Horrific Past To Surprising Future – Ishqbaaz FanFiction- Episode 18

Hi This is VHM aka Harika coming up with a new story / Fanfiction on Ishqbaaz. This will involve all the three couples . A subtle romance, thrill, accusations, support and family bonding. Get on a new ride with me and do support me.

Please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes…….Hope the readers would support me the same way as they have supported me till date……

‘’Om …I think we should leave Shivaay Sir alone. He needs some space and time for himself’’ Gauri spoke

Om nodded to Gauri and patted Shivaay’s shoulder and left from there along with Gauri. As soon as the door closed , Shivaay opened the locket to find the childhood pics of Anika and His. Tears formed in his eyes as smile adorned his lips. His every doubt regarding Anika being  his stupid was getting cleared … His heart beat was getting faster as he wanted at that moment to run to Anika and take her in his arms. He felt like shouting to the whole world that he finally found out his stupid after many many long years. He felt that from now on his life will be normal, he will also have a friend, a girl friend like everyone else, he will be normal and not tough. He reminded of his fights and arguments with Anika in previous few months, a smile again came back to his lips. But then, realisation struck. The way he behaved with Anika the previous day, the jerk he gave that she fell down, the way he insulted her came forth in his mind. Yet he smiled, tears of happiness flowed at that moment and were unstoppable. He didn’t care to wipe them as he wanted to capture that moment forever and he thought why should not he, he finally found his stupid, whom he was searching these years. He was confident that he can persuade his Stupid and he still knows what he did in his childhood and what he needs to do now. He felt an emotion that could never be expressed in words.

————-Anika’s House

The door bell rang and Anika came out of her thoughts to open the door.

‘’Rudra, Saumya…you both here? ‘’

Rudra ‘’Di..i will tell’’

Sumo ‘’no..i will tell’’

Rudra ‘’fatso I said na I will tell’’

Sumo ‘’Dumbo ..i said na I will tell..’’

Rudra ‘’I started first’’

Sumo ‘’so what…ladies first’’

Rudra ‘’who is lady here apart from Anika didi’’

Sumo ‘’shut up Rudra’’

Rudra ‘’shut up Fatso’’

Anika ‘’ok stop now…Rudra and Sumo…I will not ask why are you here…first come in’’

‘’Dii…we were struck in some issue and were not getting how to come out of it, so came to get help from you ‘’

‘’is it the only thing Sumo?’’

‘’Actually Anika dii..we were missing you badly and were not feeling like working in the office that too in your cabin without you…so …so…’’ Rudra was not able to continue

Anika smiled and hugged both of them…’’good that you came here , I was also missing your banter so much. You both were the only relief to me in the stress….so let’s sit then and do our works…and ya next time you come , don’t fight at the main door atleast take a breath come in and then start’’ she laughed to which RuMya also laughed

All three sat back to work and few hours passed by….

‘’Didi..we will go now..O and Shivaay bhayya will be waiting for us’’

‘’ya didi…we will leave now’’

‘’ok fine..and do come often..and by the way, are you both going to office or home now?’’

‘’office ‘’

‘’Will you help me with a favour?’’

‘’off course didi..anything for you’’

‘’Nothing much…you need to handover this to Shivaay’’ Anika bought a box and gave it to Rudra

‘’What’s this Box Anika didi?’’

‘’Rudra…I used to put a chain with a locket in this…and now the locket is with your Shivaay bhayya. So give this to him and say that he can keep the locket and the box with himself’’

‘’ok didi…as you say’’

‘’thanks Rudra , thanks Sumo’’ she slowly rubbed their cheeks and bid bye to them.


—————-Omkara’s Cabin

Om and Gauri were working but Gauri was feeling disturbed. Om who noticed for sometime came to her and held her hand.

‘’Om..what are you doing?’’

‘’Gauri relax…I am seeing you being uncomfortable…what happened?’’

‘’Woh..woh…it’s true Om ..i am not feeling very bad to lie to Anika didi…if she gets to know the actual motive she would feel bad…she trusts me so much…and i…ppcchhh…I shouldn’t have lied to her’’

‘’relax Gauri..sometimes it happens…you know I hate lies yet this time I supported you, because it was for some good…I have seen Shivaay , Gauri….there might be some reason why he wanted that locket and there was no other way we can get it for him’’

‘’I know Om, but still..i want to say truth to Anika didi after going home. I cannot sit in this guilt for a long time. ‘’

‘’Fine…as you wish. By then anyways Shivaay will also give back the locket’’

‘’True…thanks Om…’’

‘’why thanks?’’


‘’because’’ Om came near Gauri making her blush

‘’Om…you are making me nervous…let’s get back to work’’

‘’You are..’’ Om was about to say something when Gauri looked at him, he continued ‘’nothing…let’s get back to work’’

————–Oberoi Mansion

Dadi was sitting alone still in thoughts

Dadi TAM ‘’ From the time I heard Billu say that he has doubts of that girl being Harsh’s daughter, I am not at peace. Whatever happened then shouldn’t have happened. She became the victim , she lost her family and got separated from her sister…if she really is the daughter of Harsh then she wouldn’t stay calm, she will definitely bring back the past…we haven’t said anything about the past to Billu, om and Rudra…how will they react when they know…this family is joint family for namesake and if the truth comes out then this family will break…but still one question is haunting me..if she is Harsh’s daughter then how come she didn’t recognise me? I understand I grew older but my face cut still is the same, the way I talk is still the same…what’s the thing that is missing…the more I think the more I am getting puzzled…should I talk to Tej and Shakthi regarding this? May be they will have a solution or can find a way to know exactly who this Anika is.’’

————–Shivaay’s Cabin

Shivaay was still in his thoughts, looking at the locket, his thoughts travelled to his childhood

‘’Khadoos, I am getting bored..’’

‘’Stupid can’t you see I am reading book’’

‘’offo…don’t you get bored reading books ‘’

‘’Books give knowledge which you clearly lack stupid’’

‘’Ok ..so you mean to say you have so much knowledge’’

‘’yes ..any doubts?’’

‘’Fine then let me test your knowledge…if you fail you will have to take me out for icecream’’

‘’You are challenging me?’’

‘’think so’’

‘’fine challenge accepted…ask whatever you want..but yeah…if you lose, you will start reading book along with me’’


‘’now ask’’

‘’Ok so tell me, what goes up and never comes down?’’

‘’What ? what sort of question is this’’

‘’Accept you don’t know the answer’’

‘’Wait…let me think’’

‘’ok..i will count 10 and in that you have to answer else , you will take me out for ice cream’’

‘’Don’t disturb ..let me think’’

‘’10..9…8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1…Okay stop, your time is up and you lost…come we will go to have icecream’’

‘’I will but tell me the answer’’

‘’I will tell but you should not scold me or try to hit me’’

‘’I knew you would have some weird answer for this…tell me first then I will decide what to do with you’’

‘’The answer is YOUR TADI’’ she giggled and ran while he followed her to give her a good beating…

‘’Ahh..sorry sorry sorry khadoos…what to do you are so boring…how will you get entertained if I am not with you? ‘’

He stood there looking at her , while she walked towards him and questioned ‘’You got angry? I am sorry, we will not go for ice cream…’’ she pouted being upset

‘’Stupid..never say you will not be with me…I always want you to be with me, we may fight or tease, but we should always be together’’

She smiled and he joined in her smiles………


Shivaay too smiled involuntarily with the memories of his past holding the locket still tight……

His thoughts broke when Rudra stepped in his room

‘’Shivaay bhayya’’ he called

‘’haan…’’ he wiped his tears and set himself proper , kept the locket in his pocket before turning towards Rudra

‘’You are okay right?’’

‘’yeah..i am very much okay’’ he smiled

‘’today you are looking different, even your smile…what’s special?’’

‘’Will tell you and Om everything …but let the right time come’’

‘’fine as you say…’’

‘’okay tell me ..done with your work?’’

‘’yeah one work is left so came to you’’


‘’Anika didi asked to give you this..’’ Rudra handed over the box that Anika gave to him

‘’What’s this?’’ Shivaay asked taking the box from rudra’s hand

‘’I donno what’s this , but she asked me to say you something’’

Shivaay looked at him

‘’She said You can keep this box along with the locket that you are having. She said that she used to keep the locket in this box’’ Rudra spoke what he was asked to by Anika

Shivaay was taken by surprise and stood still…

‘’Shivaay bhayya..i will be winding up my work, drop sumo and then be home’’

Shivaay didn’t reply, Rudra came and held his shoulders

‘’Are you okay? ‘’


‘’fine..i am leaving now..see you at home’’ saying that Rudra left

Shivaya held the box and took the locket from his pocket….he placed the locket in the box, smiled and spoke

‘’How did you know the locket is with me Stupid.. what sort of question is this..who can know me better than my stupid…but why did you send the box, will you not allow me to put the locket once again on your neck…I will be coming to you soon stupid this time as your khadoos not as your boss or employer…but first I have to tell Dadi about you being My stupid…’’

Speaking to himself he remembered what Dadi said to him morning

——–Flashback starts , few hours back in the morning

Dadi ‘’Billu…got ready?’’

‘’yeah Dadi..you need anything?’’

‘’yes, a promise’’

Shivaay’s eyebrows frowned

‘’Dadi..why promise…did I ever go against anything you said?’’

Dadi smiled

‘’tell me Dadi what should I do?’’

‘’Billu I know you will somehow find if that girl is your Anika or not …whenever you find out , whether she is Anika or not, promise me you will inform me first . ‘’

‘’Promise dadi…I will inform you first, whatever might be the result’’

Dadi kissed Shivaay on his forehead and blessed him.

———————————–Flashbag ends

Shivaay left from Office and drove towards Home to give the news to Dadi

Precap : What will be Dadi’s reaction ? Will Gauri – Anika’s relation too come forth ? to know more stay tuned.


This is the Eighteenth episode…..please do let me know , how you felt after reading this…any opinions good or bad is welcome…i would reply as soon as possible……….do press the like button and post your opinion without fail…..Thank you so much !!!!

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    1. VHM

      Hi Shanaya …thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…awee that’s so sweet of you, i have not written episode 21 and you are asking me to post entire book in one go, what to answer you, had i written , i would have sent it to you…. next episode posted….lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care.

      1. Shanaya_rajput

        what to do Diiii….the suspense kills me….n the irony is i wish u post the entire book together n the story shud also never end…nw u tell me wht shud i do…

  2. Full of excitment….plz post a loooooooong chapter…

    1. VHM

      Hi 🙂 smiley , i would like to call you so, as no user name except a smiley is what i can see……thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…next episode posted….lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care.

  3. Waoh just waoh fully excited for next update. Finally shivay came to know that she is her stupid. Loved rumya fight infront of anika’s door haha
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    1. VHM

      Hi Medha…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…awee glad to know you liked the episode…next episode posted….lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care.

  4. ShinyTirupathi

    Once Again It was Super Duper Chappy Dear .. Had those SMILE in My Lips till The End.. SO Finally Shivaay Has Found Her Stupid .. Fingers Crossed To See what Dadi Comes up with… Excited… Rumya Was Cute.. Could See the Glimpse of Original Ishqbaaa.. Loving them…

    1. VHM

      Hi Shiny…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…this brought a smile on my face to know that you had smile on your lips after reading the episode…next episode posted….lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care.

  5. Nice episode dear. Finally he found his STUPID but only thing she does not remember him or anything of the past which is good for Dadi but don’t think it will last for long. Sorry if I did not comment on yr previous post was busy but I did read it and like it.

    Take care dear. Keep smiling 😊

    1. VHM

      Hi Jeeta…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…true, she doesn’t remember anything as now of everything good for Dadi….no worries dear, take your time to read and post your opinion, i can wait….next episode posted….lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care.

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      Hi Raji…not yet, will have in couple of hours …how are you ? all kisses and hugs accepted, will keep few for me and rest will give to my daughter Akki…no need to feel awkward, friends share all these in a good way, so what’s wrong…….thank you so much dear…thanks a lot….am so glad you liked the episode and it met your expectations…ha ha ha ha partty time , true…i am sure you will like the next episodes then….next episode posted….lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care.

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    1. VHM

      gladly accepted dear …

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      Hi Prabha chelli …thank you so much dear…thanks a lot….awweee so sweet of you tealli, very glad to know few scenes touched you and you liked the episode…that’s such a big relief for me to know my story is worth your time….next episode posted….lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care.

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      Hi Chaithu…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…yes, Shivaay finally found out who his stupid is…..next episode posted….lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care.

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