Horrific Past To Surprising Future – Ishqbaaz FanFiction- Episode 17

Hi This is VHM aka Harika coming up with a new story / Fanfiction on Ishqbaaz. This will involve all the three couples . A subtle romance, thrill, accusations, support and family bonding. Get on a new ride with me and do support me.

Please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes…….Hope the readers would support me the same way as they have supported me till date……

‘’Anika..open the door once..i have something very important to talk…’’

‘’Shivaay please…please leave from here and for God sake don’t do any sort of drama or create a scene’’

‘’Anika…open the door..i promise I will leave once I talk to you’’

‘’there is nothing left to talk Shivaay…we have spoken enough….’’

‘’Anika…damn it open the door…’’

Anika left from there to her room and instructed Gauri and Sahil not to open the door and let him leave after a while. Gauri felt bad , but she couldn’t and didn’t want to go beyond Anika’s words.


Om’s phone beeped and he took out to see the message ‘’Om..Shivaay sir is outside our home and is waiting to talk to Anika didi. Anika didi is not willing to talk to him. Take him to your home Om. Come fast. We will decide what to do later. ‘’

Om read the message and stood up to leave

‘’Om ..where are you going? ‘’

‘’Dadi..to bring Shivaay home.’’

‘’Billu..where did he go’’

‘’Dadi..i will give you the details later…let me bring him first’’

Ru and Dadi looked on while Om left towards Anika’s home to bring back shivaay

————–Anika’s house

‘’Anika ok fine, you don’t talk to me …I just want to see that locket once. Please , and I promise once I see the locket I will leave from here …’’

Anika switched off the lights, however she felt really sad to act stubborn. Shivaay still waited…

‘’Anika di..once listen to him, he is after all our boss too..my maa says we should always respect our guests, even though we are annoyed…’’

‘’Maa says so?’’ Anika asked with teary eyes

‘’yes’’ Gauri nodded

Anika came down and opened the door…Shivaay looked on…She asked him to come in and he stepped in…

‘’Anika..woh…’’ before Shivaay could say anything Anika showed her hand and stopped him from speaking anything and said

‘’Mr.Oberoi…I cannot be so arrogant and rude as you are …if you don’t want to return home…you can sit in this sofa and wait for any long hours you want. She turned towards Gauri and said

‘’Gauri bring him the dinner that I cooked before, he hasn’t eaten anything since evening …meanwhile I will prepare black coffee…’’

Shivaay and Gauri looked at her with surprise

‘’How do you know he hasn’t eaten since evening?’’ Gauri questioned

‘’Woh..woh…’’ Anika didn’t know what to answer and said ‘’why ar you asking questions Gauri, will you not do what I have asked for?’’ she left from there

Gauri nodded , but

‘’Anika…I don’t need anything..just listen to me once…I need to see the lock…’’

‘’Shivaay…what are you doing here…we all were worried for you…come let’s go home’’ Om said not allowing Shivaay to complete his sentence

‘’om…’’ Anika and Shivaay said together

‘’Yeah..me…why are yiu both surprised’’

‘’How do you know Shivaay is / I am here?’’ Anika and Shivaay again asked together and then looked at each other

‘’we will talk about everything later…Shivaay  !!!! Dadi Om and Prinku are worried…so please let’s go…’’

Shivaay looked at Anika while Anika turned her face sideways …Gauri gestured Shivaay that she will take care of Anika and looked at Om…Om smiled closing his eyes for a second and Gauri too smiled assuring him …

Shivaay and Om left…………


Om, Shivaay returned home and before anyone could ask anything…Shivaay said that he is no mood to answer anyone…Dadi called it a day looking at her Billu , so everyone left towards their room…

———-Shivaay’s Room

Shivaay made his black coffee and was looking at the pool when Dadi entered his room….

‘’Billu…can I come in?’’

‘’Dadi…’’ he turned towards her ‘’why are you asking for permission. You can always come in , it’s your house and we are all yours’’  he brought Dadi in and made her sit comfortably in the couch

Dadi smiled and looked at him with love….

‘’Do you have anything to talk to me Dadi? Do you need anything? You should have called me, I would have come. Is your health alright? Are you worried for something?’’ He was asking questions without gap in concern

‘’relax Billu…I am all fine..i came to talk to you about whatever happened today’’

Shivaay got up and turned to go  when Dadi spoke ‘’billu , I know you said you don’t want to talk about it…but still my concern for you has brought me here at this hour and I hope you would answer me’’

‘’Dadi ..what do you want to know?’’

‘’What happened today?’’

‘’Before I say what happened today, I want to tell you something else or to say something else’’

‘’What is that Billu?’’

‘’Dadi..if I am not wrong , Anika the one whom you met today is MY STUPID ‘’

‘’whaat?’’ Dadi stood in shock and continued ‘’How do you know?’’

‘’I am not sure dadi…it is only my gut feeling…I just wish she is MY ANIKA, MY STUPID for whom I waited for so long years’’

‘’Billu…till you don’t get sure, don’t raise your expectations…’’ she spoke sadly

‘’Dadi..will you be not happy if she turns out to be My Stupid…I remember you used to love her a lot and also her family too…but why can’t I see the happiness now in your eyes when I said that I am supposing her to be my childhood sweethear..i mean my childhood best friend or to say my only best friend in my life’’

‘’No..nothing..nothing like that Billu..i am..i am very happy and will be very happy if she turns out to be YOUR STUPID as you fondly call her’’

Shivaay looked at Dadi, who was in someother thoughts

‘’Dadi’’ he held her shoulders softly and made her sit and asked her to look at him

‘’I have seen you dadi being surprised when you met her today and listened to her name..i have seen you being worried when she was around….are you hiding something from me dadi…if so please tell me..i will…I will and can handle anything’’

‘’Billu…if there is something that I should and can tell you, by now I would have said…but’’

‘’but what Dadi’’

‘’nothing…I just hope everything goes well and everyone stays happy’’

‘’Something is a miss dadi..tell me ‘’

‘’Leave it…tell me something..if she is Your Anika, then she should have recognised you by now ‘’

‘’Dadi..she is seeing me after so many years…how will she recognise me?’’

‘’agreed but she should have recognised me right, she was not so small to not remember me…’’

‘’that’s what I was having doubt…I will get to know everything about her from tomorrow dadi…I just want to clear off my every damn doubt’’

‘’fine Billu…just be happy..all I want is that’’ Dadi stood up after saying and turned to leave feeling every sort of emotion then

Shivaay just looked on…

Shivaay TAM ‘’there is something that Dadi is hiding from me. What can it be? Why is she not happy with whatever I said…she loved my Stupid and her family a lot as far as I remember and she used to even scold my mom whenever my mom used to speak ill of Anika’s family…but now I can clearly see her tensed … I must try to know everything, but before that I need to confirm about this Anika being MY ANIKA and for that I need to see the locket once..’’

————————-Anika’s House / Anika’s room

Anika TAM ‘’why was he asking for the locket and by the way which locket is he asking for. Wait a min is he referring to the locket that I wore today to his home. Why is he so interested in it. What might be the reason. What’s there in that locket ? let me see it ‘’

Anika came out of her thoughts , switiching on the lights , she took the locket from the small box…and started seeing it keenly

‘’what’s there in this..he is so rich then why is he behind this locket..if he wants he can buy some thousands of such lockets or get it custom made for him’’ she spoke to her self while turning the locket in every side and applying force to open it when her mobile beeped

‘’Anika…I know you might be thinking why I am after that locket’’ Anika read the message and turned to look the room

‘’how does he know I am thinking so?’’ she got puzzled when her mobile beeped again

‘’It is something that is precious to me more than my life. Please I request you to let me see it once. I promise I wouldn’t make any issue’’  to which Anika replied

‘’Sorry Mr.Oberoi…I can be of no help to you and please don’t disturb me with your messages. I have to sleep now’’

(The conversations below are mobile message conversations)

‘’Anika ..fine don’t show it to me atleast send me a photo of it after opening the locket, that will be enough for me’’

‘’Whaat? Are you kidding Mr.Oberoi..i am not going to do any such thing and by the way this Locket cannot be opened. ‘’

‘’it gets opened Anika..it gets opened ..i know…just turn the small screw sort in the form of alphabet ‘S ‘ and it will get opened’’

‘’You have lost it Mr.Oberoi…now please go to sleep and let me also sleep..Gud night’’ she replied

‘’Anika please’’

Anika replied nothing and in anger deleted al the messages ….so that he will not disturb and slept on her bed placing all the things back into their places. Shivaay on the other hand waited for her reply but in vain…Anika was again changing sides, and Shivaay’s state was also the same…he was thinking of ways to see the locket once…

Anika got up and picked the locket once and thinking of what Shivaay said she turned the small screw in the form of ‘S’ and bingo the locket opened, at the same moment she heard the door knock and she got up to go to open the door placing the locket in the smallbox … while something from the locket slipped into the bottom of the box where the locket was placed…

‘’Anika didi’’ Sahil came to her

‘’Sahil …what happened?’’

‘’Anika didi ..i am not getting sleep, can you make me sleep please?’’

‘’come Sahil’’ she hugged sahil and placed him on her bed…she closed the locket thinking of having a look at it later and placed back in the drawer, switching off the lights, dozed to sleep making Sahil sleep.

——————–Dadi’s Room

‘’Ohh God..in which fix you have put me know…one side is Billu’s happiness and other side is my family’s reputation….you and I know what happened years back ..when we have forgotten and moved ahead, our past is coming back ….i can clearly see how excited Billu is…but if Anika comes to his life and says the truth then? Billu’s life will be a question mark…He was never happy …his happiness is and was Anika along with his brothers and me…what should I do now..should I support Billu or stop Billu….only way I am seeing now or praying now is let her be not His Anika….’’

Dadi thoughts spoke these words……….


———–The next day morning arrived

——————-Anika’s Home

Anika bid bye to Gauri and Sahil and started to work from home………

————-Oberoi Industires Head office

Gauri and Saumya arrived to office and joined Om and Rudra….when Shivaay came to them

‘’Shivaay’’ Om exclaimed

‘’Gauri I have something to talk to you’’ Shivaay looked at Gauri

‘’yes…yes sir’’

‘’Gauri ..i need your help…can you or to say will you help me?’’

‘’Sir…please tell me..if I can I will’’

‘’Gauri yesterday Anika wore a locket and came to the Pooja…I need that locket …can you get it for me?’’

‘’Sir..but..how can I? I mean it’s Anika didi’s and I cannot ‘’

‘’Gauri please…it’s very important for me’’

‘’Shivaay what’s the matter? ‘’ Om asked

‘’I will tell you everything but only after I see the locket…I need to check it out Om…’’

‘’Bhayya..bhayya…relax….we will find out a way’’ Rudra spoke

‘’I have an Idea’’ Saumya interfered

‘’what?’’ everyone asked in union

‘’it’s simple Gauri didi…just go to Anika didi and ask her to give it to you as it will match your dress …I am sure she will not deny’’ Saumya replied

‘’Saumya…don’t forget she is Anika didi…she can read what’s running in your brain in a giffy’’ Gauri replied

‘’Actually it’s not a bad idea Gauri…do as I say’’ Shivaay said something to which Gauri nodded…..and everyone smiled

————————-Anika’s Home

‘’Anika didi…’’ Gauri came to her

‘’Gauri ..you at this hour? Is everything fine with you and at the office?’’

‘’Didi..i need your help…’’

‘’relax relax…what’s the matter’’

‘’didi woh…I need to go to some clients on a project with Om…they have put a demand that the building style must be the same as we used to have long back in ages….they want everything and everyone to be in Indian traditions…’’

‘’ok..fine..but how can I help you in this..i mean I am not an architect like you’’

‘’not that didi…I need to get ready in Indian traditional way and I don’t know how to drape a saree…will you help me with that?’’

‘’ohh that…silly girl….why wouldn’t i…’’

‘’then help me didi…Om will be coming anytime here ‘’

‘’fine chalo….’’ Anika held her hands and took Gauri to her room

Gauri wantedly brought some stupid normal sarees to which Anika scolded and gave her saree from her wardrobe and draped over her….

‘’You look gorgeous Gauri….’’ She exclaimed and put a kaala teeka behi d her ears

‘’Something is missing na Didi?’’ gauri exclaimed

‘’what? ‘’

‘’I donno..something is missing…on the day of pooja you were looking complete in a saree, but I am not getting that feeling…’’ she deliberately moved her hands to her neck

‘’wait…wait a min..i got it…let me put some chain in your neck’’

Anika bought her jewellery box and tried many chains but Gauri gave weird replies and finally Anika bought out the chain with the locket that she wore on the day of Pooja and made Gauri wear it…

‘’Didi..this also doesn’t look nice…leave it didi…I will go like this’’

‘’no gauri..this actually looks perfect…and you need not adjust….you are my sister and I will provide anything that you ask for…If you are not happy with this…let me buy you something right now…come let’s go to the shop and I will ask Om to pick you from the shop itself’’

‘’nooo..i mean no didi…why go to shop now..you said na this is looking nice , I will wear this and go’’ Gauri smiled

‘’perfect..’’ Anika kissed Gauri on her forehead and turned when the calling bell rang

‘’it must be Om…go now fast’’ Anika said to which Gauri felt nervous and left from there

‘’Ready Gauri..shall we make a move…clients must be waiting’’ Om spoke as soon as Gauri opened the door

‘’Hi Om…’’

‘’Hi Anika..everything good?’’


‘’Sorry Anika gotta go..Clients are waiting’’

‘’Sure ..take care and all the best’’

Gauri and Om left……

————-In the Car

‘’Om ..i am feeling really bad to lie to Anika dii…I should have said the truth that Shivaay sir wants to see this locket.’’

‘’I also hate lies Gauri, but this was necessary…you know what Shivaay never asks us for any help. This is first time I could see him desperate and needy…so I couldn’t deny him…I hope he gets what he wants’’

‘’I too couldn’t see Shivaay sit in such state…that’s why agreed to help’’

‘’don’t you think we think alike’’ he winked to her

‘’You are such a flirt Om’’

‘’by the way whatever is the reason..you are looking gorgeous…I am just …’’

‘’Stop…stop..stop Om…don’t start again….’’

Om TAM ‘’I am just getting crazy about this girl…I feel like I am getting back to my life..’’

‘’Hello …what are you thinking?’’

‘’Haan..no..nothing…reached finally’’

————————Anika’s House

‘’I know Gauri, you came to wear that locket… when I put the chain around your neck and your reactions said me all……I also know this might be the plan of Shivaay too…he has sent you to bring this for you and I expected this too….the fact is how much ever annoyed I might be with him, I cannot deny him…he wanted to see the locket, I wanted to show the locket and the medium was you…I hope whatever he wants to know, may be he get’s it’’


————–Shivaay’s Cabin

Shivaay was walking here and there waiting for Gauri and Om……when they both stepped in

‘’Gauri…did you get the locket?’’ Shivaay walked towards Gauri

‘’Shivaay sir..’’

‘’Gauri locket’’

‘’yeah here…’’ she took out the chain from her neck and handed over him the chain and locket ….

Shivaay’s hands were shivering while holding the locket….Om held him as support….Shivaay turned the screw in the form of ‘S’ and the locket opened……….


Precap : What will be there in the locket? The paper that Anika hid during the day of Harshavardhan Trivedi’s murder or the Childhood pics of Shivaay and Anika ?

To know more stay tuned !!!


This is the Seventeenth episode…..please do let me know , how you felt after reading this…any opinions good or bad is welcome…i would reply as soon as possible……….do press the like button and post your opinion without fail…..Thank you so much !!!!

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    1. VHM

      Hey Jeeta…that’s so sweet of you to guess, let’s see what will be there….thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…next episode posted…lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care.

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      Hey Katz..i and Akki both are doing good dear..howz you and Kiddo’s …thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…”LOCKETFUL EPISODE…I LIKED THIS”next episode posted…lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care.

  4. ShinyTirupathi

    Wow What A Chappy.. Loved It.. Shivaay’s Love For His Stupid So Crazily.. and Those Locket.. Ur So Brilliant in Writing.. Om and Gauri’s Parts are Love too.. I’m Liking it.. its True U r So Good and U inspire Me To Write.. I would Bet.. There is No Better writer than U For Me… Excited for Upcoming…

    1. VHM

      Hey Shiny…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…awee that’s really so sweet of you to write such compliments, what to say so overwhelmed , thank you so much dear….next episode posted…lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care.

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  7. Hi friend you potrayed awesomely n effectively anikas concern towards shivaay even though she is annoyed with him she agreed with Gauri n offered shivaay to have her cooked food n his favourite expresso.her understanding his intentions to see the locket n she fond that she used gauri is simply super n nice.even though she is angry with him but she is still thinking about him for his betterment .but in reading it ached me to some extent to the shivaays situation n his interest to look once at locket..I felt really bad n sad..by means of precap I’m not expecting any twist to double the dilemma of shivaay.he should get at least their childhood photos or else shivika names plz.i think the letter that she got from her father slipped down in the box.but I hope he should find final confirmation because this locket is only left evidence to recognise his stupid..I can’t wish more than that plz vhm…I’m not able to digest the missing pain of his stupid in khadoos life.but he can spare long n more to deal with his stupid to make her come to office n join with him in work n to make her as friend as he done so much ego n tadi when Anika offered to him..n to build a bond between him n Anika as in past as the best buddies he should do most great efforts..but if he knows that she is his stupid he can out of the miserable pain in missing his stupid…the coin has changed its turn so shivaay is in convincing state with Anika instead of shouting n behaving rude as employeer.after knowing his stupid in which state he lands with anika.i fallen to the aspect that Anika still cares n thinks about him.all are supporting shivaay including Gauri on his side in hard times as neev to the wall in lack of Anika is very adorable n ideal n most pretty one.you extremely making me feel elated with every contented emotions n bright moments between the true lovers n besties shivika, best brotherhood one for all all for one shivaay for omru n omru for shivaay in helping in getting his stupid ..as shivaay for omru ,Sahil is very Strong brother n supportive to his sister in perfect way.. n unknown sistery bond with numerous amount of love n care n affection that was missing in present scenario of siblings.n building beautiful friendship between rudra n Saumya slowly n steadily n most mesmerized one after forgetting their beautiful childhood memory they are again connecting to each n filling the space in oms life as his little Gauri.. u excellently explaining n showing the beautifull bonding with great love care n effection aniomru sahil shivaay n gauri.waiting for shivaay sahil bond to grow to tease his stupid more.then omru comes to team up with anika.apart from shivaay instead of unexpected fearing n worrying surely dadi will favourite first to Anika to her behaviour rather than shivaay after knowing her state clue less of past.so dear friend you are not leaving any chance to smile happy excited n delighted to be part of your writings.thanks alot friend..keep it up n continue to share your company with us…

    1. VHM

      Hey Raji…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…i started this ff on the basis of whatever points you mentioned and am glad that readers are getting my entire pint of this ff….the story will further get more interesting and this is exactly what i am trying to do now…hope i am successful…what more to say, your opinion amazes me everytime and today is not any exception….next episode posted…lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care.

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      Hey Jeevitha…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…awee that’s so sweet of you dear, it’s so overwhelming to read such lines and i can’t hide my smile…..next episode posted…lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care.

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