Horrific Past To Surprising Future – Ishqbaaz FanFiction- Episode 29

Hi This is VHM aka Harika coming up with a new story / Fanfiction on Ishqbaaz. This will involve all the three couples . A subtle romance, thrill, accusations, support and family bonding. Get on a new ride with me and do support me.

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‘’what do you want to understand when there is nothing to say’’ tears rolled out this time as Anika turned her face

‘’Look at me…you know I don’t like seeing you with tears. I didn’t even say you anything for what you have done. If it was someone else other than you, they would have faced my wrath as I would have destroyed them by now.’’ Shivaay spoke melting within

She looked at him, wiping her tears asked ‘’why? Why did you spare me? Destroy me also… then you can find any other girl and move on. Then no one would be there to stop you. Then no one would be there to interfere in your matters…no I am sorry your personal matters’’ She stressed personal matters

‘’What are you trying to say Miss Anika’’

‘’If you once again call me Miss Anika…I will again plan some other disaster I swear’’

Shivaay TAM ‘’she will never change’’

‘’okk fine..Anika..’’


‘’but you didn’t answer me and instead made me more confused…you asked me to move on, and when I did so , you have problem’’

‘’yes I said you to move on…but’’


‘’but you planned a date..Lunch date?’’

‘’yeah because how will I move on’’

‘’fine ..but why a girl?’’


‘’I mean Boys share their things with boys and girls share with girls…but you…aap tho azeeb kisam ke insaan hain (you are a strange sort of person) ‘’

Shivaay looked on suppressing his smile as she was clearly showing up jealousy and he was enjoying…

‘’I knew you will not have answer for my question’’ Anika spoke

‘’excuse me,  you have to give me answer as I asked you question’’

‘’forget it…any ways… couldn’t you find any boy …what was the need to go on a date with a girl’’

‘’excuse me…I am a man and date is to be meant to be gone with a girl’’

‘’girl my foot…was she even looking like a girl?’’

‘’off course…wasn’t she beautiful’’

‘’beautiful…she was like a snakegaurd…I even think whether she has bones , blood and other organs in her body or not…skinny one…one blow of wind she will fall down with a thud and you are calling her beautiful…get your eyes checked up’’

‘’ohh…so your problem is that she is not as beautiful as you..’’

Anika blushed and Shivaay adored secretly in heart and continued

‘’as you are thinking’’ he completed

Anika looked at him with anger…

‘’don’t worry…next time I will chose a girl whom you find beautiful and go on date with her and after knowing her will move on’’

Anika being pissed off ‘’you…you will never change…all men are same ….kakdi jaise ladkiyon ko dekha nahi baaki sab ko tel lene bhej dete hain …matlab saamne jo hain unki koi kimat nahi…apne ghar ki davayi apne baaz naa aayi..huhh ‘’ she spoke her heart out. (’’you…you will never change…all men are same…seeing skinny girls you forget everyone else….like you don’t value someone who is right before you…like the medicines in your house is not useful to you…huhh’’ she spoke her heart out)

Shivaay was looking at her and then she realised what she said…and then blabbered

‘’I …I should leave now’’ she started moving when he pulled her hands and dragged close to him

‘’whaat…what ..are..you …doing…Shiv..Shivaay’’ she spoke nervously fumbling and huskily

He bent towards her ears and spoke ‘’so you were jealous to see me with that girl…I understood now’’ exhaling his breathe which touched her nape making her fists close,  close eyes and breathe heavily

He came back to normal position leaving her hands and looking at her he thought ‘’my effect on her is clearly seen. MY STUPID, I wish you agree you are my Stupid and then we can relive our days. Ever since I got to know you are my Stupid, I am longing to convey my supressed feelings… and to make you accept, I didn’t find any other way…’’

‘’i..i am leaving now Shiv..Shivaay’’ she blushed saying those subsequently bringing him from thoughts and ran from there closing the room door behind. Soon she composed herself  and spoke to herself ‘’what was he trying to do ? anyways forget it…what did he say..i am jealous? Huhh…why shouldn’t I be? And he was saying next time he will show me the girls he chose and I must select one of them…I will rather sink myself in a spoon of water than doing that…go to washroom khadoos..till you don’t come and explain yourself and also say that you ignored me, I am not gonna talk to you..huhh’’ she left from there.

Shivaay who stood at the other side of the door listened to her words and smiled .

‘’She was mad then and she is much more mad now…I can’t believe how jealous she is’’ Shivaay spoke to himself while his thoughts travelled to his childhood as he sat on the bed loosening his tie and holding the pillow


‘’Khadoos….what are you doing?’’

‘’Can’t you see stupid, I am counting money’’

‘’yeah..but why?’’

‘’listen tomorrow I am gonna buy gifts for Omkara, Prinku , Gauri with the money I saved’’


‘’because they all asked me to buy gifts’’


Young Shivaay suppressed his smile as he knew what was about to come.

‘’Wait…tell me for whom are you buying gifts?’’

‘’ohho Stupid, I said na…for Omkara, Gauri and Prinku…’’

‘’Only for them?’’

‘’yes only for them’’

‘’don’t you think you forgot someone else?’’

‘’no ..i am sure I haven’t forgot anyone’’

‘’think Khadoos think’’ she spoke pointing her finger to herself…but he ignored

‘’Stupid…don’t disturb…i know I haven’t forgotten anyone’’ he ignored her gestures

‘’fine…go..go and gift and yes go to washroom..huhhh’’ she stomped and left from the room and standing outside the door she spoke to herself ‘’what does he think of himself…I am also there …but he ignored me..he ignored his one and only best friend…khadoos kahika..now until he justifies me and accepts he ignored me, I will not talk to him..i will also see how he is gonna spend his days without me’’

Shivaay who listened to her from other side of the door without being noticed by her smiled to himself and after she left he spoke ‘’you look so cute when you are jealous. Can I even in my dreams forget you Stupid and when I buy gifts for everyone else, how can I not buy something special for you…stupid, you know me yet you behave so…donno when will you grow up mature’’

Shivaay on the other hand borrowed some more money from his dadi and bought gifts for everyone…while Prinku, Om , Gauri and his Stupid were playing in the garden he came to them. Seeing him Anika made faces and stood at a side.

‘’Om, Gauri, Prinku…here you go with the gifts you asked for’’ he showed them the gifts

‘’yeyyyyy’’ the kids came running and took their gifts thanking him…

‘’Shivaay bhayya…did you not bring gift for Anika didi?’’ Little Gauri asked innocently

‘’no…she never asked me’’ Shivaay replied brushing Gauri’s hair

Anika TAM ‘’Do I need to ask him? doesn’t he know he should when he is getting for others. He always gets me everything without asking and now he is saying I must ask him…I will never ask him and I am not gonna talk to him’’

‘’Anika didi…Anika didi’’ Little Gauri came to her and pulled her dress bringing her out of her thoughts

‘’what happened chutki?’’ Anika spoke irritated

‘’I will chale (share) my doll with you. You play fol (for) sometime , I will play fol (for) sometime..okay’’ Gauri spoke

‘’I don’t need any gifts..got it….you play with your gift ..i am not dying for any gift’’ she spoke being angry

‘’Stupid ..shut up’’ shivaay screamed

Anika and all the kids looked at him in fear

‘’Dare you say or speak about dying…I will slap you right here’’ he roared

‘’I don’t care’’ she left from there

The little kids became sad and Om came to Shivaay and said ‘’you should have bought gift for Anika too. Now she is angry see’’

Shivaay patted his brother and said ‘’I know how to make her smile’’

The night came and he slowly slipped into his Anika’s room….She was crying hugging her pillow….

‘’Stupid’’ he came and sat near her

She sat and said ‘’I am not talking to you’’ wiping her tears

‘’okk but why are you crying?’’

‘’I will not answer you…go from here’’

‘’why should I …I came to meet my stupid…not some rondhu (cry baby) Anika’’

‘’shut up’’

‘’okay’’ he put finger on his lips

‘’stop your drama and go from here..go …go and play with om, gauri and Prinku and also with the toys you bought for them’’

‘’ohho…still you are stuck with gifts…it’s okay na…why did you not ask me to get one?’’

‘’did I ask you ever or did you bring me everything without asking…why should I ask…anyways you forgot me…go I am not your friend anymore’’

He pinched her making her scream

‘’you khadoos kahika…how dare you pinch me and took his hand and was about to bite, when he bought his other hand infront of her ‘’

Her face twinkled…and he smiled

‘’this …this…is this for me?’’ she spoke holding the Pink teddy

‘’off course stupid…how did you think I will forget you…’’

‘’whatever’’ she spoke holding her teddy

‘’that’s why I call you stupid…happy now?’’

‘’yes…super happy’’ she hugged him and kissed his cheeks making his eyes widened

‘’what…’’ she questioned

‘’nothing ‘’ he smiled touching his cheeks

‘’you are the best khadoos. I love this teddy. You know I was pestering papa to get me a teddy, but he always denied and you bought it’’

‘’stupid…I know everything that’s why I got this’’

She again pouted sadly

‘’what happened …till now you are fine…why sad suddenly?’’

‘’because I never gift you anything. And even if I gift, then they will not be so expensive…they are normal handmade things by me’’ she bent her head

‘’stupid…I love everything you gifted me…they are special and will always be with me…and they are most expensive much more than what I gift you…got it’’

She kissed his other cheek and hugged him…he too reciprocated the hug

‘’By the way  Stupid…you looked so cute when you were jealous…I love that cute look on your face’’

‘’Khadoos…wait now what I do…you made me jealous right  and took the pillow and started hitting him….’’ he ran from there


Shivaay hugged the pillow tight and smiled thinking about the childhood days when Omkara called him making him come out of the thoughts….while walking towards Living room he reminded himself of the lady he met , the delegate from Australia….

Shivaay TAM ‘’I need to tell it to Om…I donno how would he react…I cannot hide it even, because he will get to see her everyday in the office. Now I need to be back to my SSO mode and control the situation. Wish Rudra and Prinku were here to support me as they do always’’

—————-Nanded , Maharastra

‘’Rudra wait…’’ sumo ran behind

Rudra did not bother to listen and sat in his car

‘’Rudra please …listen to me..’’

Rudra started the car

‘’One last time Rudra…please’’ she broke into tears when he ignored…he raised the accelerator

She came to him and stood infront of the car. He got down and said ‘’have you gone mad, didn’t you see I was about to drive.’’

‘’Rudra please…please don’t go’’ she cried

‘’I am not trustable according to you Ms.Saumya Tendulkar….who knows I have bad intentions too….it will be risky for you because I may harm you… let me Go Ms.Saumya’’

‘’I am sorry Rudra…I am really Sorry…I was very much upset with the way you teased me, in that heat I said without thinking for once. Please don’t go being angry. Please’’ she  cried

‘’Ms.Saumya….i always treated you as my best friend …not only best friend more than that… yes I teased you, because I thought I can do whatever I want with you, and I also took it for granted that you will not get annoyed for anything…I tease you, but I make sure I do everything for you…yet you formed such opinion over me..i am feeling bad Ms.Saumya…. you wanted to break this friendship before…now I want to do it…I came here to apologise , I apologised from bottom of my heart…may be it didn’t reach it till your heart and you said what you had to…there is no point to drag this matter… we are in verge of completing the project and then our ways will be forever separate…’’

‘’Stop it Rudra…just stop it…you can’t decide everything yourself’’

‘’then even you cannot Ms.Saumya’’

‘’Stop calling me so politely’’


‘’if you don’t agree …I will kill you…right here …right now’’

‘’do you think I will be afraid…do whatever you want’’

She took steps forward and kissed him with all her might….his world stopped there………

————–Oberoi Mansion

Dadi and Om were laughing when Omkara said what Anika did…Shivaay arrived there….Om saw him …he was different….

‘’Shivaay…any problem’’ Om asked seeing the expression on his face

Shivaay nodded

‘’what happened Shivaay’’

‘’I need to talk to you Om..right now’’

‘’Billu…did Anika and you…’’

‘’no dadi…it’s not about Stupid…’’ Shivaay looked at Om

‘’Shivaay…what’s the matter…come straight to the point’’

‘’She is back Om..She is back in your..our lives…’’

Om looked on and taking steps backwards he said ‘’this can’t be true’’

‘’It is…she is the member of the Australian clients whom I met today afternoon…that’s the exact reason why I was irritated when you called me in the afternoon.’’

‘’Now what? How will we’’ Om was getting freezed

‘’we will face her together Om…do you trust me?’’


Precap : Who is the delegate? How is she connected to Oberois? Her entry to change the scenario among Obros and their lady love’s.

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