Horrific Past To Surprising Future – Ishqbaaz FanFiction- Episode 5

Hi This is VHM aka Harika coming up with a new story / Fanfiction on Ishqbaaz. This will involve all the three couples . A subtle romance, thrill, accusations, support and family bonding. Get on a new ride with me and do support me.

Please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes…….Hope the readers would support me the same way as they have supported me till date……


Tuck tuck tuck tuck …tuck tuck tuck tuck…..a door knock was being heard continuously

‘’come in’’ shivaay ordered

‘’Oye Khadoos…you can’t order me, I know I can come without knocking..it’s just I am testing you, whether you have changed or not?’’ Anika smiled

‘’You…you…’’ Shivaay looked at Anika in disbelief

‘’why are you stammering? Didn’t you recognise me? I am your STUPID..i mean Anika Trivedi, the one and only friend of ..of….’’ Anika looked at him

‘’of ?’’ Shivaay looked eagerly

‘’of who else KHADOOS SINGH OBEROI’’ she giggled

‘’I am not gonna leave you today …why do you call me by those stupid names?’’ he tried to catch her’’

‘’catch me if you can then we will see who will leave whom?’’ Anika ran

‘’Stupid…stop..stop ..i am asking you to stop’’ Shivaay screamed

‘’no way’’ Anika teased

The chase continued….Both were tired…

‘’Hey Stupid …come here…come…’’ he opened his arms

Anika ran towards him and hugged him…he made her sit and looked at her with affection…

‘’what ? why are you staying at me?’’ Anika asked

‘’why did you leave me and disappear? You know I could never get close to anyone till now because after you left I got scared of moving close to any other person sans my family’’ Shivaay’s voice became heavy

Anika was laughing seeing him and Shivaay’s eyebrows frowned not understand why she was laughing when he was expressing himself, probably after long long years before someone



Tuck tuck tuck tuck …tuck tuck tuck tuck…..a door knock was being heard continuously

Shivaay’s trance broke and he came back to reality

Shivaay TAM ‘’All that was …all that was dream…what the wuck Shivaay? Why are you thinking about her? Her name is Anika that’s why? Come on there are lakhs of girls/women by the name Anika and it is not necessary that this Anika is your STUPID?’’

‘’may I come in Sir?’’ A voice made him come out of his thoughts

‘’yes’’ he replied

‘’Hello Mr.Shivaay I mean Sir’’ Anika smiled

‘’not again’’ Shivaay looked at her and murmured.

‘’Sir..Mr.Shivaay…’’ Anika called him

‘’no I am still hallucinating’’ Shivaay again thought to himself

‘’S………i……………r…………………..r……………….r……………’’ Anika raised her voice

‘’what…what..’’ he stood up

‘’Are you alright sir?’’  she questioned

‘’yes…yes…I am perfectly fine..’’ he replied as soberly as possible

‘’I don’t think so sir’’

‘’how does it matter? Are you here to testify that I am good or am I doing fine or I need a doctor or anything else?’’ He screamed at her

‘’i…I am sorry..i didn’t mean so’’ her voice came being saddened

‘’now ..tell me why did you come here leaving all your work?’’

‘’actually I wanted to give this file to you and…’’

Before she could complete

‘’what do you think is this company paying you so much of money…to bring the file to my cabin or to sit in your cabin and do your work’’ he yelled

‘’no Sir..i came to’’ again he intervened

‘’There are office boys to do this…you have few staff under you to do this work…or you can just fax me …but no…you just want to time pass…you want to look at the office …you come late to the meeting and in total you are just time waste….i wonder why are you even being appointed …I should not yell at you, I should yell at the senior management who appointed you’’ he spoke at the top of his voice without letting her speak

‘’Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi are you done?’’ she stood there and spoke as politely as possible

She forwarded a glass of water and asked him to drink and then asked him to listen for a moment

‘’First thing Mr. Shivaay Singh Oberoi….i came here because your brother Mr. Omkara Singh Oberoi has asked me to personally handover this file to you as he was going for a business meeting with Australian clients… secondly , I am appointed here because you approved it when the senior management has selected me , if you want I can show you my appointment letter with your signatures…finally , if you feel I am a time waste here then I will resign right away because I wouldn’t work for such a company where the employees are treated so badly’’ she spoke being vexed but never raised her voice

Shivaay looked at her stunned , while she left closing the door behind

Shivaay TAM ‘’shoot…what the hell did I do…I mean ..forget it, if not her then someone else…I don’t  care…no ..but she is the one who is going to handle the Australian clients along with me Om and Prinku and how to forget how good her points were during the meeting…but the way she gave me answers, no one dares to talk to me like that to Shivaay Singh Oberoi…I am gonna make her life hell during her stay in the office…just wait and watch Ms.Anika Tri naah Chaturvedi…whatever’’

Shivaay determined, while his Fax machine beeped…he turned towards it and picked the paper and was reading when Prinku came rushing towards his cabin

‘’Bhayya…Anika has sent her resignation’’ she spoke worried

‘’I am seeing it Prinku’’ he replied

‘’how can you be so calm…we have invested a lot over her and trust me the way she handled the meeting was impressive, we can’t at this stage afford to lose such a talent at this point….and now Om bhayya has gone to the Australian clients to present the meeting with the points she gave…no Shivaay bhayya, we have to stop her somehow…do something but stop her’’ Prinku spoke everything in one breath

‘’relax Prinku…come on drink some water’’ he forwarded the glass of water to Prinku

Prinku got irritated and spoke ‘’relax…how can you say relax at this point she is winding up her stuff there I have seen while rushing here’’

‘’She cannot leave this company …did you get it, she cannot leave for whatever reasons’’ he smirked

‘’What? But how?’’ prinku stood up in shock

‘’just wait and watch…’’ he walked towards Anika’s cabin followed by Prinku



‘’can I come in Ms.Anika?’’

Anika turned towards the voice

‘’you here? Now what else is left for you to say and for me to listen Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi’’ Anika spoke with a tint of anger

‘’Sir…call me SIR as I am your boss and you are my employee’’ Shivaay spoke with his swag while searching for some file on her desk

‘’I resigned a while ago so I am not bound to call you as SIR…Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi’’ she replied

‘’bhayya please…please come to the point ‘’ Prinku tried to calm the situation

‘’Nothing can be done now Ms.Priyanka , I have decided to move on’’ Anika replied

‘’you cannot Ms.Anika…you just cannot’’

‘’and can I know the reason why cannot I ?’’ Anika spoke bringing her hands against her chest

Shivaay picked up the agreement papers that he picked up from her desk.

‘’this Agreement states so…not me…I am sure you read and signed the contract before you joined here and I am sure you would have also read that if you sign the contract you are bound to work for this company for a period of one year or …’’ he smirked without completing the sentence

Prinku and Anika looked at him in shock

‘’why are you shocked? Am I right or am I rite Ms.Anika?’’ Shivaay taunted

‘’but I …i..’’ Anika gulped

‘’what I…i…come on complete it…either you work for one year or pay an amount of Rs.25 lakhs that’s your 12 months net salary…choice is yours’’ he turned to go

‘’fine..but remember I will not call you SIR…I will call you only Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi’’ she spoke

‘’you will call me SIR and this is my order being your boss’’ he replied and started taking steps

‘’you are not the only boss there are 2 more bosses here so in next meeting let the majority decide’’ she raised her tone not being rude but for being audible

‘’we will see’’ he replied

‘’one day you will accept whatever I say’’ she replied

He stood still for a moment and looked at her and then smiled remembering something and left while she just looked towards him…..

‘’Anika…why did you take such a decision of resigning?’’ Prinku tried to know

‘’Ask your brother Priyanka….what he did…any person with self-respect would not wish to stand him ‘’

‘’I am sorry Anika on his behalf…I know he becomes rude at times , but trust me he is very very nice person and with golden heart..i am not saying because he is my brother , I am saying because we know how and who he is’’

‘’it’s  okay Priyanka…you need not to say sorry…if he is rude I am also not less….i will work for this company and I will also tackle him in my own way..but listen I am not going to call him SIR and for this you and Om must support me…it’s my only request’’

‘’done…I am with you and I ensure Om bhayya will also support you as he doesn’t deny me’’ Prinku smiled and then helped Anika in setting back her things

‘’All the best Anika and may your journey with this company be joyful’’ Prinku wished Anika and left from there to her cabin

Anika TAM ‘’How khadoos he is …KHADOOS SINGH OBEROI…’’Khadoos…khadoos’’ this word gives me an altogether different feeling as if I used to call this to someone who is really close to me…but who and why am I getting struck with these thoughts’’


Shivaay TAM ‘’She is really stupid..i mean, not stupid but stubborn… I mean intelligent too..okay enough now …’’

His thoughts broke when the phone ringed, he picked up and stood shocked.


Precap : Shivaay decides to terminate Anika from Oberoi Industries

This is the Fifth episode…..please do let me know , how you felt after reading this…any opinions good or bad is welcome…i would reply as soon as possible……….do press the like button and post your opinion without fail…..Thank you so much !!!!

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  1. ItsmePrabha

    Hello Akka..tadi filled episode…tadibaaz bhagad billa tana attitude chupinchesadu…kaani mana anudi em matram takkuva kaadu…first lo billu dream sequence is so cute…billu thana stupid ni chala miss avuthunnadu.. awwww..and finally anudi billu ni khadoos anindhi..kaani direct ga face to face khadoos ante billu ela react avuthado choodalani vundi..Precap is as usual rising my curiousness..so next epi thwara thwaraga post chesai..will be waiting for it..till then take care…and bye for now👋👋👋..and haa keep smiling😃😃😃…..love you loads❤❤❤…
    P.S. Even if i miss posting my comment in Watty..i would try not to miss commenting in TU..this portal is my fav. place..

    1. VHM

      Hi Prabha…thank you so much chelli…thanks a lot…iddaru iddare kada anduke ala rayalsi vacchindi….next episode in couple of minutes….lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care

  2. Hi friend how is your day n em cheyesthunavu ..first interaction between is so much equivalent to khadoos n stupids behaviour when they are in childhood .it reflects sufficient tadi revelant catrat fight too.but in this case I’m voting to both shivika as shivaay state is correct that he faced lack of friendship in small age n so many difficult situations in family the relationships between elders made him stone Singh Oberoi. it’s really treat to watch how he will become sweet Singh Oberoi by his stupid .n Anika too don’t know reality but he thinks about them as known.khadoos Singh Oberoi very same n usual name kept.what a coincidence.everything set into straight but doesn’t get why she doesn’t not call him as sso.interested to know what’s store in them n how they tease n tolerate each other.absoultely amazing n excellent effective ly narrating by you.ican feel whole by reading through.keep it up .it’s like delicious meal that I’m completely feeling in cent percent.next how khadoos will face against his stupid by omru prinku by her side.how the thakkar ki khiladi journey goes forward.again precap it’s always surprised to get again again n again how shivaay terminates his stupid before knows her identity.

    1. VHM

      Hey Raji…Thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…yeah i want to bring the flashes of their childhood every now and then, because since a long time i have been trying to write such story and now i am fulfilling that wish of mine….you are really sweet dear and i adore and respect you a lot…next episode in a couple of minutes from now…lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care

  3. Hey u tadibazz ladka. U scolded my di unnecessary.
    What a fab chappy akka.
    Loved it.
    Btw SSO believes in NKK here.
    And I Loved the way u r giving equal space to Prinku.
    Phone call shock…..u stopped at mid.
    Precap- WHY??
    I have a question is Gauri working here??
    Lots of love to u and ur princess.
    What is her name?

    1. VHM

      Hey Ritu….thank you so much dear….thanks a lot…no SSO has no NKK problem ..but he has tadi and rudeness problem lol….my daughters name is Akshara….all your questions will be answered in upcoming episodes…next episode in couple of minutes from now…lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care

  4. Katz

    Hi…. One more khidkitod episode. Absolutely loved it to the core. They were takkar ki Jodi. They are and they will. More than your episode, I get more curious when I read the precap. Can’t wait for tomorrow. All the best friend and take care of yourself…🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗. Bye.

    1. VHM

      Hey Katz…how are you…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…yeah they are and will always be takkar ki jodi…ha ha ha…what to do if i don’t give such precaps, none will read my further episodes…next episode in couple of minutes from now…lots of love and best wishes to you and your two little munchkins…keep smiling and take care

  5. JeevithaTK

    Hi harika akka. The episode was super. Happy to c thadibaaz nd kidkhithod shivay nd anika. Good to c bold prinku who have equal rights. Can’t wait to know abt the Precap. Plz post it asap akka. C u soon. Lots of love to u nd cutie pie Akki. Tc

    1. VHM

      Hey Jeevitha….thank you so much dear…thanks a lot….yeah i wanted Prinku to be equal to three brothers…she will be confident through out the ff….next episode in couple of minutes…lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care

  6. Hiii…. Harika Di !! Loved the episode…. Shivaay’s imagination was cute … They were talking like they were used to talk in childhood….. though in imagination ,shivaay spoke his inner feeling.. he never attached himself to anyone else than family .. Shivaay lashed out at anika and anika gave back to him in calm and polite manner was awesome… And shivaay declining anika’s resignation letter they both are Takkar ke tadibaaz 😎….Anika is not going to call him Sir 😉.. precap is making me curious… please do update sooooon…
    Take care

    1. VHM

      Hey Avika….thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…they are and will always be takkar ki jodi….next episode in couple of minutes….lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care

  7. Nikita_jai29

    It is amazing update dii

    1. VHM

      Hey Niki…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…next episode in couple of minutes…lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care

  8. Niriha

    Awesome update di…loved it waiting for next part

    1. VHM

      Hey Harini…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…next episode in a couple of minutes…lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care

  9. Nithu

    akkaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa enta bagundoooo telsa…..ur the best….i am sorry i could not comment in previous episodes…enduku ante college lo chala panulu unde…anduke….cholly…nka next update kosam chala eager ga wait chestunna….LOVE YOU LOADZZ…..!!!!!

    1. VHM

      Hey Nithu…so good to see you back…elaunnavu? thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…no problem talli, take your time to read and post your opinion…nuvvu vacchavu manam matladukune section ki naaku ade chalu…next episode in couple of minutes …lots of love and best wishes to you….keep smiling and take care

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