Horrific Past To Surprising Future – Ishqbaaz FanFiction- Episode 44

Hi This is VHM aka Harika coming up with a new story / Fanfiction on Ishqbaaz. This will involve all the three couples . A subtle romance, thrill, accusations, support and family bonding. Get on a new ride with me and do support me.

Please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes…….Hope the readers would support me the same way as they have supported me till date…

The day passed by and next day morning Shivaay went to Anika’s room with her food and medicines

‘’Shivaay…why do you have to do all these? Why can’t you send some of your staff? I feel very awkward when you do this. I wanted to say this long back but never got an opportunity’’

‘’are you done? Now shut your mouth and eat this breakfast’’

Anika didn’t eat…and looked at him

‘’whaat? Why aren’t you eating?’’

She still didn’t speak

‘’now …will you say something?’’

‘’how will I eat when you asked me to shut my mouth’’ she rolled her eyes

‘’God…you are really’’

‘’khidkitodh..ain’t I?’’ she winked

He nodded in negation giving up and forwarded the plate with boiled vegetables and some plain bread toast…she looked at plate and then at Shivaay, again she looked at plate and then at shivaay and she continued doing this for few more times when Shivaay cupped her face and spoke

‘’what’s the problem? Why are you looking at plate and then at me and then repeating the same?’’

‘’kis janam ka badla le rahe ho aap mujhse? ‘’ (what sort of old revenge are you taking out of me?’’


‘’How I used to eat deep fried poori with Aloo, how I am now eating boiled tasteless, hald died vegetables. Leave alone me, this sort of food I would not even serve my enemy. Shivaay please na, let me eat Aloo poori , please, please, please, please, please’’

‘’Are you going to eat or shall I forcible feed you?’’

‘’Huhh…khadoos singh oberoi’’ she poued and made faces while eating, while Shivaay turned his face other side and smiled

————-Gauri’s Room

‘’Gauri…how are you now?’’

‘’I am good Om. This early? Anything important?’’

‘’yes …I spoke to Shivaay and he said he got a doctor who treats Anterograde Amnesia patients. But ‘’


‘’But the doctor practices in Paris and he didn’t agree to come to India for treatement…so’’


‘’so Anika must be taken to Paris for treatment and ‘’


‘’And now the problem is to convince her…we can’t reveal that she is taken for treatment and we don’t have any businesses there to give an excuse of business trip…most importantly we don’t know how much time will it take for her treatment to complete’’

‘’I will find out some way Om..’’

‘’perfect Gauri…even we will think of some way’’

‘’thank you Om…thank you so much’’

‘’and may I know why is my darl..i mean why is my Gauri thanking me so much’’

‘’Om…you all are doing so much for us and we are just taking your help , I feel very small and embarrassed some times to trouble you…don’t know what good I did that I found such amazing persons and bonded with them’’

‘’now you are making me stranger Gauri…you are very special to me…’’

Gauri looked on

‘’I mean you all are very special to me. You have saved me Gauri, and whatever we are doing is nothing big. And dare you thank me again for these things..i will definitely not talk with you anymore’’

‘’ok fine..don’t blackmail me…I wouldn’t happy?’’

‘’very much’’

Om hugged Gauri…and Gauri smiled

————————Rudra’s Room

‘’Sumo…wakee up, I am trying to wake you up from a long time and you are sleeping like a log’’

‘’Ohho Rudra, let me sleep’’

‘’Oyee…Sumo…utho (get up) else I will call Aunty ji and tell you what you did last night with me?’’

Sumo sat up on bed and looked at him ‘’what did I do last night? What will you tell maa?’’

‘’you don’t remember what you did last night? Hawww…haawwww’’

‘’no don’t say that Hawww, hawww in Anika didi’s style….be original’’

‘’I am original but yesterday night you were duplicate sumo…I have never seen you so? OMG’’

‘’Duffer you are scaring me now? Wait one minute !!! how did I come to your room? i…I slept in my house right? Then how did I turn up here?’’ she looked around and spoke confused

‘’exactly think think how you came in my room’’

‘’Duffer …will you answer me or not’’

‘’no way…why should i? but let me tell you, you were awesome last night. Had I not controlled , I don’t know ‘’

‘’enough…stop, not a word more…’’

‘’fine…get ready and come down, everyone is waiting for breakfast and ya your clothes there’’ he pointed finger towards the sofa where her clothes were placed

Sumo looked at them and then at Rudra and before she could ask anything, Rudra left from there giggling. Sumo sat confused and then went ahead for getting freshened up.

———Dining Table

Dadi ‘’billu …any further update when Anika will be taken to Paris?’’

‘’not yet dadi…I got to know the doctor is an Indian settled in Paris, he is adamant on not returning to India. So there is no other way except to take Anika to Paris. We cannot reveal her the truth and I don’t know what to say or convince. ‘’

‘’Gauri said she will think of something..and anyways Gauri will also accompany you right Shivaay, while I , Prinku , Rudy and Saumya will handle everything here’’

‘’bhayya…me too?’’ Saumya asked stunned

‘’off course Saumya…though you are friend of our cry baby, but you are also my sister and same as Prinku…so you will and should support me ‘’

Sumo smiled and had tears of happiness, while Rudra looked proudly at Sumo

‘’But Om bhayya…I need to go to Australia to handle the deal for a month , so I may not be here after a week..you know right after Riddhima’s exit there are issues which we said we will take care of..’’

‘’That’s fine Prinku, you leave for Australia as planned…anyways the work from Om and Gauri’s end has been completed on time, so Om , Rudra and Saumya will be handling here…’’

That’s when Shivaay’s phone rang

‘’Hello. Shivaay Singh Oberoi here’’

‘’Sir , I am calling from London office…the employees here have gone under strike and this is projecting to our losses and the clients we are dealing with have been asking for you, I am afraid but you need to come here to handle the situation’’

‘’but bade papa is there to take care. He will not feel good if I step in at this point..i suggest you talk to him’’

‘’Sir Mr.Tej Singh Oberoi has been trying to convince but the situation is out of control now. We are hoping that you can handle this well…it is urgent sir, otherwise I would have never called you’’

‘’fine…just give me sometime , I will talk to bade papa and get back to you with my decision’’

Shivaay hung up and looked at Om, Ru, Prinku and Dadi

‘’Shivaay…what’s the matter? Don’t try to hide anything’’

Shivaay explained everything to the members present there..

‘’I knew Mr.Tej will end everything…everything that you hardearned….it is not even an year we came here and see what he has done…’’ Om spoke up in anger

‘’Om relax…I will talk to bade papa and then we will decide’’

‘’But Shivaay..’’

Shivaay then received a message ‘’the appointment with Dr.Nikhil the eminent Psychiatrist has been confirmed starting two days after In his hospital in Paris.’’

Shivaay sat in crux…how can be in both places at same time was what pestered him.

‘’the doctors appointment is confirmed ..it is starting in three days’’

‘’bhayya how will you manage both ?’’ Rudra questioned

‘’I am not worried about business now, I am worried about convincing Anika now. We have very less time. You all think of convincing her, while I speak to bade papa and come back’’

Shivaay left from there to talk to Tej …Dadi who followed him asked him to put the mobile in speaker, while she wants to listen what Tej actually had done there…Shivaay obliged…

Tej took out anger on Shivaay thoroughly in the call and blamed him to prove himself correct. Shivaat silently listened and didn’t utter a word. But Dadi who listened everything couldn’t hold back her anger

‘’Tej…enough….mistake was done by you, why are you blaming Billu. I have done business too, and I can understand every situation but I would have never acted as stupid as you were. Instead of accepting you are giving lame excuses. Remember what you did earlier and how hard Billu worked to bring back everything…you have again destroyed his hardwork. I can’t believe you are behaving so. ‘’

Tej went silent…

‘’now you listen Tej, that business was of Shivaay’s so his decision would be final’’

‘’Dadi…please…that business is ours and we will handle situation together’’

‘’ohh please don’t act smart Shivaay…I know you purposely involved Maa in the conversation’’

‘’no Tej, I asked to include me…so mind your words..if I am Billu’s dadi then I am your maa too’’

‘’Dadi..relax…Bade papa, relax…I have just one way to handle everything now…I will ask Om to reach there and handle the situation. In this way you and I will have no issues’’

‘’Sounds Fine with me as long as you don’t come here’’ Tej reprimanded

‘’I wouldn’t bade papa as long as you don’t call me’’ shivaay replied

‘’Billu, do you think Om will agree to go there when Tej is residing..Om cannot withstand Tej even for a second then how will he be there for months? Did you think of it Billu?’’

‘’Dadi…I have no ther way to satisfy everyone..if Om has issues then it is better we shut everything there and come back to India’’

‘’no..i will never let this happen’’ tej screamed

‘’Then do one thing Tej, you come back to India along with everyone while Om will reach there and handle…this is only possible solution. Billu will also be leaving for Paris and Prinku to Australia….so you would just guide Rudra and Sumo here…and to keep a check on your dealing I will be there too’’ Dadi made her decision and spoke out clear

‘’Fine…I am okay with this…’’ Tej spoke and disconnected the call

Shivaay looked at Dadi and hugged her ‘’Thank you dadi for handling this…now I need to handle the other situation’’

‘’Don’t worry Billu, everything will go smooth’’

————Gauri’s room

‘’Gauri , did you find any way?’’ Shivaay asked hopefully

‘’No bhayya….i am not able to get any solution of how to convince her’’

Sumo, Rudra, Om , Shivaay, Gauri everyone sat thinking…everyone were giving some foul ideas but none was worth…

Finally Shivaay spoke ‘’I will need to lie to her regarding a business deal and take her to Paris’’

‘’No…’’ a voice was heard

Everyone stared in the direction

‘’Sahil’’ Gauri screamed in happiness…

‘’Gauri Didi…how are you? Khanna bhayya narrated everything and from then on I was worried. Where is Anika didi?’’

‘’Sahil …come I will take you to Anika didi ‘’ Rudra got up

‘’Wait Sahil before you meet her, why did you stop me from convincing Anika’’ Shivaay asked

‘’that’s because , I will convince Anika didi to go to Paris in my way…leave it on me’’

Everyone took a sigh of relief

————-Anika’s Room

Sahil went and met Anika and they had emotional union….then Sahil spoke to her

‘’Anika didi….i want you to go to Paris for some months for me ‘’

‘’and why?’’

‘’because I heard my leg can be made proper , but they require the guardian to take some psychiatric classes of how to manage the patient (that’s me) after the operation…as they say for few months the patient’s morality will be down as they cannot immediately walk normal but gradually they will and this can be through moral support from their near and dear ones.. and this operation is risky, so these classes are important and are only available in Paris for the time being and later on I will come there and get operated and then you can take care of me’’

‘’you are kidding Sahil…atleast don’t joke on such things and hurt me’’

‘’you don’t believe me didi…here see this news paper column…I am not kidding’’ Sahil forwarded a news article…Anika immediately read and she looked at Sahil with teary eyes

‘’Do you believe in this article Sahil?’’

‘’Yes didi’’

She again read the article and then said ‘’Wait Dr.Nikhil…he takes this sessions?’’

‘’yeah… Dr.Nikhil takes this…did you identify him didi?’’

‘’offcourse…I never can believe he has become so famous’’ Anika spoke in surprise

‘’exactly and that’s why I am more confident…wouldn’t you do this for me didi?’’

’yes didi…I believe…and without your classes they will not proceed for the operation on me because it is their rule…can you not do this for me didi?’’

‘’but how will I leave you alone here Sahil?’’

‘’Gauri didi will be there na?’’

‘’fine I will take the sessions because even if there is 1 % chance I would try to make you out of this crutches…I will request Gauri to take care of you till then…will you take me till Gauri’s room ‘’

Sahil held Anika’s hand while Anika walked towards Gauri’s room where everyone were present.

————-Gauri’s Room

‘’Anika didi…Anika…Anika…Anika didi…’’ everyone present there looked at her

‘’What…I am getting normal don’t stare at me so’’

‘’Come…sit here first…you could have called us…why did you come here?’’ shivaay spoke concerned

‘’Relax…I came to request Gauri something’’

‘’Di..why request just order’’

‘’Gauri…you know how much I love Sahil and how I cannot deny anything he says…’’

‘’yes dii..i know but why are you saying this?’’

‘’Gauri’’ Anika held her hands and spoke ‘’I want to go to Paris and take some sessions from Dr.Nikhil , till then can you look after Sahil? You know I cannot leave him alone’’

‘’Whaat?’’ everyone said at once

‘’what ? what? Why are you all staring at me like you heard something strange’’

‘’like really, you will come to Paris..i mean you will go to Paris and that too to Dr.Nikhil’’ Shivaay uttered words kneeling down before Anika and placing his hands on her thighs

‘’Yes, that’s what I said exactly few seconds ago’’

‘’I am so happy dii, you took the decision and don’t worry dii, I will take care of Sahil …infact why me alone, maa will also be there to take care of him’’

‘’I will be more relaxed if maa stays with him…because I know you need to go to Office too’’

‘’Anika didi…till you return Sahil will stay in OM along with us’’ Rudra spoke

‘’No Rudra…he will stay with maaji and Gauri in our home. You and everyone are always welcome there.’’ Anika spoke and then turned towards Shivaay

‘’Shivaay…will you grant me leave till I come back..i mean loss of pay is also okay for me, but this is important’’

‘’are you mad Anika…I was anyways about to tell you the same…infact I am gonna accompany you to Paris and be with you till everything is done’’ Shivaay spoke without knowing exact reason



‘’Thank You shivaay, but you need not..i mean , I will manage’’

‘’You know very well I don’t like to listen NO ..anyways this will be a opportunity to ecpand our business in Europe also…I have my own selfish reasons and you can help me in the same’’

‘’then fine…I will allow you’’

Everyone smiled , but everyone had one question how did Anika agree…they all looked at Sahil and he smiled upping his collar..they thought to ask him after Anika leaves

Anika was taken by Prinku to her room and then Sahil was questioned. He replied what he spoke to convince and everyone applauded him…Shivaay assured Sahil that along with Anika he will also take the sessions to support him and will bear all the costs for his operation. Sahil hugged Shivaay in happiness.

‘’Gauri…I dearly wanted to take you along. But now the situation has arised wherein I cannot take a rsik of creating doubt. Moreover in Sahil’s matter, Anika trusts only you…so please forgi’’

‘’Shivaay Bhayya…I know and can understand and above all I trust you and believe that you will take good care of my didi…so here I will also be relaxed to maximum’’

Shivaay smiled and started to proceed for the VISA processing of Anika.


Precap : Jealous Singh Oberoi Version of Shivaay. Gauri to meet Om in London…Sumo to confess her love for Rudra in tumbled situation. To know more stay tuned !!!!

This is the Forty Fourth episode…..please do let me know , how you felt after reading this…any opinions good or bad is welcome…i would reply as soon as possible……….do press the like button and post your opinion without fail…..Thank you so much !!!!

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    Trending time also.but promise friend I missed you very much that the hell is little bit ok to say my situation.n I mean it to be on contact n its my pleasure to be with you.reallt it’s a great medicine in my situation n I’m so blessed to be part of your writing.they are elegant effective n specular ones that attached to my heart.your skills show how brilliant n quality writer you are just I’m feeling old Infront of me that it is not there now only.you are my all timefavourite diamond that I not connected with no one n sweet darling.

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