Horrific Past To Surprising Future – Ishqbaaz FanFiction- Episode 57

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Hi This is VHM aka Harika coming up with a new story / Fanfiction on Ishqbaaz. This will involve all the three couples . A subtle romance, thrill, accusations, support and family bonding. Get on a new ride with me and do support me.

Please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes…….Hope the readers would support me the same way as they have supported me till date…


Helping Gauri in unpacking and settling things, Om sat with guilt in his yes. Gauri could understand his feelings , so she slowly walked up to him and handling him a cup of tea sat beside him…

‘’Om…why are you thinking so much? ‘’

‘’you know I never thought’’

‘’Come on Om…if my mom was in Tej uncles place she would have asked the same. Trust me, this is Indian culture and we are not Husband  & wi ‘’ she stopped in middle and Om looked at her

‘’but Gauri the way the whole thing was dealt is wrong and he knows , he knows very well what you have done for all of us ‘’

‘’you all have done much more when I was hospitalised Om, now you cannot say this anymore and listen’’ she held his hands placing her tea cup aside and spoke ‘’remember whatever happens , happens for good and did you not realise this house is just 10 min away from your house, previously our rooms there were 10 min away and now houses , so not much of difference right’’ she smiled

He hugged her immediately ‘’how can you be so good to those who have done bad with you’’

She reciprocated the hug and said ‘’they haven’t done anything really bad with me Om. Instead they have stopped everyone from pointing fingers on your and my character. So now relax’’

Om broke the hug and smiled …they again sat back apart and had their tea and started discussing the upcoming works they had to handle.

‘’Om ..i think exactly after 8 days the reconstruction would begin as planned and by this time the deconstructed pieces will be made into appropriate blocks ready to be used’’

‘’Whats the date’’

‘’I think …’’ she said the date

Om face fell sad again and noticing it Gauri asked ‘’ what happened ?’’


‘’Come on Om …atleast share it with me…’’

‘’Do you realise what date it is…I am sure you would never forget that and I am also sure we can also never forget the date’’

Gauri was into thoughts and realised ‘’I know, my parents died the same day , Annika didi left me on the same day and I became all alone on the same day’’

‘’Not only that Gauri , Rudra was born on the same day’’

Gauri looked at Om …

‘’Om…this is a big day for you all right and because of this crisis , you will not be with Rudra, because of Anika didi Shivaay bhayya will not be with him …I am feeling bad for Rudra bhayya that this time he would celebrate Rudra’s birthday without his brothers’’

‘’we never celebrate his birthday Gauri’’ Om spoke being sad

‘’What? But why?’’

’Gauri that unfateful day when you girls had the darkest day, Rudra was born, but due to all the happenings there was no mood of happiness. Dadi loved Harsh Uncle and Meghana aunty very much and she was traumatised a lot…there was absolutely no celebration because of Dadi’s condition then.’’

Gauri couldn’t speak a word

‘’Gauri you know why we all pamper Rudra so much…’’

Gauri just looked at him questioningly

’Because Rudra was the most deprived person of celebrations since his childhood. While everyone wants to remember everyones birthday , in my family everyone wants to forget Rudra’s birthday…Dadi never denied for any of his birthday celebration but she made it clear that she cannot be a part of Rudra’s birthday celebration. Not that she did not love Rudra, she loved him a lot more than we all think , but she wanted to reserve the day for Harsh uncle and Meghana aunty. We siblings couldn’t understand earlier so we celebrated but when we started understanding the things Prinku, me and Shivaay decided that we will also not celebrate our birthdays…’’

‘’I am not in a position to say anything…I mean should I feel elated for the respect my parents have got or should I feel sad for the fact that you all have stopped celebrating the most important days of your lives’’

‘’Gauri…atleast me, prinku and Shivaay has celebrated atleast few birthdays but I feel sad for Rudra. But it’s ok’’

‘’OK? Like what ok?’’

‘’That dumbo blackmails all of us exactly on this point and goes on to celebrate every weird reason of his life…like break ups, his failures in exams, his new car buying and you can name any stupid reason’’

Gauri smiled amid tears….

‘’I wish I could change everything ‘’

‘’I so wish the same Gauri’’

Silence occupied for sometime and they soon drifted into work.


————Present Day , OM , India

‘’Mummy Ji’s, mummy ji’s …where are you’s?’’ pinky started calling Kalyani Oberoi at top of her voice

‘’Pinky, Shakti , tej, jhanvi…you all have come…finally I am seeing my children all together’’

‘’Ji mummy ji’s’’

Everyone bent to take the blessings of Dadi and settled down in the sofa and were talking.

Rudra came getting all dressed up ready to go to office , hearing his parents and chotii maa and chote papa voice he ran to the living room and hugged all of them

‘’MM..not bad , looking cool Rudra’’ Tej exclaimed

‘’Yes dad, going to office’’

‘’AAhhhh…how my heart is jumping with joy to hear these words out of your mouth. I just hope you and Om tackle everything and give me the much required peace’’

‘’Jheth Jii…let Shivaay come then you will get much more peace’’ Pinky taunted

‘’Will you both stop taunting each other’’ dadi warned

‘’Dadi…I am leaving …’’ Rudra spoke

‘’Aree Ru have your breakfast and go’’

‘’Nahi Dadi, I have some urgent work to handle and Shivaay bhayya will be waiting for the update too..so will have breakfast in the office’’

‘’Rudra…what project are you dealing with these days?’’

‘’Dad, will explain you afterwards now please excuse me, I am getting late’’

‘’No need of that anyways I will be coming to office in couple of hours to look everything on my own’’

Rudra left hurriedly

————-Two Hours later, OI

Tej entered OI and went staright to Shivaay’s cabin, he turned around Shivaay’s chair and spoke to himself

‘’Shivaay, you might have grown as a bigger businessman, but you can never grow beyond me, rather to say, I will not allow you to grow you more that you shade my kids….i will very soon snatch everything from you and you , yourself will give Om, Rudra and Prinku everything…and this I will make it happen. ‘’

Tej turned the chair with full force and it kept revolving. After a while he held the chair and sat on the chair and ordered Mishra to bring all the financial reports , Mishra nodded and left from there feeling uncomfortable.

—————————————-Hospital, Paris , France, Europe

It had been two hours since Annika got admitted in the hospital and Nikhil and other doctirs being with her. Shivaay was pacing from one corner to another almost breaking down out of guilt, stress, pressure, anxiety, and fear.

Nikhil came out and Shivaay ran towards him


‘’Nikhik…I mean Dr.Nikhil…Annika, Annika how is she now? What happened to her’’

‘’relax Mr.Oberoi…she is not completely okay, but she is not terribky bad. She has been subjected to immense stress and she fell unconscious, we have started her treatment and best of neruologists are treating her. But I have something to ask you, if you don’t mind’’

‘’Please Dr.Nikhil I am ready to answer everything If it could be of any help to you’’

‘’I just want to know what exactly happened for Annika being in this state’’

Shivaay looked for a moment and explained what all he said and did…Nikhil stood stunned

‘’Did you actually show her past?’’

‘’i…I didn’t know that it would be so harmful for her, else I wouldn’t have’’

‘’no Mr.Shivaay…don’t blame yourself , I suppose I was the one who asked you to tell her the truth, sooner or later we were ready to face this situation and it happened. For a reason it is good…now I would suggest you to tell her her Amnesia problem too , it is important ‘’

‘’but her state’’

‘’I know, I know but seeing her state I don’t think we can wait for a longer time to start her therapy sessions and frankly speaking the more we delay the less the chances to revive…’’

Shivaay was dumbfolded and struck in a situation , he wanted to tell Annika but he was scared beyond a limit. Yes THE SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI was scared to see his lady love in such a state .

Nikhil put his hand on Shivaay’s shoulder and said ‘’I can understand, I can understand what you are going through and for this I have decided that I would reveal the problem to Annika and ease you out of this. being a doctor it should be my responsibility too. Hope you wouldn’t mind’’

‘’No..as long as she is safe I have no problem…’’

‘’fine then , let her get a bit normal and then I will personally let her know everything’’

‘’thank…thank you doctor…can..can I see her once’’

‘’she is under sedatives , so I guess the midwife will call you once she wakes up..till then I suggest you to relax a bit , as it has been equally stressful day for you’’

Shivaay nodded and went to cafeteria , while Nikhil left to his home.

Some more hours passed by and the Mid wife Informed Shivaay of Annika’s consciousness

‘’Annika’’ he went running into her room.

She looked at him and seeing him her heart melted , tears formed. He sat back and rubbed her hair

‘’Shiv’’ she called him feably

‘’Ssshhhh…sshhhh…chup …bilkul chup…I don’t want to hear you…you promised me…ypu promised me that you would listen everything and will not put yourself in stress, but you…’’ tears rolled down his eyes..

‘’I…. don’t…. know…. why,…… but…… I ….i….couldn’t….bear…..’’

‘’I am sorry Annika…I shouldn’t have started anything at the beginning….it was all my fault …the day itself is very bad, first I slapped you and then I started all this…it’s all because of me…I could never do something good for you..i just am ‘’

‘’Shivaay…Shivaay…’’ she called him near her

‘’No Annika…you were atleast good, safe, happy and healthy when you were not with me, the moment I came into your life , I have only created problems…’’

She held his hand

‘’You have always thought good of me Shivaay…if you will not stop blaming yourself , I will never talk to you, never ever’’ she pouted

‘’Annika…you know..you know’’ he hugged her and she reciprocated with much difficulty

Shivaay apologised number of times hugging her and she smiled no she laughed

‘’Why are you laughing?’’

‘’I never expected Kanji aankhon wala bhagad billa to apologise to me these many times. I thought he is akdu number 1, but he isn’t anymore and I so miss Mr.Akdu Khadoos Singh Oberoi’’

‘’What the Wuck’’ he looked at her in disbelief

She giggled despite in pain…

‘’you are impossible Stupid’’

‘’I know …’’

He smiled finally and she too smiled , holding his hands and looking at him she spoke

‘’Shiv thank you’’

‘’for what? For putting you in this condition?’’

‘’noo…for preserving my memories and not losing hope of finding me.. Shivaay I don’t remember anything…but I am sure one day I will remember everything … after listening to you and seeing all those memories I want to be back as your stupid for whom you can do anything and everything’’

He couldn’t control his tears this time and turned aside to wipe them

‘’it’s okay…you can let your tears fall infront of me’’

‘’No more talks and now take rest, you have shown so much action for today…keep the rest for next time because I am sure you cannot let me and yourself be normal’’

She nodded …Stay here and rest while I enquire about your food and medicines…He turned to go while Annika called him , he turned

‘’Shiv…I want to talk to Gauri once…can you call her from your mobile, I think my mobile is at our appartment’’

He nodded and dialled Om’s number instead of Gauri’s and kissing her forehead handed over the mobile to Annika and left from there.



Om’s mobile ringed and he saw the caller to be Shivaay

‘’Haan Shivaay, what’s up?’’

‘’Om’’ Annika’s voice sounded weak

‘’Annika..is that you?’’


‘’what happened ? why are you calling from Shivaay’s mobile? Is he alright? Is everything alright?’’ he asked concerned

‘’Om…relax…everyone and everything is alright…’’

‘’But why are you sounding so low’’

‘’woh actually I am in hospital and ..’’

‘’Whaat? Annika tell me everything , don’t put me in suspense and I am sure something isn’t right’’

Annika explained everything and Om sat with a thud in the sofa ….

‘’Annika…I ..i am ‘’

‘’om, please now you please don’t start apologising…actually I wanted to talk to my sister , My Gauri and tell her that I know the truth but now I have different plans’’

‘’I didn’t understand’’

‘’om if I can request you something?’’

‘’Annika, you can order  me anything’’

‘’Can you bring Gauri to Paris , I want to hug her once , I want to feel my sister in my embrace , I want to shower her my love….i know Om I don’t remember anything naturally but from the moment I was being said that Gauri is my own sister , my longing to meet her is only increasing…’’

‘’Anything for you Annika…we will come  there by tomorrow, I will get the VISA stamoped by hook or crook by tonight ‘’

‘’thank you Om and sorry’’

‘’Sorry, sorry for what?’’

‘’I know you both are there for very important work and I am disturbing or to say causing obstacles in the same’’

‘’have you gone mad Annika…do you think work is more important than yours and Gauri’s happiness, don’t you ever say this again….’’

‘’okk now don’t scold me, and one more thing’’

‘’yeah tell me Annika’’

‘’keep this as a surprise and don’t tell that I now know that Gauri is my sister and don’t even inform Shivaay that you are coming here…let your arrival be a surprise to him’’


‘’thank you Om’’

‘’Not again Annika and yeah please for God sake stay healthy else I know Shivaay would not be a human ‘’

She giggled and disconnected the call and removed the call history of her and Om and instead dialled Gauri’s number and disconnected it before ringing. Shivaay entered very then

‘’Done talking with Gauri.What did she say’’

‘’She didn’t pick up the call. So I thought I will talk to her later’’

‘’Let me try once again then, give the mobile, I will make her talk to you’’

‘’Shiv, I am feeling sleepy and I will talk to her later’’

Shivaay nodded but was confused , Annika giggled seeing his expression but controlled.

Next Morning arrived and so did Nikhil and his wife Catherine, along with Nikhil’s parents

‘’Mr.Oberoi’’ Nikhil knocked the door of Annika’s room where Shivaay was also sleeping at the bed next to her the whole night

‘’Dr.Nikhil ‘’ shivaay greeted him

‘’Meet my wife and my parents’’ he introduced them to Shivaay and then entered in

‘’Namasthe ‘’ Shivaay greeted and welcomed them in

‘’Howz Annika?’’ everyone asked at the same time

‘’She was sleeping peacefully the whole night and she is yet to wake up’’

‘’Shivaay, we all came here to release you for some time…you go and freshen up and come back, while we will be with her to take care’’ Nikhil’s mom spoke

‘’it’s okay aunty ji , I , I will manage’’

‘’’’nothing doing…go now…and we promise we will take very good care of her’’ Nikhil’s dad spoke

Shivaay smiled and thanked them and left from there to get freshened up in his apartment and also to get some clothes for Annika.

After sometime Annika woke up and found whole of Nikhil’s family in the room

‘’You all’’ she tried to sit

They first enquired about her health and then the mid wife came to clean her , so they left from the room, after getting freshened up, Dr.Nikhil and a  neurologist entered the room while everyone else waited outside

‘’Annika…how are you?’’

‘’am good, feeling much better’’

‘’good…so ready for next jolt ?’’ he spoke

‘’Jolt…I didn’t get you’’


Precap : Will Annika misunderstand Shivaay ? RuMya to Join OmRi in Paris !!!!


This is the Fifty Seventh episode…..please do let me know , how you felt after reading this…any opinions good or bad is welcome…i would reply as soon as possible……….do press the like button and post your opinion without fail…..Thank you so much !!!


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      Hey Jeevitha….thank you so much…thanks a lot…they will celebrate his birthday it’s is planned already…..lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care

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