Horrific Past To Surprising Future – Ishqbaaz FanFiction- Episode 28

Hi This is VHM aka Harika coming up with a new story / Fanfiction on Ishqbaaz. This will involve all the three couples . A subtle romance, thrill, accusations, support and family bonding. Get on a new ride with me and do support me.

Please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes…….Hope the readers would support me the same way as they have supported me till date…

Shivaay asked Khanna to drive him to Oberoi Mansion, on the way he called Dadi

‘’Hello Bill’’

‘’dadi sshhhh….first listen to me…just answer me in yes and no’’


‘’Is Anika in Oberoi Mansion?’’


Shivaay TAM ‘’I knew it…’’

‘’Now Dadi listen…don’t let Anika know I am coming…’’


‘’Make sure she stays there till I reach’’


‘’thanks Dadi’’


Shivaay ended the call and turned towards Khanna and said ‘’you are driving as if we are going in a wedding baarat…drive fast Khanna’’

‘’yes sir’’

————Oberoi Industries

‘’My stomach is paining Gauri…the more I remember the more I am laughing….i hope this disaster doesn’t happen with anyone specially us when we go on date’’ Om spoke without realising

Gauri looked at him with wide eyes

‘’I mean..i mean…you know what I mean?’’

‘’no..absolutely not…I don’t know what you mean..and by the way let me go and work’’ she blushed and left while Om had a wide smile

Om TAM ‘’I am falling for this gal more and more. I can’t understand how the time passes by so quickly when I am with her. This new feelings and the longing to stay with her is so beautiful. When I see her blush, I feel like pulling her cheeks. I wish she too feels the same.’’

Gauri reached her workplace as fast as she could and smiled

Gauri TAM ‘’I know he likes me from the beginning…but when did I started liking him. whenever he flirts, I blush. How stupid am I ? I want to share all this feelings to someone. May be mom…no, what will she think, that I have come here to work or do all this… whom to say….Anika dii…yes, tonight I would talk to Anika didi about my feelings. She may be weird with anyone, but she loves me very much. Pppchhh…how I wish she is my real sister, My Anika didi….hey Shankar ji, please fulfil this wish of mine’’ she prayed.

—————Nanded, Maharastra

‘’Sumo..listen…listen’’ Rudra called her from behind

‘’Aree Saumi…he is calling you, why can’t you here’’

‘’maa please…he came, he gave you , the kit ..now it’s over…ask him to leave…I am not feeling comfortable and you only said we must not believe anyone and everyone…we don’t know him much too…so why take risk’’

Rudra listened to her words and went back to his room and picked his car keys and entered the kitchen where Sumo and her mom were there.

‘’Aree beta…come…do you need anything? ‘’

‘’no aunty…I came to say that I will be leaving now. The work for which I came has ended , so I must return to where I belong. I came to say this’’

‘’But beta…how come you will leave so suddenly…I am even planning to send Sumo in couple of days. Why don’t you both go together? I will also be happy and at peace if she travels along with you’’

‘’no aunty…she will not feel comfortable…and I am not known much to you, so you should not believe me and yes you shouldn’t take risk to send her with me…’’ he stressed every word he spoke looking at Sumo.

Sumo felt guilty for saying all those and could sense he was feeling hurt. She mentally hit her forehead and ran behind him.

—————Oberoi Mansion

Anika after eating Aloo-Poori and talking to Dadi for sometime, thought to leave for her home, because by then she was sure Shivaay would have left..

She got up and said

‘’Dadi ji..i will leave now. I think Shivaay has forgot about meeting. I will meet him tomorrow. ‘’

‘’aree beta…so what of he doesn’t come. You can talk to me..i feel so happy to talk to you, to know you …’’

‘’Dadi..i would also love too but my younger brother Sahil will be waiting for me’’

‘’Puttar…I know, but can’t you wait for some more time. I wouldn’t have stopped you if Ru was at home. But now I am feeling lonely. Billu, Om and Prinku come home getting tired and don’t get much time to talk to me. ‘’

‘’Dadi please don’t be sad. I will wait. It’s okay’’  Anika spoke sitting next to Dadi and Holding her hand

‘’Jeet raho Puttar’’ she said keeping her hand on Anika’s head

Dadi TAM ‘’Billu…what have you done? You made me lie to Anika…Bhagwaan ji please forgive me, I am doing it for the love of my Billu’’

They both sat to Talk and Dadi slowly started asking her about her family…to which Anika replied about the Chaturvedi’s…How she worked hard and reached till here…amid their chit chat Shivaay reached Oberoi Mansion and stepped in flicking his hair in his style. Anika’s throat got dry seeing him.

Anika TAM ‘’Phail gaya raita…Now he wouldn’t leave me…I am dead …Anika make your last wish.’’

‘’Billu you came. Anika was waiting for you. She said you had asked to meet her in OM to discuss something. Poor she she was waiting since a long time. You should have been on time Billu’’

‘’ohh really’’ Shivaay spoke looking at Anika

‘’woh..that..i mean..’’

‘’Anika Puttar…Billu is like a coconut, hard outside, soft inside. Don’t get scared to speak to him.’’

Shivaay TAM ‘’Anika and scared. If you would know what she did few hours back, you will never again say this Dadi’’

‘’Dadi…I think I should leave for my house now. I am getting late’’

Anika’s words brought back Shivaay from his thoughts

‘’Miss Anika’’

Anika TAM ‘’He is calling me Miss Anika…that means ..that means…’’


‘’What the hell did you do in the restaurant Anika?’’

‘’I ..i didn’t do anything deliberately’’

‘’don’t lie’’ Shivaay came dangerously closer

‘’I ..i am not lying anything… I was trying to eat with knife and fork and it fell on’’ she smiled

‘‘don’t you dare to laugh…you have insulted me before my special friend..how dare you?’’ he held her tight while Anika winced in pain

‘’leave me..it is hurting’’

‘’what about the insult I faced. Miss Anika, remember I am good only to those who are good with me and for those who does such sort of mistakes I make their life hell’’

‘’Shivaay..i mean’’

‘’shut up…when I am talking you are supposed to listen…you are fired…don’t show me your face again…get lost’’ he pushed her closing the door behind


Anika imagined all that

‘’Miss Anika….Miss Anika’’ Shivaay screamed breaking her imaginations

‘’yeah..yess’’ she fumbled

‘’So let’s start the meeting. The exact purpose why you are here…come to my room right now’’

‘’whaat? I mean yeah..Meeting’’ she turned towards Dadi fake smiled and then spoke ‘’meeting…i…I will go and complete my due…I mean my work Dadi ji’’ she touched her feet

‘’Aree Puttar…jeete raho…but this is just a meeting…don’t worry everything will be fine’’

Anika TAM ‘’you donno anything Dadi ji but I need your blessings to get saved’’

She started to move towards Shivaay’s room while still continuing to speak to her inner self ‘’what was the need to create such disasters…what will happen if he talk to lady or guy..even if you had problem why couldn’t you ignore…why will you ignore, if he has tadi you showed badi wali tadi…Sahil was even warning you, but you..why would you listen…you instead sushhed him…why couldn’t you think of consequences? Now bear’’ speaking like this she reached Shivaay’s room and hit herself to the door which brought her to reality.

Rubbing her forehead where it got hit, she knocked the door

‘’No need to show such manners…get in Miss Anika’’ Shivaay spoke showing his back to her

‘’Shivaay Sir..i mean Sir..i mean Shivaay..woh ..that’’

He walked past her and closed the door making her more shocked

‘’Why ..why did you close the door’’ she spoke nervously

‘’meeting…we are in a meeting and meeting is done in closed rooms not openly..’’ he spoke nearing her

‘’I ..i ..i didn’t do anything deliberately’’

‘’Really Miss Anika…it was clearly showing up what you were upto’’ he got much nearer to her

She closed her eyes

‘’Open your damn eyes Anika..when you had no qualms while failing my date, why are you closing your eyes now. Can you believe how hard it was to find a suitable girl for me, but you , you had a problem with her and you literally did so…’’

Anika looked on

‘’why did you do all that’’

She remained calm bending her head

‘’Look at me and answer’’

She still remained calm..he twisted her arms and pulled her towards him making her hit his chest and she looked at him

‘’Anikaaaaaaaa’’ he spoke frowning his eyebrows

A lone tear escaped her eye. He could see anything but not tears..His grip loosened and his hand involuntarily made it’s way to catch the tear.

‘’why are you crying?’’ he spoke soft this time

‘’you will not understand’’ she took a step backward

‘’what will I not understand, you asked me to find someone, I did as you asked and then you messed everything…in all this what did I not understand..Explain me’’

‘’I can’t explain anything. I am sorry for what I did’’ She turned to go

He held her hand from behind……Anika half turned…

‘’I didn’t get my answer yet….why did you mess up everything…answer me and then I will leave you’’ he pulled her making her stand before him again.

Precap “ couldn’t you find any boy …what was the need to go on a date with a girl’’

            ‘’excuse me…I am a man and date is to be meant to be gone with a girl’’

          ‘’girl my foot…was she even looking like a girl?’’

To know more stay tuned !!!

This is the Twenty Eighthth episode…..please do let me know , how you felt after reading this…any opinions good or bad is welcome…i would reply as soon as possible……….do press the like button and post your opinion without fail…..Thank you so much !!!!

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  1. Hey hari
    Fab episode shivay rocked anika shocked
    Precap seems to be more interesting
    Ab har haraye ke next update dena
    Bye love you loads keep smiling

    1. VHM

      Hi Medha…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…i am glad to know that you liked the episode…next episode is posted….lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care

  2. Super ff
    But please contact sumo with anika as any relation plzzz

    1. VHM

      Hey Abi…welcome…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…haven’t planned anything regarding Anika sumo connection, it is still long way to go….but your point noted….next episode is posted …lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care.

  3. Stargazer

    Awesome update dear….
    loved Anika’s POV while talking to Dadi….
    And the last scene was way too good…
    Waiting for next…
    Till then Bye and take care..

    1. VHM

      Hey Dear…thank you so much…thanks a lot..I am glad to know that those scenes you found it good…next episode is posted…lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care.

  4. Hai
    I liked it, sso rocked
    Did sumo have any relationship with anika ? If not plz do so..

    1. VHM

      Hey…thank you so much…haven’t planned any connection between Anika and Sumo…if i will , i will definitely let you know…

  5. Awesome waiting for nxt

    1. VHM

      Hey Vishwas…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…next episode is posted…lots of l best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care.

  6. Hi friend how are you.im very glad that you’re recovering well.thank god bahuth bahuth shugriya unko.you are expressing the story very pretty n much neatly. feeling im in heaven of happiness n joy by reading your writing.every time I read your ff I get peace of mind n touches my heart deeply day by day.your expressing every character situations memories relations n their bonding in nurturing n in healthy way mostly shivika.they are meant for each but khud se zyada dusre ko jaaante hai.shivaay khud se Aapne stupid ko jaaante hai. Anika behaving as rather than Anika se zyada stupid ko tharah in childhood towards her khadoos.she is just like jealous over protective n her childish Imean towards khadoos indicating that he is her n she has only right.without knowing truth she is like this towards shivaay if she gets her beautiful memories in childhood back then khud ko samjethe hi ki khy aisa hai n itna lucky hai wo.imean she is wishing to be the some one special of shivaay n unfortunately she is wo some one special ho.their way of understanding one another is amazing n different n as perfect as thakkar ki khiladi.the same way anika clean bowled shivaay n at the same way shivaay too clean bowled Anika their face off n understanding points n asking explaining to each if fantastic n fabulous.its once again treat to watch their tadi n tashaan.precap is very curious is Anika asks n shivaay says those it’s very funny n lovely.your writing is compared n valuable to the platinum pearls gold uranium granite n what not in my view seriously you’re writings is more precious than those life less things.if I get a chance I surely I will make sensational n lovely serials of this ff with nakulmehtha n Surbhi chandana with your direction friend. Take care.

    1. VHM

      Hey Raji…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…awee you are such a sweetheart dear…if you are producing serials am sure i would be providing the story to you with some unique concepts…Direction i don’t have idea with….i am so very happy to know that you are liking the ff and the way it is progressing…i make sure to see your opinion before posting my next episode, such is my wait for your reply….next episode is posted…lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care.

  7. Dadi anikas conversation at that point billu entrance is at gun point n on the edge of.anikas self thoughts about her activities in hotel n shivaay is on tadi she is on badi wali taadi is cute n superrr.i loved it .Ru Saumya part n shivaay Sahil talk about Anika n sahil ideas to shivaay is extreme.rikara moments are too good n cool

    1. VHM

      Awee Raji, that’s really so sweet of you..i am really excited to read your opinion because it makes me feel elated and motivates me to write something better…lots of love to you dear…

  8. ItsmePrabha

    hello Akka..Glad to know you are recovering..coming to this epi..dadi billu scene super..next rikara conversation is cute..next rumya scene is sad one..next annika dadi scene kooda super ..papam dadi billu walla abaddam chepparu..now billu makes an entry….hahaha..anudi dorikipoyindhi..kaani aa time lo anudi imagination hahaha..papam chala bayapadindhi…and then shivika room scene is beautiful.. chala chala bagundi..Precap is interesting..excited for the next…so thwara thwara ga next part post chesai..Till then take care…and bye for now👋👋👋..and haa keep smiling😃😃😃…..love you loads❤❤❤…

    1. VHM

      Hi Chelli…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot..yes mee andari wishes unte enduku recover avvanu cheppu…lol billu kosam edaina chesthundi kada dadi…antha chesina taruvatha kooda Anika dorakkapothe SSo , SSO enduku avuthadu cheppu…glad you liked shivika convo….next episode is posted…lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care.

  9. ShinyTirupathi

    Wow Again It Was Super Duperb Epi Hari.. I Just Loved It… Excited For Upcoming…

    1. VHM

      Hi Shiny…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…i am so happy to know you liked the episode….next episode is posted…lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care.

  10. Awesome epi akka.
    Precap seems much more interesting.
    Lots of love to u and cutie.

    1. VHM

      Hi Ritu….thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…next episode is posted…lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care.

  11. Banita

    Hloo Beauty…
    Anika’s imagination part was nycc…
    Precap is hilarious…
    Like Rumya part… Waiting 4 some cute chat of them…

  12. Niriha

    Awesome epi di

  13. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely dii

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