Horrific Past To Surprising Future – Ishqbaaz FanFiction- Episode 24

Hi This is VHM aka Harika coming up with a new story / Fanfiction on Ishqbaaz. This will involve all the three couples . A subtle romance, thrill, accusations, support and family bonding. Get on a new ride with me and do support me.

Please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes…….Hope the readers would support me the same way as they have supported me till date……

‘’Anika why are you looking disturbed?’’ Om couldn’t control his confusion and asked

‘’Why ask me, ask your Brother..who is that girl, whom he chose to move on and share his personal matters with’’

‘’Whaat?’’ he stood up with shock

‘’Why are you so shocked. Didn’t he tell you anything. I thought you know already’’

‘’this can’t be true Anika. You might be mistaken. He can never do that’’

‘’Om..he is not so shareef as you are thinking..he is chant chaar sau bees..huhh’’


‘’Forget it..you can’t repeat..he is ..he is ..haan…..poori without aloo, not only that …he is poori without bhel, he is poori without Pani, he is poori without dahi…’’

‘’Anika didi..are you scolding him or making our mouth water’’ Sahil exclaimed

‘’Also…also…you concluded that he is POORI’’ Gauri gave her valuable input and gave a hifi with Sahil while Om couldn’t control his laugh

‘’Shut up you two…here I am upset and you all are making fun’’ she turned to go pouting her mouth

‘’Accha Okay Anika…don’t be upset, I will talk to him and know the matter..you should actually rest..’’

‘’ok..fine..i will rest because you are asking me…I wouldn’t have if your brother would have asked me to do so…’’ she turned to go then turned and said ‘’Ek minute..why will you ask or talk to him..no need….maa tum baat karoge naa meri chameli’’

‘’Chameli’’ Om gestured seeing Gauri

Gauri signalled to zip his mouth, he nodded and took her to her room

Sahil and Gauri held their chest and took a long breathe and then broke into splits. Om came out and said ‘’before I get to see or hear anything else, I will leave..it was enough for me today’’ to which Gauri nodded and bid bye to him.


Rudra ‘’Sumo, I am feeling hungry…let me know if you see any Dhaba’’

Sumo ‘’like really you feel hungry too’’

‘’I am also a human. Did you forget this? and don’t tell me you aren’t feeling hungry, because you are always hungry Fatso and I can understand this by seeing you…fatso…he he he ’’

The last few lines hit her and she felt more bad seeing him laugh over her weight

‘’I..i am not hungry..i don’t want to eat…’’ she said being sad


She looked at him

‘’You aren’t hungry?? Like really??…come on don’t lie. No need to hide as your weight and hunger are the open truths. Did you ever see Romi, she is like perfect…One is Sanaya Irani and the other is Boman Irani ‘’ he again started laughing.

‘’Stop the car Rudra’’ she almost screamed controlling the tears

Rudra looked at her in shock

‘’Whaa…whaat happened? ‘’

‘’I said stop the car’’

He applied brakes and sumo took off her seat belt and walked straight to the dicky to take out her luggage. Rudra followed her from other side

‘’Have you gone mad Fatso? We are in the middle of a highway and what are you trying to do’’

‘’I will not go with you. ‘’

‘’really? Then how will you go from here?’’

‘’I will take a lift..if I don’t get I will even walk and go , but will not go with you’’ her tears started rolling out.

‘’Sumo’’ he pulled her near him

‘’leave me..’’ she cried pushing him

‘’What happened ? you were alright till sometime back, then why this sudden decision.’’

‘’you know what duffer. Yes, I am fat, I eat a lot…but that is my problem, not yours. If I become adamant I can even go slim within few months that too in a healthy way, but I don’t do that. You know why’’ she spoke amid hiccups

Rudra looked on

‘’My mom says I , I look like my brother and Father being chubby..i lost my father and brother years ago and I am making my mom to look both of them in me being so. Till they were alive I was better than those girls who you flirt with, but then I never cared because my mom was my priority. ‘’

She stopped wiping her tears and her hiccups took a pause when he handed over her a bottle of water and she drank.


‘’Rudra…if you are ashamed of talking to me or being with me because I eat a lot and I am fat, then you are free to leave and go. I have never tied you to be with me, nor will I ever stop you’’

‘’Sumo..listen..i was just kidding as I generally do with you. You too know I never mean anything I say to you’’

‘’but it means to me Rudra. I get hurt. Kidding once or twice is okay, but it feels as a taunt when you do it again and again. Listen Rudra I have lot of tensions to deal with and these taunts will make me weak. I am happy as I am..you be happy with those who are perfect in shape and sizes…we can never be together as friends or ‘’ she stopped


‘’Nothing…I can see a bus coming…and I would prefer to go in it…thank you for the lift till here’’

‘’I will not let you go , come on..i have come till mid way with you…’’

‘’And I would not want to come with you…so just leave me’’ she picked up her luggage and stopped the bus, and got into it leaving Rudra confused , sad and stunned.


Om came to OM and walked straight away to Shivaay’s room


‘’haan Om come’’

‘’Anika was saying that you found ‘’

‘’I was just teasing her Om…don’t worry..you know me …I am still waiting for her to recognise me and be back to what she was’’

‘’She is mad , Shivaay…you know she was saying you are Poori without Aloo, bhel, dahi and Pani..she called you some Chan..Chan..i am not getting the word’’

‘’chant..it is chant’’

‘’yes, exactly..uff…she is tornado Shivaay and I donno how you are going to be in future’’

Shivaay and Om laughed

‘’I must say Shivaay , Rudra would be very happy if she enters Oberoi Mansion’’

‘’yeah..because both are almost same in terms of stupidity and weirdness’’

‘’But she concluded ..i am arrogant’’ Rudra came to them being sad.

ShiOm asked the matter and Rudra said what happened. They both gave Rudra piece of mind and Rudra agreed to do what his brothers said.

—————–Next Day , OI (Oberoi Industries)

‘’Shivaay Sir, you called me?’’ Khanna spoke as he rushed into his cabin

‘’yeah..go to Anika’s house and bring her very carefully to office along with Gauri. I have messaged Gauri that I am sending you to pick them up’’

‘’sir. Will go sir’’ he left as he got his order.

Shivaay smiled.

———–after an Hour

Anika and Gauri entered the Oberoi Industries and Khanna being an honest and obedient assistant , security person and what not of Shivaay helped Anika with utmost care.

As soon as Anika entered the cabin, Shivaay rushed towards his cabin door, but stopped thinking to tease her more. But he observed her through his glass door about her every action. He was dying to meet her and let her know about the video game deal and see her excitement. But he had to wait as he already planned a meeting with her .

Anika got up to meet Shivaay when the meeting notification popped up on her laptop screen.

‘’May I come in ?’’ She knocked the door


‘’please have your seat’’ he said

‘’thanks..you have a set up a meeting but didn’t place any agenda?’’

‘’ohh is it…this is about new project or to say a new partnership, where we are investing and I want you to get involved in this apart from the Australian clients’’


‘’Anika first listen to what I am saying then you can bring out your points’’

‘’ok ‘’ she nodded

‘’I am planning to venture into Video Gaming business’’

‘’Video games’’ she at once exclaimed

‘’yes..Video Games’’ he smiled

‘’I love Video Games…I really love them…you know I used to have a video game, the first of it’s kind with Car games, snake games and brick games…and’’ she stopped suddenly realising she never had one, then how come she was saying about the video game.

‘’and..’’ he paused

‘’I don’t know…I never had a video game…sorry..i was blabbering something..but I love video games’’

Shivaay got startled but then thought to give her time

‘’Ok fine..never mind…yeah where were we..yeah the video gaming…and I have planned the old games in much more exciting way…in this process I finalised two game concepts..’’

‘’Ohh..you finalised two then I didn’t get you what for is this meeting now?’’

‘’You need to finalise one of the two concepts. This is the purpose of meeting Anika’’

Anika looked at him and he smiled

‘’What are you looking at. I heard you conversing with Rudra that how much you love Video Games and so I thought you would be making my decision easy. So chose you to do the honours’’ he cooked up a story on the spot

Anika TAM ‘’when did I converse with Rudra, about Video Games? I don’t remember anything. Anyways forget it these days I am forgetting most of the things. Few days back I forgot to give water bottle to Sahil, then forgot where I kept my earrings and yesterday I forgot to cook food, thank God Gauri did it’’

‘’Anika’’ he called

‘’yeah..yes Shivaay’’

‘’so are you in with this?’’

‘’yes…I will always be in when it’s about video games. You know how exciting they are. I feel like playing them all day long. Specially those with hidden and mysterious concept as well as adventurous. You feel like you are directly in the game and are fighting with real enemy or you are a detective. Uff, that’s such a brilliant experience and you don’t know how time passes. I can just go and on over video games.Ohh my God I am so excited’’ she walked while speaking and in the end she literally jumped making Shivaay smiel all along

Shivaay TAM ‘’All I want is to fulfil your every wish STUPID. I know you love video games and this one I took up only for you.’’


‘’haan..why sorry’’

‘’I was being so childish a while before. Sorry couldn’t contain my excitement’’

‘’that’s okay’’

‘’just give me a minute..i will send across the concept to you’’


Shivaay sent across the concept.

‘’I have sent and it will be in your mail’’


‘’my pleasure’’

She got up and turned to go and he looked at her. She left the room and then again came back after few minutes..Shivaay was working and was murmuring to himself. He saw her and gestured her to sit

‘’I…I came to ask you something personal’’ Anika spoke

He looked at her

‘’Who is that girl, whom you chose to be your special …special’’ she couldn’t speak more

He supressed his smile

‘’You know her’’

‘’what I know her? Who, who is she?’’

‘’I was waiting for you to ask me this and now when you asked me brace yourself as It is you whom I wanted to share every detail of my life with , will you listen and be my someone special with whom I can move on’’

 Anika looked at Shivaay being surprised , while Shivaay looked at Anika and spoke ‘’Will you?’’

Anika smiled happily

‘’I..I…I ..’’ she was not getting words, when shivaay took off his Bluetooth off and looked at Anika and spoke

‘’Were you saying something Anika? Sorry I was on a call with that special girl..You know what she said just now…’’

Anika’s eyes widened with shock with his words and said ‘’No need to say me and I am not interested to listen either about that tucchi ladki ..just ..just forget it..’’ she sprang up from her chair and stomped her feet and left in a huff.

Shivaay laughed holding his feet and picked up his switched off Bluetooth.

‘’You are so cute Stupid. How I missed seeing your jealous face. How can I move on with someone else, when I know it can only be you. You know I love to tease you and I am just doing the same. I love when you scold me and right now I am happy getting scolded by you. You know I just love everything about you Stupid and I will do anything for you. Let me continue this jealousy game for few more days as I am really enjoying it and then I will myself reveal everything to you. I know consequences will be terrible, but anything from you would be the best for me .’’ He spoke to himself.

—————Lunch Break, OI

‘’Hi Anika’’ Priyanka came to her

‘’hi Priyanka. ‘’

‘’shall we join you for lunch?’’

‘’we? Who else?’’

‘’Me, Om bhayya, Shivaay bhayya’’

‘’Shivaay also?’’ she rolled her eyes

‘’yeah. What happened? Any problem?’’

‘’No..i thought he would go with someone else for lunch’’

‘’That’s a good idea . I must plan a lunch with her’’ Shivaay replied

Anika turned and put the lid of her box with force making an irritating sound.

Om and Shivaay smiled while Priyanka looked confused

‘’Priyanka ..i am not feeling like eating anymore, I will leave..you all continue’’

‘’Aree Anika didi…if you don’t eat, I will also not eat’’ Gauri came from behind and warned

‘’Exactly Anika. You are just recovering. Come on, we will eat together’’ Priyanka spoke

‘’Okk fine…’’ Anika agreed giving angry glares to Shivaay

Everyone sat together and Shivaay started his drama once again…


Precap : Shivaay and Anika to come closer , someone to make an entry …To know more stay tuned

This is the Twenty Fourth episode…..please do let me know , how you felt after reading this…any opinions good or bad is welcome…i would reply as soon as possible……….do press the like button and post your opinion without fail…..Thank you so much !!!!

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  1. Hey hari
    You know i was pissed of today as my day went bad but after reading update i am feeling relieved. As usual update was awesome loved jealous session.
    Waiting for next update
    Bye keep smiling and take care

    1. VHM

      Hey Medha…Thank you so much dear…thanks a lot..what can be more special when an small time writer gets to know that his/her work has uplifted the bad mood of his/her reader….so for me this is such a special thing..thank you once again…glad to know you liked the episode…stay happy always…next episode is posted. Lots of love and best wishes to you. Keep smiling and take care.

  2. Hi vhm i am happy to see anika in jealous mood but plz dont bring tia in btw shivika.

    1. VHM

      Hi Vishwas….thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…well you will now who the entry is in episode 26. Next episode is posted. Lots of best wishes to you. Keep smiling and take care.

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      Hi Nati..Thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…next episode is posted..lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care.

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    1. VHM

      Hi Nikki….Thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…yeah yeah eat on my behalf too…next episode is posted..lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care.

  5. Just awesome….the way you are keeping the twists!!!

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    Awesome lovely update di..

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    It Was Just Awesome.. Superb.. Episode Hari Dear… Had a Full Smile Till The Epi Ends.. Rumya Was Bit Emotional.. What Can I Say… Just Enjoying to The Fullest. Excited For Up Coming.. Entry.. Hmm.. Who Would Be.. Fingers Crossed..

    1. VHM

      Hi Shiny…thank you so much …thanks a lot…glad you liked the episode and had a smile…next episode is posted…lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care.

  8. JeevithaTK

    Hi akka. Good morning Hv beautiful day.
    The episode was super akka. Feeling getting our old annika back with own words. Which I’m missing in ib now. I liked tht part. Nd shivay enjoying her jealous. bt RaMya was bit senti to me sply for somu. Becoz even face same problem. Just looking forward for next episode akka. Lots of love to u nd Akki 😍😍😘😘😘💓💓❤. Tc

    1. VHM

      Hi Jeevitha…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…i too was missing those golden days of IB, glad that you liked the episode …i too faced sumo’s problem from my cousins and friends …so i can understand….well being healthy isn’t bad right? next episode is posted…lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care.

  9. Hi friend very good morning n how is your daughter.i wish a happy day.i hope no Tia or Ragini or pooja to come in between shivika as they are khadoos Vs stupid in match n well shivaay is not supposed to break the promise.promise thoot Gaya tho koyi matlab nayi tha un friendship ka.well I think parents will come in between them when shivika getting close here they are the main n top villains than Tia Ragini n pooja.your potraying is very cool decent n price less n more pretty.i kept on smiling totally that I can’t msged yesterday. On every moment from anikas scolding of shivaay to om, shivaays dramabaaz to anikas jealousy,new deal of video games made by shivaay to his stupid, anikas blabbering n her excitement on video games involuntary like she is 8year anika,omgauris part n then om comes to shivaay to convey her scolding n jealousy, poori to chant discussion,again in office shivaays teasing his stupid n her irritating n jealousy towards tuchi ladki , then rumyas senti fight it’s all on brilliantt aspect.its just out of cent percent n upto the mark of shivikas style of tashaan.its jovial that khadoos
    ekdum billu ho changedd his n teasing his stupid as stupid in past.so happy to see shivaay smiling again bcoz of stupid.how cute n ithna Khush ho they are ek Saath me kisika naazar na lage.its really treat of their teasing.its awesome n specular Yaar.keep it up dear.always your writing mind blows me.you wrote rumyas fight too smartly n om Gauri soo sweet their state for anikas scolding n irritating in home n office is simply excellent rumyas senti fight is too mindblowing kaise kar lethu aisa vhm you quality writer

    1. VHM

      Hi Raji…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…i am actually smiling with unlimited joy after reading your message…you are just awesome yaar…can’t write more as i cannot contain my joy….next episode is posted…lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care.

  10. ItsmePrabha

    hello akka..first of all extremely sorry…dussehra kada family outing toh full busy ga vundi comment cheyyale..read all the parts just now..oka chinna quick review of mine..
    22nd epi-gauriki telisipothundi anukunna..but it’s shocking and seriously i loved it…billu correct pani chesadu aa photos teesesi..next aa video game deal is super cute..FB is adorable..next Rumya scene chala chala bagundhi…and rikara scene is so heart touching….
    23rd epi-Aniri scene is nice..anudi ki thana past traces ga gurthukosthunnayi interesting..aa next scene lo when billu and anudi said ‘who will know you better than me’ is such an awesome bit..in that shivika were so cute..rumya scene cute ga vundi..aa next scene naa fav. papam anudi billu chala edipinchesadu…but chala chala cute scene adi..inka top scene aithe billu and sahil dhi..hehehe..papam anudi water treatment ki bali valliddare kada…now coming to this epi
    24th epi- Lovely update akka..first scene ne adhiripoyindhi..Poori dialogue valla naaku ippudu aakali vesthundhi…hehehe…papam om chala confuse ayyadu…rumya scene is sad..entha fun kaina oka limit untundhi ga , so rudy is at fault but he did not do it intentionally..next shivkara scene with rudy’s guest appearance is awesome…caring singh oberoi is always best ..aa next scene funny,cute, lovely anni..kaani chala ekkuva aatapattisthunnadu billu anudi ni..inka lunch time lo kooda vadalledhu..stupid billu…Precap is interesting….excited to know the someone..so thwara thwara ga next part post chesai.i know thursday post chesthavani…will be waiting for it..Till then take care…and bye for now👋👋👋..and haa keep smiling😃😃😃…..love you loads❤❤❤…
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    1. VHM

      Hi chelli…thank you so much .naanna..thanks a lot…sorry cheppaddhu endukante dussehra holidays untayani naaku telusus and edo reason lekunda nuvvu nee opinion post cheyatam aapavani kuda telusu…so it’s okay…annitikante happy entante neeku episodes nacchayi…that’s super news for me….next thursday varaku enduku, ee week friday varaku regular episodes untayi….next episode is posted…lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care.
      p.s. NO more sorries between sisters

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