Horrific Past To Surprising Future – Ishqbaaz FanFiction- Episode 48

Hi This is VHM aka Harika coming up with a new story / Fanfiction on Ishqbaaz. This will involve all the three couples . A subtle romance, thrill, accusations, support and family bonding. Get on a new ride with me and do support me.

Please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes…….Hope the readers would support me the same way as they have supported me till date…

‘’Anika…Anika…’’ Shivaay knocked Anika’s cabin door

‘’Shivaay, please leave me alone. I am not in a mood to fight or argue with you. Leave me alone ‘’

‘’I will , but it’s time for your medicines…take them and I promise till we land I won’t disturb you’’

‘’medicines ewwww….i am definitely not going to open the door’’

‘’Anika , I am asking you very calmly, open the door take the medicines and then I will leave’’


‘’Fine then, I will not show your beautiful fantastic pics to you, neither will you be able to eat Jalebi…’’


‘’yes Jalebi’’

‘’and what are those pics that you are talking about?’’

‘’the ones which were taken while you were enjoying in economy class, all those I will right away delete everything’’


‘’on count of 3 if you don’t open I am going to do it and you know me if I decide something I will do it definitely’’

‘’huhh…why do you always blackmail’’


‘’this is wrong’’


‘’Uff…. Khadoos Singh Oberoi..you are’’

A smiled appeared on Shivaay’s face hearing that name


‘’Opened the door…see…now stop counting’’ Anika said opening the door

‘’good girl…now take these medicines first’’ Shivaay got into her cabin and forwarded the medicines

‘’no until you show me the pics and also get me Jalebi’’

‘’no…first you have to have them’’

‘’what if you cheat me?’’

‘’Do you think I will cheat you ever?’’ he said cupping her face with his hands

‘’i…i…’’ she couldn’t say anything more

‘’now have these Stupid’’

‘’aahhhhhhh…I am not Stupid…understand…I am Annika…A.N.N.I.K.A’’

‘’Ok fine Annika…have the medicines’’

She took medicines and forwarded her hands


‘’Jalebi and pics?’’

‘’God…who can handle you ?’’

‘’the one made for me’’ she winked , he smiled

He gave her the camera and said ‘’you see the pics while I get you jalebi’s’’

‘’come soon my tummy is waiting’’

Shivaay smiled and left from there

———————–London Flight

Gauri and Om opened the blue prints and were studying them. They got tired and Gauri slowly slipped into sleep. Om saw her and was about to hold her when she slided on his chest and was deep asleep.

Om laid back holding her and didn’t move .

After 2 hrs Gauri opened her eyes and her eyes widened in shock seeing the position in which she slept. She also saw Om sleeping. She tried to get up, but Om’s hold was very tight. A smile appeared on his face.

Gauri TAM ‘’you are right Om, if we keep continuing like this the LIKE will soon turn into LOVE. I will not regret even if goes so. But before anything of that sort happens , I want my dii to get fine. I am happy with the way we are now. You are a very nice person, you have lots of patience, you are kind, honest and genuine. But do I deserve you, am I worth of you. Om, as much as I like you, I want you to know me completely, because once we are together I don’t anything to drift us apart.’’

While Gauri was in thoughts Om too woke up

‘’I …I am sorry Gauri…I didn’t want to wake you up , so held you and then I don’t know when I too fell asleep’’

‘’it’s okay Om…I will just get freshened up…we are about to land in less than an hour , so I think we should do a quick pack up too’’

‘’yeah sure’’

——————-Oberoi Industries

‘’Mishra…Mishra’’ Rudra called soon after entering into the office

‘’sir..Gud morning’’

‘’Greet me later…but I hope by now Shivaay bhayya has spoken to you about my responsibilities and your duties.’’

‘’Yes sir..’’

‘’She is Ms.Saumya Tendulkar…and she will also…’’

‘’Shivaay sir informed sir..Mam, Sir…please come along with me, I will show your new cabin’’

Mishra led both of them to their new cabin..once they entered

‘’This looks nice..perfect for me, everything is of my taste…Shivaay bhayya sure knows about me…but why two chairs there, I mean I am to sit alone in that chair right?’’

‘’Sir…this cabin is for both of you’’

‘’Whaat?’’ RuMya said together

‘’this can’t happen, I am not going to sit along with him..no way’’ Saumya said

‘’exactly…I can’t bear her ‘’ Rudra said

‘’Sir…Mam…please try to understand, you have to work together till Shivaay, sir, Om sir and Priyanka mam are back and thinking of this Shivaay sir gave me this order. Please ‘’

‘’okk fine…’’ Rudra said’

‘’no..not fine ‘’ Saumya said

‘’But Mam’’ Mishra said

‘’Mishra ji…do onething separate the tables and arrange them opposite to each other, so that we don’t sit together’’

‘’even I am also not dying to sit beside you Ms.Saumya Tendulkar…’’ Rudra turned towards Mishra and said ‘’Arrange the tables in a way that we can’t see each other even being in same cabin and that too fast…meanwhile I will go to Shivaay bhayya’s room and get some files, which he asked to access’’

‘’yes sir’’ Mishra said and turned towards saumya ‘’Mam, till we arrange , can you please wait in Anika mam’s cabin’’

‘’yeah, just inform me once done’’

‘’Sure mam’’

————————-Paris Flight

Anika was enjoying the jalebi’s while seeing her pics in camera , Shivaay was observing her every nuance and was smiling

‘’Ladies & Gentleman…we are about to reach Charles De Gaulle’s airport in half an hour . we request all the guests to get back to their seats, make the seat belt straight, stow the table and put their seat belt. In another 15 min the Washroom cannot be utilised.’’

Listening to the announcement , Shivaay got back to his seat, while Anika quickly packed up her things to get ready to land.

Shivaay TAM ‘’I just hope when we return, I get my stupid back and have a wonderful flight together’’

Anika TAM ‘’I just hope all the sessions go properly and I can come back here again only to take Sahil as normal kid’’

The flight landed and Anika and Shivaay left towards their Apartment after immigration, in which they would stay till their works get completed.

Anika and Shivaay entered the apartment…it was huge…2 bedrooms with attached washrooms, a living room, a fully equipped kitchen and a balcony with huge sit out . The Eiffel tower was clearly visible from their apartment and Seine river was walkable. A huge park with lots of well maintained grass and kids play area was at the other end.

As soon as Annika saw the apartment and the nearby areas, she was elated

‘’Shivaay..you know I am feeling like I came to a dreamland…this is surreal for me…and this apartment is just beyond awesome….i wish one day I will own such thing out of my hardwork..it’s just amazing’’

‘’you like it…that’s enough for me’’

‘’Like it…naah…I love it’’

She went to a room and jumped on the bed …a queen size bed….the quilt , the matresses and the pillows were feather soft, plumpy and exotic…

Shivaay looked at her and smiled and went to his room to get freshened up. Anika too went to get freshened up

‘’Anika get ready soon, we have an appointment with Dr.Nikhil in half an hour and the car will be arriving in 5 minutes from now’’ Shivaay shouted loud after coming out of his room

‘’okay…okay..i am coming’’ Anika replied

‘Wearing a dark blue jeans and a white crop top , with semi curled open hairs, Annika was looking dreamy…

‘’Beautiful’’ Shivaay just let out the words of his mouth

‘’Did you say something Shivaay?’’

‘’nothing…just wear jacket , it might be a little cold outside’’ he said forwarding her a jacket

‘’yeah…shall we leave..i have to meet Nikhil and talk to him a lot…’’

‘’talk to him a lot? What do you mean?’’

‘’you will not understand Shivaay’’ she said getting into the car

‘’if you explain I can understand…’’

‘’ohho…this Dr.Nikhil na, it seems I know him , so I am excited to meet him after many long years’’

‘’you know him? like really?’’

‘’yes Shivaay… he was my classmate, he used to call me JHALLI and I used to call me NIKKU..cute na’’

‘’Nikku …cute..my foot’’ he whispered

‘’Did you say something?’’

‘’No..you continue’’

‘’haa , where was I ? yeah I used to call him NIKKU…we were very good friends..not Best friends but very good friends’’

‘’I would have killed you, if you said you were best friends with him’’ shivaay again whispered

‘’You know what one day, he came to me with a box of chocolates and a card and I was just staring at him and then at the things he was holding…he forwarded me and I took them..and then’’

‘’And then what?’’

‘’Shivaay , we reached the hospital…come these talks we can do later’’

‘’Anika..Anika…listen, complete na..until we meet him’’

‘’no Shivaay, he might be waiting for us, I mean here everything is so punctual , so ‘’

‘’okk fine…come this way’’ Shivaay said being disturbed

Shivaay and Anika sat at the waiting room , just infront of Dr. Nikhil’s room….soon the door opened and few patients left. The door got closed and Annika was move just to have a glance of doctor

‘’He will call us Annika. No need to be so excited’’

‘’Shivaay, you wont understand, I mean I will be meeting Nikku after many long years. So this excitement will be there’’

Shivaay TAM ‘’who can understand the feeling better than me. I waited for you for many more years than you waited for that idiot Nikku or whatever’’

‘’Ms.Annika’’ a voice was heard , a man 5’11 height, in his white coat and black trousers, with sleek spectacles, young, handsome was seen

Shivaay stood up and Annika had a smile plastered on her face….

Dr.Nikhil saw Annika and immediately a smile came on his face too…Annika walked towards him in excitement while Shivaay just looked at both of them in shock.



Gauri and Om landed in London and straight away drove to their bungalow . Jhanvi who knew about their arrival was eagerly waiting for them at the door. As soon as OmRi reached , Jhanvi ran towards them and Hugged Om soon after he got down.

Gauri just looked on

‘’Om, I am so happy to see you. Om your papa, he has been with the police since 2 days and we are unable to do anything.’’

‘’Mom, mom relax…I will handle everything…let’s go in first’’ he turned towards Gauri and said ‘’Gauri…my Mom, Mrs Jhanvi Tej Singh Oberoi’’

‘’Namasthe Aunty Ji’’ Gauri greeted her


‘’I ..I am so sorry beta…I didn’t wish you…please come in…this way’’ Jhanvi held Gauri’s hand and let Om and Gauri inside the house

‘’Finally , someone has come to help Jheth ji’’ Pinky taunted seeing Om

‘’Chotii maa…how are you?’’ Om bent to take blessings of Pinky

‘’I am fine’s .. I can see you are fine’s so I will not asks how are you’s? but..who is she’s?’’

‘’Chotii maa , she is Gauri..my friend and also an architect, who works for our company in India..i brought her to bail out ourselves from the siatuation’’

‘’Gauri…Ohh My Mata…is she the same Gauri’s about who’s Mummy Ji’s was sayings?’’

‘’chotii maa I don’t know what dadi said you , but she is the one who saved me from Riddhima’s bullet and also you know she is the second daughter of Harshvardhan Trivedi ji.’’

‘’Whaat? She is daughter of that Servants Harshavaradhan and Meghana? ‘’

Gauri looked at her in anger and disappointment, Om felt embarrassed

‘’Chotii maa, we are tired and have lots of works to do, so please excuse us.’’ He turned towards Gauri and said ‘’Come Gauri, I will show you your room’’

Gauri just nodded and went behind Om

‘’What a day I am seeing ..a servants daughter will be staying equally along with us and all this because of jheth ji’’ she taunted Jhanvi

‘’ohh Please Pinky. Harsh and Meghana were not servants for God sake. They were family. When will you understand and whatever happened with them should have never happened. Instead of being happy that their kids are taking their legacy forward you have already started insulting them. You are so disgusting ‘’ Jhanvi replied

‘’I am not digusting’s , jheth ji is disgisting’s …I even wonder if he will be free of charges or not. So stop taunting me and concentrate on the issues now’’ Pinky left from there in anger

—————Oberoi Industries

The cabin was arranged as per Rudra and Sumo’s decision and they both started working as directed by Shivaay.

Rudra went to meeting room to discuss about the ongoing Australian project and Saumya followed

The meeting started and Rudra and Sumo had difference of opinions. The members present there were stunned to see them arguing and Mishra had to step in to disperse all the members .

RuMya returned to their cabin and closing the door behind

‘’What did you do in the meeting Saumya? How can you just argue with me?’’

‘’I did right Rudra..because I know you were wrong’’

‘’how can you say I was wrong? You are here to help me, not to go against me’’

‘’Really, then you were also supposed to take my opinion before passing statements or forcing decisions. You forgot I also have equal responsibility’’

‘’don’t try to act as the owner of this company. Be in your limits Ms.Saumya Tendulkar and remember I am an Oberoi and my decision is final , you are a mere emplpoyee who duty is to just assist me. Keep this in mind before you speak anything further’’ Rudra spoke in anger

The words pricked sumo and tears rolled her eyes.

‘’i…I am sorry Mr.Oberoi…you were right..i , I am just an employee, nothing else’’ she spoke amid tears

Rudra looked on and was aghast seeing her in tears

‘’Saumya..i ..i didn’t mean that..Saumya listen’’

But it was too late Saumya left the cabin and went away Rudra kicked the chair in disappointment.


Precap : Their lives to take turns from now on and the past to slowly come forth….To know more stay tuned !!!!


This is the Forty Eighth episode…..please do let me know , how you felt after reading this…any opinions good or bad is welcome…i would reply as soon as possible……….do press the like button and post your opinion without fail…..Thank you so much !!!!

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