have to eat it 24x 7’’ sahil spoke in a dramatically tragic way

Both Sahil and Gauri were into splits and hified while Anika looked on

‘’very funny…today I will prepare Rajma chawal…have it then’’ being super annoyed Anika left to kitchen , while Gauri pampered sahil and went to help Anika.

Gauri and Sahil’s naughtiness filled Anika’s house with lights of happiness, She felt as if Gauri’s entry has changed the way the house seemed. Anika was equally happy that from next day onwards, they both will go to same office.

———Anika’s House, Next Day Morning

‘’Sahil…wake up….you are getting late?’’ Anika screamed at top of her voice from kitchen

Gauri covered duvet and closed her ears and in half sleep spoke ‘’didi..thoida dheere uthayiyena..kaan fatt rahe hain’’

Sahil ‘’Anika didi …nothing can be done of you’’ he sat and kept sleeping in sitting position

Splasshhhhhhhhhh…a whole glass of water drenched sleepy sahil and he screamed at top of his voice making Gauri horrified and run towards Sahil’s room…she was aghast seeing the sight onfront of her…sahil on bed, water dropping from his hair and Anika standing there holding the glass .

‘’what’s happening? I mean what actually happened?’’ Gauri asked confused

‘’Nothing…I scream once, second time I splash, third  I make drown’’ Anika left from there

Sahil and Gauri saw each other

————————–Oberoi Mansion

‘’Rudra, Om, Prinku, Dadi…come soon…we are getting late…’’ SSO screamed

‘’Shivaay relax…I am here’’ Om spoke calm

‘’me too bhayya..’’ Prinku sat on her chair

‘’Billu…why are you screaming …this is not you in general’’ dadi exclaimed

‘’Woh actually ..you know what dadi…today she will come to office and he is desperate’’ Om and Prinku smiled and hified eachother

‘’Ohh stop it Om…it doesn’t matter to me’’

Om ‘’really Shivaay…since yesterday we have been observing you…you were roaming deliberately in office and that too you took the way covering her cabin..we observed everything’’

Prinku ‘’and not to forget..he was ordering all the cleaning staff to make this and that change in her room…’’

They both giggled puzzling Dadi

‘’you both don’t exaggerate…I wasn’t ordering staff to make any changes, I was just asking them to keep room clean…you know..i..i…I like cleanliness and I can’t bear anything that looks dirty..yeah..that’s….that’s why’’ he stumbled multiple times

‘’really Shivaay…we saw how desperate you were and more than desperate you were for the first time tensed if she will come or not…remember Prinku, we were the one’s who asked him to wait for other day’’ Om spoke to Shivaay and Prinku

‘’yeah yeah bhayya…correct’’

‘’what correct? I was ten..tensed because…we have invested much on her and we need to take such services from her …you guys na, I tell you make mole out of hole’’

Dadi ‘’ok ok …about whom are you talking Billu, Om and Prinku?’’

‘’Dadi…our new employee and you know what Dadi..she joined five days back, after a day she said she will resign, next day shivaay bhayya said he will terminate her, third day shivaay bhayya ousted her, same day he convinced her to come back and today she will be back….can you imagine what all drama went in office in a 5 day time…’’

‘’ok but tell me what’s her name?’’

Prinku ‘’Dadi her name is Ani..’’

‘’hey Guys, I came finally…how am I looking?’’ Rudy interrupted

‘’Joker’’ ShivOmPri said together

‘’what …like really…what’s wrong in this attire?’’ he said pointing towards his clothes

‘’basically everything wrong Rudy…first you are coming to office not to a fashion show …second you can’t come bare chested to office, I mean just this half sleeve jacket with first two buttons doono where they are…… …third we have some respect in office, kindly let the respect continue’’ Om

‘’rudy..go and change your dress and come in a formal dress…by the way we have asked Saumya to come to Oberoi Mansion, and she would definitely not like to see you like this…go fast ‘’

‘’What you called that Fatso here and we will all go together…you don’t love me anymore…you don’t love me…’’ he stomped his foot and went making cry baby face to his room to change

Dadi ‘’you were saying her name Prinku’’

‘’Hello bhayya…’’ Sumo called

‘’Hey Saumya…come…we were waiting for you…Rudra has just left to change his dress…till then have your breakfast and then we all will make a move to the office’’


Precap : Anika-Shivaay’s Childhood memories to haunt Shivaay , Anika to introduce Gauri as her sister to Om ….Rudra-Saumya tu tu mein mein…..

This is the Ninth episode…..please do let me know , how you felt after reading this…any opinions good or bad is welcome…i would reply as soon as possible……….do press the like button and post your opinion without fail…..Thank you so much !!!!

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    1. VHM

      Hey Ritika…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…awee so sweet of you…next episode in couple of minutes….lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care.

  2. Neeru SABIKHI

    very nice awesome

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      Hey Neeru….thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…lots of love and best wishes to you,,,keep smiling and take care

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    1. VHM

      Hi Raji…i am fine, thank you… how are you ?no worries dear, ..i know you will not miss my updates, so absolutely understandable dear….awee so sweet of you dear for all those words , you have laid down beautifully…it’s so overwhelming for me…thank you so much dear….thanks a lot…next episode in couple of minutes….lots of love and best wishes to you….keep smiling and take care

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    1. VHM

      Hey Chaithu…thank you so much dear….thanks a lot..few more episodes will be light hearted and then travel to the emotional part……next episode in couple of minutes….lots of love and best wishes to you….keep smiling and take care

  11. Avika

    Hi Harika di … Loved today’s episode..it was funny …. Rudy is such a drama -king 😘😘 Prinku-Om teasing Shivaay over anika was cute 😂😂😍😍 I was smiling while reading it … Lived Sahil and gauri’s bonding … Ani-Ri ,Ri-Sahil are bonded like they know each other from ages …😍😍Shivaay’s eagerness for Anika’s arrival was soo cute 😘😘… Sadi missed hearing Anika’s name.. so close.. morning scene in Anika’s home was hilarious😂😂😂 .. I Loved and enjoyed reading today’s episode… Take care …stay fit..stay happy 🤗🤗😘😘

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      Hey Avika….thank you so much dear….thanks a lot….glad to know that the update bought a smile, few more episodes will be light hearted and then will traverse to emotional parts…..next episode in couple of minutes….lots of love and best wishes to you….keep smiling and take care

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