Horrific Past To Surprising Future – Ishqbaaz FanFiction- Episode 49

Hi This is VHM aka Harika coming up with a new story / Fanfiction on Ishqbaaz. This will involve all the three couples . A subtle romance, thrill, accusations, support and family bonding. Get on a new ride with me and do support me.

Please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes…….Hope the readers would support me the same way as they have supported me till date…


Author’s Note : For few episodes starting this , we will have the major concentration on Shivika rather than the other two couple. I need to do this so that, I can logically tackle the already created mysteries. Hope you all would understand.


Dr . Nikhil’s cabin

‘’Hello Dr.Nikhil’’ shivaay forwarded his hand towards the doctor.

Nikhil was way too lost in Anika and didn’t look at Shivaay .

‘’Dr.Nikhil’’ this time Shivaay snapped

‘’ohh yaa ..umm..sorry…Hello Mr….Mr.’’

‘’Shivaay Singh Oberoi’’



‘’And she is ?’’

‘’I am Anika…Anika harshavardhan Trivedi…from India, Sangli , Maharastra’’ she had a wide smile

‘’you should have said your door number and pin code too’’ Shivaay whispered being irritated

‘’Annika….Annika…’’ Nikhil was repeating her name and looking at her smiling equally wide

‘’Yes Nikhil aka  NIKKU’’ Annika said

‘’Gosh…it is the same you …I was right with my instincts then…can’t believe you met me after so long time…’’ Nikhil exclaimed

Shivaay gave a ‘’what the wuck ‘’ look

‘’same here…I never expected you to be such a famous doctor that too in France…wow yaar…’’

‘’Jhalli…yes Jhalli, I used to call you so right…ohh My God…like really, I too never expected you to meet me here in Paris’’

‘’Hmm…what to do..it is such a  destiny that I had to meet you again for something very important…’’

‘’Thank God these both are not extending Nikkuuuuu and Jhalliiiiiiiii aalaap’’ Shivaay thought

‘’Yeah, I just went through your whole case sheet Jhalli’’

‘’Annika, her name is Annika doctor Nikhil’’ Shivaay intervened

‘’ohh yaa, sorry, Annika…you know I have hardly called by her name when I was in her school, so kind of habituated’’

‘’My case sheet , I mean why did you go through my case sheet, I have come here for Sahil’s case’’ Anika spoke confused

Shivaay was alarmed and looked at Nikhil, Nikhil even glared back at Shivaay

‘’I mean, Sahil’s case…but for that I need to study your mental health too, that’s why I went through your case sheet ’’ Nikhil covered up and Shivaay took a deep breath

‘’Ohh ok’’ Anika replied

‘’Anika, there are some further tests that I need to perform on you, after which I can proceed with the treatment’’

Anika looked confused

‘’Relax Anika…these are normal and nothing to worry’’ Nikhil assured

‘’No I am not scared, I am confused…wait tell me onething, you sure you are THE PSYCHIARTRIST whom I came from’’

Shivaay giggled listening to her

‘’ohh come on Annika, you are at right place and I am definitely the one you are looking for’’

‘’no, I mean who does tests on the patients sister while treating? That’s why this question’’

‘’you have not changed a bit, you and your logics Jhalli’’ he looked at Shivaay and then said ‘’I mean Annika…there are certain things I need to confirm being your mentor for upcoming days, so leave these logics to me. Okay’’

‘’okk fine..i am blindly trusting you, if there’s anything that you are hiding then tell me within time else you know it will be very difficult for me to get back to normal and I might even never come back’’ Anika warned

These words took Shivaay to his childhood


‘’Stupid, Stupid…wait…’’

‘’Khadoos , don’t even try to talk to me…’’

‘’but why? I mean what did I do?’’

‘’you donno what you did? Like really…then forget it . there is no point in saying it’’

‘’Stupid please…don’t draw puzzles and come straight to the point’’

‘’What were you supposed to do yesterday?’’

Khadoos looked on

‘’woh..i did…I did what you asked me to…’’

‘’Come on Khadoos, don’t speak lies atleast now. I know you didn’t do what I asked you to’’

‘’Stupid, listen na…what was the need to send ..’’

Before Khadoos could even complete his sentence stupid spoke

‘’Listen Khadoos….i am not really interested in talking to you anymore…you know I hate lies, you could have right away denied me, but you agreed and then didn’t do’’

‘’Like really for this simple reason you don’t want to talk to me’’

‘’yes, and for your Kind information this is not a simple reason, you lied to your best friend…and that too for a simple thing’’

‘’Ohh Please stupid, don’t overthink…you know I hate that Ritwick to the core and yet you asked me to handover the box to him…I didn’t feel like doing so and I  can’t deny you, so I kept it with me’’

‘’I believed you Khadoos that , you might hate Ritwick but you will do what I asked for without keeping your personal hatred for him forth… but you let me down. ‘’

‘’Stupid…this is very silly and you are speaking some really big words’’

‘’Shut up Khadoos…that box was the gift for Ritwick’s sister, today is her birthday and he wanted to gift her, I helped him in making the gift and placed it within the box. He had no place to hide it avoiding his sister glares, so he asked me to get it yesterday to school so that , after school hours  he would take it with him to his home and gift her just when it clicks 12 AM . But you made chop of his plans and he was sad…and you say it is simple and silly…come on Khadoos , you ruined a little girls birthday joy and you made me look as a big time fool infront of Ritwick.’’

‘’Stupid, I …I’’

‘’what you khadoos…I am not sad because I became a fool, I am sad because you lied to me, which I never expected from you…what was the need Khadoos…when I asked you yesterday did you handover… every time I asked you replied yes and today I get to know he didn’t receive and even few moments before you lied…I am very angry on you khadoos…very angry and right now handover me the box and leave me alone. Our friendship is officially over today’’

Stupid took the box and left from there in anger and Khadoos sat with a thud on his bed. Tears rolled from his eyes and he felt worst.

For few days Annika didn’t talk to him and ignored him as much as possible…Shivaay tried but it was futile…Shivaay slowly started feeling empty without his friend, he used to stay lonely, Annika too felt bad but she didn’t want to give up as she was also hurt….that’s when Dadi identified that there was something wrong that went between those two.

‘’Billu’’ Dadi called one fine day

‘’Ji Dadi’’

‘’What’s happening or rather what happened between you and Annika?’’


‘’Billu, do you know who I am to you?’’

He looked at Dadi

‘’I am your dadi and my hairs haven’t truned white simply, I have bought up my kids and am bringing up my grand children too, so don’t try to lie…I can clearly see , something is wrong between you two’’

‘’Dadi woh’’ Shivaay cried hugging Dadi and told whatever happened

‘’Billu…Annika is right, you shouldn’t have lied instead you could have denied but still I know Annika too, she is also not as cheerful as she used to be…so make the things right by doing right…she is hurt because you lied to her and hurt her friend as well as his sister, so apologise to him and his sister and apologise to Annika too…I hope she will be back to her usual’’

Shivaay hugged Dadi and went from there in hurry…

He reached Ritwicks house with lots of gifts and met him in his house….he apologised Ritwick and his sister and gifted his sister with lots of gifts as her birthday present though belated….her sister hugged Shivaay with affection and thanked him….Ritwick and Shivaay erased the hatred between them….

Nexy day when they went to school Annika was shocked to see Shivaay and Ritwick talking and cracking jokes….she waited to talk to Shivaay but bell rang and everyone dispersed to their classes…that evening when she returned home, she marched into Shivaay’s room.

‘’Annika…you here’’

‘’ohh so you remember my actual name …wowww….’’

‘’I mean Stupid you here……’’

‘’no need call me Annika….it is much better afterall we aren’t friends now’’

‘’fine , then why did you come here when you are not friends to me’’

‘’I will ..my wish…do you have any problem Mr.Khadoos Singh Oberoi’’

A smile adorned his lips

‘’Don’t smile, I am still angry’’

‘’ok , but how much angry’’

She opened her arms wide and slowly made them shorter and shorter till she reached her little finger of her right hand and then showed ‘’this much’’

‘’hahhhhh…thank God your anger reduced, I was like going mad ‘’

‘’you should me Khadoos after what you did, but then what you did yesterday made me feel better’’

‘’I am sorry Stupid. I shouldn’t have lied to you’’ he said holding his ears making a puppy face

‘’now don’t act innocent and let me be angry’’

‘’really’’ he went closer to her


He planted a kiss on her cheeks and said ‘’ab gussa chod do stupid, bahut ho gaya (Now leave the anger stupid it’s been much)

‘’Okay…but …but…you should not even try to lie to me anytime further’’

‘’I wouldn’t I have learnt my lesson’’



She smiled and hugged him ‘’I missed you khadoos…you know right I can’t stay away from you for a longer time and this time you made me do it…khadoos khadoos khadoos’’

‘’I too missed you stupid. Don’t evern try to think of staying so angry with me further, I will , I will’’

‘’you will or can do nothing as I am Khidkitodh’’

‘’yeah true , you are Khidkitodh Stupid’’


‘’Mr Oberoi’’ Nikhil snapped and brought Shivaay out of his thoughts.

‘’yeah…sorry…you were saying something’’

‘’Are you alright?’’

‘’yes …I am perfect’’

‘’Ok Mr.Oberoi…I need to send Annika for some tests ‘’ he said and signalled him to look at his mobile

Shivaay looked at his mobile when a message appeared and it read as

‘’I need to talk to you Mr.Oberoi. Please do wait for me . It’s important’’

Shivaay nodded and all three went out…

Nikhil spoke to some junior doctors and sent Annika with them. Shivaay gave an assuring look towards her. Annika smiled and left.

The moment Annika left Shivaay turned towards Nikhil

‘’yes Dr.Nikhil , you wanted to talk to me in person’’

‘’yes Mr.Oberoi…’’

‘’please go ahead Dr’’

‘’Mr.Oberoi, you and I Both know Annika’s memory issue and now to get her back to normal the psyciotherapy alone will not work, you need to remind her the things which she forgot  and for this I think first we should reveal her , her condition’’

‘’but Doctor’’

‘’I know you are apprehensive and scared to as how she will react. But Mr.Shivaay, sooner or later she will realise and may react unusually too….also as per laws here, we cannot hide anything with the patient regarding his/her health . if I have to continue with the treatment ,then either of us have to reveal the truth. ‘’

‘’I understand but the thing is once I tried and she fell unconscious and later came forth this truth of her memory issue’’

‘’Relax Mr.Oberoi….if you are apprehensive , let me tell her and if anything happens I and my team will handle’’

‘’no…first let me try, because I don’t want to create any trust issues between her and me, as you know I am the one who has to remind her of her lost memory and if she doesn’t trust then everything will go in vain’’

‘’Right…but Mr.Oberoi do it as fast as you can…as I don’t want to delay her treatment further as I have other cases coming up ‘’


‘’Well Mr.Oberoi we have a week before her test results arrive. So you also have a week to reveal truth of her mental health condition ‘’

‘’got it…Thank you Doctor’’ he shook hands

‘’my pleasure Mr.Oberoi…’’ he shook hands in return and then ‘’Now if you can excuse me Mr.Oberoi…I have my next patient to attend’’

‘’Sure…when should I meet you’’

‘’after a week, I will give you a call though’’

‘’yeah sure thanks’’

Saying that Nikhil left and Shivaay waited for Annika to arrive. An hour later Annika arrived , shivaay greeted her and was about to take her back to apartment when Shivaay’s phone buzzed and he excused himself and went to attend the call.

Annika was looking here and there and was walking to have a look of hospital. She bumped into Nikhil, who came to take his coffee

‘’Hey Annika..i mean Jhalli’’ he looked here and there to ensure Shivaay wasn’t around

She laughed and said ‘’you are really scared of Shivaay isn’t it Nikkuu’’

‘’of course he saw me when I called you jhalli and looked as if he will eat me raw’’

‘’Come on Nikkuu , he is good not as bad as you think’’

‘’it’s surprise that you are actually praising a man…wow…this is something really strange and for that I need to make few more tests on your brain to look if everything is perfect or not’’

‘’Ohh stop it Nikkuu…I am still surprise that you are so famous’’

‘’I am sure you didn’t expect this of me’’


‘’Jhalli…why don’t you come home , you can meet and my family too….by the way where are you staying?’’

Annika gave the address…

‘’perfect it’s around 40 min drive from your apartment, so we will do onething. Tomorrow I am free from afternoon, I will come and pick you both from your apartment and drive you to my home. ‘’

‘’Sounds a plan. I will come for sure’’

‘’Fine just let Mr.Oberoi know and bring him too’’


‘’Fine then gotta go back..see you tomorrow then ‘’  Nilkhil gave a friendly hug and left from there

Shivaay who was searching for Annika came just at the same point and he burned from inside when he heard last sentence and saw Nikhil hugging Annika.


Precap : Indifferences and confessions …to know more stay tuned !!!!

This is the Forty Ninth episode…..please do let me know , how you felt after reading this…any opinions good or bad is welcome…i would reply as soon as possible……….do press the like button and post your opinion without fail…..Thank you so much !!!!

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