Horrific Past To Surprising Future – Ishqbaaz FanFiction- Episode 59

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Hi This is VHM aka Harika coming up with a new story / Fanfiction on Ishqbaaz. This will involve all the three couples . A subtle romance, thrill, accusations, support and family bonding. Get on a new ride with me and do support me.

Please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes…….Hope the readers would support me the same way as they have supported me till date…


‘’Anika dii’’

‘’Somu kaise ho?’’ (Somu how are you?)

‘’Theek hoon dii’’ (I am fine dii)

‘’Disturb thon ahi kiya naa?’’ (I hope I didn’t disturb you)

‘’nahi dii’’ (Noo dii)

‘’Accha sun Rudra tere aas paas hain kya?’’ (Fine listen is Rudra around)

‘’Nahi dii..woh Tej uncle se milne gaya hain’’ (No dii..he went to meet Tej uncle)

‘’Theek hain…sun, tu do din ke andar andar Rudra ko lekar Paris pahunch’’ (Ok..Listen, within two days I want you and Rudra to come to Paris)

‘’Kya?i mean sab theek haina dii. Aap , Shivaay bhayya sab’’ (what? I mean is everything fine there..you, shivaay bhayya)

‘’haan ham sab theek hain, par sun Rudra ko bas itna bata ki meri tabiyet theek nahi hain, aur mujhe usse milne ka mann hain. ‘’ (We all are fine, just say Rudra that my health isn’t good and I am feeling like I want to meet him)

‘’Dii, mujhe kuch samajh nahi aa raha’’ (Dii, I am not getting anything)

‘’Kuch samajhne ki koshish bhi mat kar , bas Rudra ko wahi bolo jo maine abhi tumse kaha aur dono pahuncho yaha par..’’ (Don’t try to understand anything. Just tell Rudra what I have said you just now and reach here within two days)

‘’Jii dii…jaise aap kaho waise hi hoga’’ (Ok dii…it will happen as you said)

‘’Accha ek aur baat sun, galti se bhi Shivaay ya Om ko batana mat aur Rudra ko bhi batane se mana karna’’ (Ok listen, don’t even let Shivaay and Om know about this and also ask Rudra not to say a word )

‘’Surprise plan kar rahe ho kya dii?’’ (Are you planning surprise dii?)

‘’Aisa hi kuch samajh…accha chal mein abhi rakthi hoon aur tum dono se do din mein milthi hoon’’ (understand the same way…ok I am now disconnecting the call and I am gonna meet you both in two days)

‘’Theek hain…apna dhyan rakhna dii’’ (Fine dii…take care)

————The call ended and Anika and Gauri smiled

‘’Didi you made plans to bring Rudra here, but how about convincing Dadi and we need to call Prinku too’’

‘’prinku will arrive with a call , but Dadi…how will I convince dadi’’ Anika looked at Gauri

‘’Didi, but I truly want all the Obro siblings to enjoy and start celebrating , they have given us the best things and now I think we should give them this little thing’’

‘’You are right…don’t worry, I will talk to dadi…still we have a week with us’’

‘’I trust you dii’’

They both started talking about random issues while Om knocked the door

——————–OI, India

Rudra came in the cabin soon after Sumo’s call ended with Annika. Sumo looked at Rudra and thought of talking to him the very moment. But Rudra, didn’t look at her and moreover he was looking angry. She took a deep breathe and calming down called ‘’Rudra’’

Rudra glared her


‘’What is it Saumya?’’

‘’I need to talk something important’’

‘’Is it personal or professional’’

Sumo stared at him surprised


‘’Listen Ms.Saumya Tendulkar…we are in office and I suppose it were you, who asked me to be professional, so I don’t think I will be interested to know anything beyond professional matters . Got it’’

Sumo’s heart pricked with the way and what he said ..

‘’I am sorry Mr.Rudra Singh Oberoi’’

She sat down in her seat and tried to indulge in work..Rudra looked at her and turned his face aside , his fists clutched.

Rudra TAM ‘’is it something important that she needs to talk to me. she seemed nervous too. Is she in some problem. Why should I care? I mean she asked me to be professional so I am right in what I said..But still I want to know, I can’t take a chance , should I approach her and ask. She seems very nervous even now’’ he thought looking at Sumo who was indulged in her own thoughts at the moment

Sumo TAM ‘’I donno what is wrong with him, why does he think every personal matter will be related to me. Annika didi asked me to speak to him, I wanted to say the same but he thinks he is smart in reminding me my words. God , I should have said to Annika didi about our constant fights , then she herself would have spoken to this Dumbo and I would have been out of this situation. Huhh…what should I do now, should I go and speak to him or should I call Annika didi …no wait I shall take help of Gauri didi…no no, I cannot because if Om bhayya is around then he will get to know everything….uffff…where the hell I am struck’’

‘’uhhu uhhuu’’ Rudra fake coughed bringing Sumo out of her thoughts

Sumo gave a sharp look at him

‘’Is…is everything fine’’ he asked

‘’mmm’’ she bent her head looking at the files

Rudra TAM ‘’How rude, now I am not gonna ask her’’

Sumo closed her eyes tight and released a deep sigh and thought ‘’what the hell I am doing. Can’t I behave normal. He atleast asked me, I should have immediately told and ended the matter’’

‘’Sir , Tej sir has called for a meeting in 5 minutes and asked You and Saumya mam to be present ‘’ Mishra informed breaking Sumo and Rudra’s thoughts

They both nodded and looked at each other

‘’Rudra..’’ sumo called

He looked at her this time softly

‘’I need to say something , it’s about Ann’’

‘’Saumya can we talk after the meeting with papa. If you don’t mind’’

She nodded and both left to meet to Tej’s cabin which is Shivaay’s cabin…knocking the door and listening to ‘’come in’’ they both stepped in

‘’Have your seats’’ Tej almost ordered and they bith took their seats

‘’Papa…is everything fine…I mean , I just met you sometime before and then you again called us’’

‘’do you think I will call you without any reason.’’

‘’no, I mean , not like that, I see you worried’’

‘’really, when did you start seeing my worries’’

‘’I…’’ Rudra didn’t utter anything else

‘’Anyways, I called you both to know, what is Shivaay upto these days? What’s he handling and what are you both handling. I want every small details ‘’

‘’But Uncle’’ sumo started speaking but stopped when Tej gave a sharp look

‘’I think I should be called as Sir or Mr.Tej Oberoi or Mr.Oberoi. this is office and I am neither your uncle or you are known to me..Ms., Ms,’’

‘’Saumya Tendulkar’’ Rudra answered being irritated

‘’Ms.Saumya , got it’’

She nodded being scared a bit

‘’So yeah , now I would want you both to answer me , whatever you know’’

Rudra looked at Saumya and stood up shocking Tej

‘’Mr.Oberoi …I donno what you are upto, but I am not going to answer these stupid questions of yours in my working hours. Moreover whatever Shivaay bhayya does I never checked because I believe him, I believe whatever he does , he does best. Infact I am shocked what are you doing in his cabin and why are you so desperate to know about all this. Mishra ji has even informed me that you asked for all the financial details related files the moment you stepped here. Listen Mr.Oberoi, I know I am youngest and inexperienced , but onething I know, unless Shivaay bhayya agrees to let you know everything , I definitely am not going to disclose anything’’

‘’Rudra…don’t forget you are talking to your dad’’

‘’I haven’t , but you too don’t forget Mr.Oberoi that you are now in MY OFFICE, that office which Shivaay bhayya has asked me and Saumya to handle in his absence. So basically, it is my turn infact our turn to give you orders and you to agree to our orders. And onemore thing Saumya can call you uncle or Tej , but I think you will not feel good to call her Madam or mam’’ he banged the table

‘’Rudra, please , please relax…I think we should leave ‘’

Rudra stopped her

‘’I donno what have got into yours and Om’s brain…even Prinku in that matter. Here I am trying to get your rights and you three are not ready to help me out’’

‘’we don’t need anything from you, because we know we have Shivaay bhayya to give everything even without our asking. And now if you would allow us , we have many things to handle. And onemore thing, don’t even try to look into any matters without my permission’’ Rudra held Saumya’s hand and left from the cabin

Sumo just looked at him…after a few seconds ‘’What? Why are you staring at me like that?’’ he asked her

‘’Nothing…I never knew you love Shivaay bhayya so much that you can go against your father’’

‘’If I had to choose only one among my family in any case , I will chose Shivaay bhayya, because I know he will make everything right.’’ He answered her and started going to his / their cabin.

‘’Rudra…if you have 5 minutes can I talk to you something’’

He stopped, she came from behind

‘’Annika didi has called me’’

His eyebrows frowned

‘’She said that she wants to meet you and …’’

‘’Is she fine? I mean she is not sick right?’’

‘’I am not sure , she didn’t sound healthy though…’’


‘’But relax, she isn’t super sick too , I mean I could feel that from here voice’’

‘’What’s the matter Saumya’’

‘’Annika didi wants to meet you, she asked us to reach Paris in two days. She asked me to inform you the same. Also asked me to tell you that, your coming to Paris should not be known to Shivaay bhayya or Om bhayya’’ she quickly vented out everything

‘’What is she upto? Do you have any idea?’’

‘’no Rudra, I said what she asked me to tell you, but I could guess she dearly wants to meet you’’

‘’Fine , we will go then, you know I cannot deny her either. But what about work’’

‘’That’s what even I was thinking of’’

‘’I definitely can’t give this over to Papa. So may be we should work for more hours and then should go ahead . what do you think’’

‘’sounds good’’

Tej who listened to their convo smirked with those words of Rudra. They both did work till late night and Rudra dropped Sumo to her house and got back to OM.

Dadi called Rudra the moment he stepped in

‘’Dadi…you are still awake?’’

She smiled and said ‘’when my grandsons are making me proud , then I just want to take more care of them, so I am waiting for you’’

‘’Dadi is everything fine?’’

‘’Yeah…and I wanted to say, don’t worry about the work and go and enjoy in paris…’’

‘’but dadi how do you know I am going to go to Paris’’

‘’I am your dadi and I know everything’’

‘’But Dadi it seems difficult because till I come back who will handle things here. Shivaay bhayya has given the responsibility with much trust and I don’t want to be a flop’’

‘’Rudra, you have really grown mature in three to four days. I am missing my , what does everyone call you, yeah, I am missing my Duffer Rudra so much….’’

‘’Dadi….huhh…don’t worry…once bhayya is back, I will also be back to my original form’’

Dadi smiled patting his cheeks

‘’Anyways regarding work don’t worry, I will take care…I am still young Rudy boy’’

‘’Really…I mean you will handle..you know you are the best’’

‘’I know say something new Ru’’ dadi smiled and hugged Rudra while Rudra relaxed.

But Tej who listened to his mother’s words standing behind the wall was unhappy.

Two days passed by in a jiffy and Rudra and Saumya reached Paris……Annika sent the car without Shivaay’s knowledge to pick them from Airport.



‘’Om…do you know how to prepare Protein shake?’’

‘’What did you say Protein shake?’’

‘’yeah I said the same’’

‘’Are you missing Rudra so much that you want to have Protein shake?’’

‘’Why can’t I miss my friend?’’

‘’no..i mean if you are missing him talk to him , why to drink Protein shake’’

‘’offo Om, can you just not answer what I asked. I have to prepare Parantha’s too’’

‘’What has gone inside your brain. You are saying as if Rudra and Saumya are coming and you are making arrangements for them’’


‘’what? Wait a minute…did you say yeah because they are coming here today?’’

‘’Noo..i mean noo…I am missing them so I wanted to enjoy their favourites that’s it…simple…that’s it’’ Gauri gave a fake smile as if she is convincing herself and him

‘’Gauri…look here’’ he held her by her shoulder and turned towards him, she looked

‘’Tell me are you hiding something’’

Gauri TAM ‘’ohh God, what have I done? If Annika di gets to know I have spoiled her surprise then she will ensure me to do something which no one can imagine’’

‘’What’s happening?’’ Their moment broke with Shivaay stepping in the kitchen, Om looked at him and loosened his grip over Gauri while Gauri took a deep breathe

‘’Nothing…Shivaay…do you need anything’’

‘’No…I mean ..Gauri why is Annika behaving so weird….she was saying that she will not stay here in this apartment and she wants me to book the opposite apartment. Did you both fight over something or something happened’’

‘’Really…I mean nothing happened bhayya. She was good with me’’

‘’I must say Om…she is the most weird person in this planet, not onky planet in this universe, no not only in universe, in this Galaxy, not only in this Galaxy, in this entire entire…whatever’’

‘’Bhayya….i am also here and let me remind you , you are talking about my sister’’

‘’Sorry, but no sorry, she is really weird’’

‘’what now Shivaay? Here Gauri is also behaving weird. ‘’

‘’what now what? You know I cannot deny Annika , so I went and booked the opposite apartment too..God knows what she is upto’’

‘’Wait..i am getting everything now’’

‘’What?’’ shivaay looked at him

Om looked at Gauri and then thought about Annika’s words and when he was about to say something to Shivaay the door bell rang

‘’I will just look who’s there’’ shivaay excused while Gauri pinched him and asked him about Protein shake recipe which Om started to explain

‘’Bhayyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa’’ Rudra screamed hugging Shivaay the moment Shivaay opened the door

‘’Rudra…Saumya..you guys are here…I mean..’’ he hugged Rudra and patted Saumya

Om came running to him and the trip had Obro moment while Sumo , Gauri and Annika hugged.

Rudra broke the Obro moment and went to Annika and hugged her ‘’Bhabhi’’

Everyone were stunned and Rudra looked at them and then at Annika and said ‘’ohh sorry Didiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii’’ he again hugged her

‘’By the way duffer…how come you left work there and came here that too without informing us’’ Om questioned and then stared at Gauri

‘’You too didn’t say that you are in Paris when you should have been in London’’

‘’question to my question is not an answer’’

‘’offo….don’t say anything to my Rudra, Om’’ Annika spoke

‘’Wait….don’t tell me you planned his arrival here.’’ Shivaay said to Annika

Annika winked and upped her imaginary collars

‘’that’s what I was figuring out..Annika’s words and Gauri’s actions were pointing to something like this’’ om gave his input

Gauri, Annika and Sumo hified with each other

‘’That means you three planned all this’’ the Obros spoke in uninon

‘’offcourse…who else can plan so perfectly’’ Gauri spoke with pride

‘’but whatever and whoever did I am so happy to have my brothers at my side’’ Shivaay held his brothers by his side and spoke

‘’Great…now Rudra and Sumo, get freshened up in ShivOm and our room respectively, while I shift my luggage to the opposite appartment’’

‘’Dii…it’s okay we will move’’

‘’Rudra …have some shame, you and Sumo are very young to go for a live in’’ Annika spoke at once while everyone else’s eyes came out of their sockets , while Annika cupped her mouth

‘’I mean, I was just…’’

ShivOmGauri laughed and Rudra and Sumo were embarrassed and ran to their respective rooms.

‘’Come Annika I will help you in shifting, even I will have to shift ‘’

‘’What do you mean you will also shift’’ om asked

‘’You and Rudra will be sleeping here in my room, Saumya in Annika-Gauri’s room, Gauri-Annika will take a room , and I will take the other room in opposite house’’

Om looked sadly at Gauri, while Gauri blushed and walked towards Kitchen to cook

Shivaay who observed all that , went to Om and placed ‘’Sorry, I know I am kind of separating both, but if you say, I will talk to Annika and you both can share the same room…I mean I have no objection you know’’ he winked and Om left from there embarrassed in pretext of helping Rudra

‘’Om, You are moving in the direction of Kitchen , while Rudra is there’’ Shivaay pointed towards Rudra’s room and Om nodded his head in No and went into the room while Shivaay followed.


Precap : Same as Previous ….To know more stay tuned !!!

This is the Fifty Ninth episode…..please do let me know , how you felt after reading this…any opinions good or bad is welcome…i would reply as soon as possible……….do press the like button and post your opinion without fail…..Thank you so much !!!

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      Hey Jeeta…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…don’t worry about Tej now…lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care.

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      Hey Dear thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…ohh My God, i don’t think i am doing any amazing work, i am just typing what i feel like and hope you would continue to like the coming episodes too…lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care

  5. JeevithaTK

    Hi akka…
    Wow akka.. The episode is SOOO super cute I can’t say how happy nd joy I was having while reading the episode i was just imagine each ND everything…. O our RUDY became hero of today’s episode by giving back the correct answer to his so called father…. All the o’bros ND aniriya moments wow akka.. This part v didn’t even get to c in ib wish this was real in ib to… Akka I can’t express how much happy I’m now to c proper scenes while v was waiting ND was missing it…. Thank u so very much akka.. For the beautiful episode… I’m sooooooooooooooooo much waiting for next episode akka Plzzzz post it asap…. I don’t to tell abt tht Mr. TSO ND spoil my happiness which I’m now enjoying it akka… Lots of love to u nd Akki. TC

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      Hey Jeevitha…awee thank you so much dear…thanks a lot….so glad to know you liked the episode and hope to continue to write that you would like the upcoming ones….lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care.

      Will pass on to Akki all your love and don’t worry about Tej in the ff.

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      Hey Dear…thank you so much …thanks a lot…am glad you liked the super six scenes ….lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care

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      Hey Raji…i am just falling short of words and have been searching in internet to find a word that can convey my feelings of thankfulness to you. and i am failing miserably in doing so. Thank you so much to Tiffany and back. Lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care

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