Horrific Past To Surprising Future – Ishqbaaz FanFiction- Episode 21

Hi This is VHM aka Harika coming up with a new story / Fanfiction on Ishqbaaz. This will involve all the three couples . A subtle romance, thrill, accusations, support and family bonding. Get on a new ride with me and do support me.

Please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes…….Hope the readers would support me the same way as they have supported me till date……

Dear Readers, Please read the author’s note at the end of the episode without fail. Thank you in advance !!!

Shivaay left from the Hospital and reached towards his car when Om came parking his car. Shivaay looked at Om

‘’Shivaay. Are you alright?’’

‘’yes..what will happen to me?’’

‘’I know Shivaay, how it feels, how much it pains when you’’ Om was about to complete the sentence when Shivaay continued

‘’no..none can understand others pain Om. Only the one going through will have the exact idea. By the way I am not sad, I am happy…’’

Om looked on surprised

‘’Shivaay ..you’’

‘’yes Om…I am happy, I am happy because I found her after so many years…I don’t know what happened with her, I don’t know why she is not recognising me or denying to recognise me, but I know she is the one for whom I waited these long years and she will be infront of me if not with me from now on’’ Shivaay smiled

Om also smiled and hugged his brother and asked him to take care, while Shivaay started the car and Om entered into the hospital to support Gauri and Anika

———-Hospital Room

Gauri sat beside Anika rubbing her hair slowly with one hand to provide comfort, while the other hand held the Locket.

Gauri TAM ‘’This locket is really special to both these people. The thread that kept them connected. I feel so sorry for Shivaay Sir. When Om said that he had made only one friend and waited for her all these days , I could understand how much importance he gave for his friendship. He is rude yet soft. But why did Anika didi not recognise? What might be the reason? I hope everything gets fine soon.’’

Her thoughts broke with the knock on the door, she turned towards the door and there stood Om…she involuntarily ran towards him and hugged him.

‘’it’s okay Gauri…relax…everything will be fine’’

‘’I know Om…everything will get fine. I am just scared. Scared to lose my dii once again’’

‘’once again? I didn’t understand’’

‘’Om…I never got a chance to say anything about me and neither did you ask me…but today I want to tell you something really important. ‘’

‘’yes Gauri..you can always share anything and that too anytime.’’

‘’Om…I had a sister, her name was also Ani…’’

Before Gauri could complete Anika sat up with a sudden jerk holding her head

‘’Anika’’ Om rushed to her  and so did Gauri screaming ‘’Diii’’

Anika looked at both of them ‘’why am I in Hospital. what happened to me ? Where is Sahil. He will be alone..Gauri how can you leave him alone…I need to go…’’ she tried to get up

‘’Anika relax…Rudra is with Sahil, so he isn’t alone…and you fainted so Gauri and Shiv’’ Gauri pressed his hand not to take Shivaay’s name and make her stressed while Anika looked on

‘’I mean , you fainted and we brought you to hospital didi’’ Gauri completed

‘’Where is Shivaay? Gauri…I remember he was with me and was saying about the locket, he showed me pics of mine and his childhood pics. Where is he? ‘’


‘’Anika…you need rest…we can talk about all this later’’ Om tried to calm her down

‘’Why don’t you answer me? Where is Shivaay? How can he leave me in this state and leave when he is the reason of my this state?’’

‘’Dii…He was here till sometime before. Since doctors asked us that you should not be stressed, he left from here.’’

‘’but why?’’

‘’because he thought you will stressed seeing him and remembering the incidents that happened last night Anika’’

‘’I want to talk to him Om…now…I want to talk to him’’

‘’Anika…Anika…listen…you can’t be this hyper, it’s not good for you…take some rest and I will ask Shivaay to meet you in the morning.’’

‘’but Om’’

‘’Dii…please…you will be discharged if you relax else few more days you will have to stay in hospital’’

‘’no…fine…I will relax…’’

Om and Gauri took a sigh of relief, while Anika laid back.

After few hours doctor discharged Anika and Gauri and Om took her to her home. Rudra welcomed them and everyone made sure Anika was comfortable. Gauri thanked Om and Rudra as they left from there.


‘’Dii…how are you feeling now?’’ Sahil came to Anika and asked

‘’I am fine Sahil’’

‘’I am angry with you. Why don’t you take care of yourself? You know right I have only you, and you have only me. How will I live..’’ he didn’t complete and sat annoyed

‘’I am sorry Sahil. I promise I will take care of myself. Please don’t stay annoyed…please’’ she apologised holding her ears

‘’okk fine..this is the first and last time…got it’’


He hugged Anika and left from there to get ready. Anika too tried to get up to get freshened but she was feeling too weak to go till washroom. Her feet started stumbling, and she was about to fall, when a pair of strong hands held her.

‘’Gauri’’ he again screamed

Gauri came running and was aghast Seeing Anika almost slipping inti unconsciousness..

‘’gauri ..water…quick’’ Shivaay screamed

‘’yeah..yes..’’ she hurriedly got the water and sprinkled

Anika regained consciousness and looked at Shivaay …Shivaay too looked at her concerned

‘’this is not going to work Gauri..someone needs to stay with her till she gets fine. I will arrange a nurse for her’’ he spoke to Gauri making Anika sit

‘’Sir..it’s okay..i will take care’’ Gauri tried to resist

‘’I know, I am none to interfere but you have to take care of Sahil and other household works and you will not be able to be with her 24 x 7..so please don’t deny’’ he almost requested

‘’Shivaay’’ Anika called

Gauri and Shivaay both looked at her

Anika looked at Gauri…Gauri understood her looks and left from there in pretext of bringing Coffee, leaving both of them in the room

———–Saumya’s House

‘’this duffer is not picking the call. What happened to him suddenly, why did his mood change?’’ she threw the phone on bed

After sometime she again tried his number and being irritated spoke to herself ‘’pick up the call damn it duffer. This is the last time I am calling. If you don’t pick up, I will also not call you’’

‘’Hello’’ voice of Rudra was heard

‘’why the hell didn’t you pick my call. You know how worried I was for you duffer’’

‘’Why were you worried for me Fatso. You anyways planned to leave me and go. ‘’

‘’Duffer, I am not going there to enjoy myself. I am going there to look after my mother’’

‘’Exactly my point. Why don’t you bring your mother here?’’

‘’come on , she will not come’’

‘’did you ever ask her or insisted her’’

‘’duffer please…I called you to say I am leaving and ‘’


‘’and to know you are alright or not. What happened to you suddenly duffer’’

‘’you want to know what happened to me. I WILL MISS YOU and the feeling of missing is something I hate. Anyways there is no point to say anything further as you have decided and waise bhi Anika didi’s health got deteriorated yesterday night , so was busy in staying back with Sahil ’’

‘’what happened to Anika didi? ‘’

She didn’t get any reply.

‘’hello duffer..Rudra..you on call?’’

Rudra disconnected the call not in a mood to reply anything and sent a message stating he will talk to her later and that Anika has been home after getting discharged from hospital and is better.

Sumo sat down on bed and his words was struck with his words….

Sumo TAM ‘’He will miss me. Like really. But why? I mean he doesn’t even consider me as his friend then how come he will miss me. Fact is even I will miss him. we when together are always at logger heads and when far we are something different’’

Coming out of thoughts , she picked up her bags but his words ringed in her ears.

———————– Anika’s room

‘’Shivaay’’ she called him

He looked at her

‘’thank you’’

‘’it’s okay…I just came to talk to Gauri about your health, but saw you falling so rushed to you..i…I will leave now’’ he turned to go when she held his hand making him look at her

‘’Can I say something Shivaay’’

He again looked at her without giving any response

‘’I really don’t know how my pic is there in that locket. But’’

‘’it’s okay Anika. No need to give any explanation’’

‘’listen to me Shivaay. Let me complete’’

She made him sit beside her and turned towards him

‘’I understood why you denied being friends with anyone only yesterday. I know you value your friendship with your childhood friend very much that you kept your promise. She is very lucky to have you in her life. I hope you meet her soon. But, ‘’


‘’But…I feel you need someone in life to move forward. Reason is, whenever she returns to you, she should not feel bad  that because of her , you became alone. I know you gave her a promise that you will be friends with none except her, but I suggest, don’t give her place to anyone and talk and share your matters with anyone else..in this way you will keep your promise and also will not upset her…’’


She looked at him

‘’Do you really want me to move on and find someone else to share my matters with?’’

‘’yes. ‘’

‘’Fine, you have asked and I agree’’

‘’like really. You are agreeing to me?’’ Anika’s eyes twinkled

‘’yes.’’ He spoke loud and thought to himself ‘’I can never deny my stupid as I have never denied my stupid’’

‘’Thank you Shivaay for agreeing to me.’’

‘’are you happy with this?’’

‘’Super happy. And this calls for an ice cream treat’’

‘’get well soon and we will for sure go for icecream treat’’

‘’pakka…pinky promise?’’ she extended her little finger

He was stunned for a moment and entwined his little finer with hers. Gauri smiled looking at both from the door and left from there giving them their space

‘’now since I agreed to what you said, you must also agree to what I say Stup..i mean Anika’’

‘’okay..tell me what to do?’’

‘’Go get freshened up and get well soon. It is hard to see you like a patient. I mean everyone wants that lioness Anika not bhigibilli ‘’

‘’I am not Bhigibilli…I am Khidkitodh Anika..Understand Billu’’

‘’Hey don’t call me Billu..i hate that’’

‘’you can call me Bhigi Billi and I can’t call you Billu…forget it ,it’s not gonna happen..from today I will call you Billu…Billu, billu, billu’’

‘’not now..you are sick, I will take revenge regarding this later’’

‘’we will see’’

‘’yes, we will definitely see’’ he flicked his hair in style

She smiled and he too smiled without being noticed by her and left from there towards his office

————-Oberoi Mansion

Dadi waited for a long time so that her son’s and Bahus wake up. Due to the time difference in between India and Uk

She quickly dialled their number when she was sure enough to talk to them.



‘’Maa…you at this time? Is everything fine there?’’

‘’Yes, but I have something very important to speak to all of you..is everyone around?’’

‘’Maa… wait …I am calling all of them near the phone, I will put it on speaker’’

Dadi waited and when everyone came

‘’Yes maa…Pinky, Shakthi, Jhanvi and I are here and we are all listening to you…tell us maa, what happened and what do you want to speak?’’

‘’Tej, Shakthi, Jhanvi aur Pinky…Anika Harshavaradhan Trivedi is alive’’

All four got shocked with what they heard and looked at each other

‘’maa …how…how do you know? Who said you? ‘’

‘’Tej…Billu found out Anika…She is now working for Oberoi Industires under Billu, Om and Prinku. She came to our house on Ganesh Pooja also’’

‘’Whaat? How did Shivaay found her out?’’

Dadi explained regarding the locket and the pic in it and also about Anika confirming the pic to be hers the day before …

‘’But mummy ji…how come she didn’t recognise you?’’ Jhanvi asked

‘’I am also not getting that point. There can be only two possibilities. 1. Either she forgot her past 2. She is acting as if she doesn’t remember anything or anyone’’

‘’Maa…if the first case is true as of now we have nothing to worry, but if it’s second case then I think we must be prepared to face the worst’’

‘’yes Tej. But whatever it is, I didn’t deny Billu, Om, Rudra or Prinku to meet her ‘’

‘’Thanks God Mummy ji’s you didn’t say anything to them..else I don’ts knows what wills happens’’ Pinky replied

‘’how many days will we hide the matter Pinky, one day the children must know everything and in my view before they get to know from someone else, it is better we say it ourselves’’

‘’nahi maa…don’t tell anything till we come there. I will try to wind up everything here as fast as I can and come there. Till then let it go the same way as it is going. I will ask one of my men to keep an eye on Anika’’

‘’What about Gauri Mummy ji?’’ Jhanvi asked

‘’no idea Jhanvi bahu…but a girl by name Gauri is staying with Anika in her home. I asked her whether they are real sisters to which Gauri replied NO…I got relaxed knowing it was just a coincidence’’

‘’I hope it is a mere coincidence maa…else , things might get worsened’’ Tej remarked

‘’fine…but remember what I said..it is always better to let the children know everything from us rather than anyone else. Mistake happened and they suffered a lot. Onemore thing I suspect Billu is in love with Anika. I am suspecting as I have seen his feelings clearly on his face’’

‘’OMM…I will never accept that servants daughter as my bahu’’

‘’you should after what they have done for us Pinky. This is the only way to pay them back for our mistakes’’

Pinky TAM ‘’never..i will never accept her and before things go out of my hand I must really do something’’

‘’Don’t even think of doing something Pinky bahu, because then I will be forced to tell everything to the children’’ Dadi warned to which Pinky kept mum

‘’Theek hain maa…I will come there as soon as possible till then take care of everything there and specially don’t let ShivOmRu and Prinku not know anything.’’

‘’okay…take care ..abhi rakthi hoon’’


‘’How come all of a sudden Anika came into the scene. I thought their chapter closed forever.’’ Tej spoke angrily

‘’Tej..truth comes out in open one day. ‘’ Jhanvi replied

‘’But..we have ..’’ Shakthi was about to say something

‘’Shakthi what we did or we didn’t do, is not important. You very well know how tough it became that time to come out of the mess. If tomorrow that girl reopens that HORRIFIC PAST then the Future will be ….’’

‘’We will see Bhai Saheb…let’s not think about that now. First let’s finish the woks over here’’

————–Anika’s House

‘’Dii….Got freshened up?’’


‘’how are you feeling now?’’

‘’much better’’

‘’Dii…I know this is not the right time, but I want to return something’’ gauri spoke nervous

Anika looked on, Gauri pulled out the locket and gave it to Anika

‘’Dii…Shivaay Sir asked me to give it at right time… I have seen you both talking properly so thought to give this back now…’’

Anika smiled , taking the locket

‘’Dii…show me what’s in this locket …I am so dying to see what’s in it’’

‘’Shut up Gauri…don’t say dying and all..i will show you what’s in locket’’

Anika opened the locket and Gauri snatched the locket from her to see. She looked at it and got shocked ……..


Precap : All three pairs bond to grow from here

Author’s Note : Dear Readers, due to Navratri celebrations in my home, i will be unable to post the episode till thursday. The next episode will be posted on Friday. However to compensate the time frame, I will be posting the episodes on this weekend. Excuses and Apologies for this sudden announcement of mine. HAPPY NAVRATRI TO ALL OF YOU !!!

This is the Twenty First episode…..please do let me know , how you felt after reading this…any opinions good or bad is welcome…i would reply as soon as possible……….do press the like button and post your opinion without fail…..Thank you so much !!!!

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      Hi Jeeta…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…past will take a back seat as of now…let their bond grow was what i was planning…hope it would be worth your time and read…lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care

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      Hey Raji…what to say, as usual your reply always mesmerises me and motivates me… Raji it is my duty to reply each one of you, so that our bond grows…for the time you and every reader spends on my ff is the biggest achievement for me, and in return i should reply….that’s why sooner or later i reply to every opinion posted….i am so so happy to know you like my writings as well as you are liking the way this ff and the episodes are shaping up…it really means a lot to me when a reader gives such feedback…and coming from you makes it more special…..thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…next episode is posted….lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care.

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