Horrific Past To Surprising Future – Ishqbaaz FanFiction- Episode 16

Hi This is VHM aka Harika coming up with a new story / Fanfiction on Ishqbaaz. This will involve all the three couples . A subtle romance, thrill, accusations, support and family bonding. Get on a new ride with me and do support me.

Please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes…….Hope the readers would support me the same way as they have supported me till date……

‘’Anika…this…’’ Shivaay tried walked towards her to touch the locket

Anika took steps backwards ‘’Mr.Oberoi…enough…not a step more , you have said and done enough not anymore….i didn’t know that coming here will lead to such occurrences…I will never ever come back to you…this is my Prom ‘’

‘’didi..’’ Gauri called before Anika could complete………

Anika left from there without turning back at Shivaay, while Shivaay still couldn’t believe what he saw, nothing went to his brain as his time stopped with the locket and that too in Anika’s neck..he just took steps and sat back on the edge of bed drowning in his own thoughts….

Anika wiped her tears and met Gauri who was searching for her…

‘’Didi..where were you? We are searching. It’s getting late, have your dinner and we will head back home’’

‘’Sahil, You and Saumya…did you all have dinner?’’

‘’yes didi..we had just now, we were waiting for you, but Om and Rudra insisted that Shivaay Sir and You will have dinner together, so couldn’t deny. But when we didn’t see you both for a quite a long time, I came searching for you’’

‘’we will leave home ..let’s go…call Sahil and Saumya…and haan, please book a cab’’

‘’Cab…but we have the car’’

‘’Gauri book a cab’’

‘’Didi but why?’’

‘’Will you book the cab or shall I do it?’’ Anika took her mobile to book the cab, when Gauri stopped her and agreed to book the cab

‘’Gauri…I am gonna talk to Om , Rudra and Priyanka..meanwhile you, sahil and saumya wait for me at the gate..i will join you all in couple of minutes’’

‘’is everything fine didi?’’

‘’till now not but from now yes’’

Gauri didn’t understand anything and thought of asking her but remained silent seeing the condition of Anika


‘’Om, Rudra , priyanka’’ Anika called out

‘’Anika, Didi’’ you called us


‘’Everything Fine? I mean you look so disturbed . where is Shivaay?’’

‘’everything will be fine..if not I will make it fine…and about Shivaay I don’t know’’

‘’Anika, what happened? Did Shivaay bhayya again say something?’’ Priyanka asked with concern.

Tears formed in Anika’s eyes, yet she composed and spoke

‘’Om, Priyanka..i know this is not the right time or right place to talk , but I am left with no option. I have self respect and for me being an employee doesn’t mean , I will bear anything from my employer. Atleast I am not so. Shivaay in my eyes is nothing but a heartless man, who doesn’t care for anyone, who doesn’t think others to be humans…who doesn’t know how to speak. He is one who feels everything is a business, he doesn’t know how to speak to his counterparts, forget about being a friend or friendship. Working for such person will be an insult to me. I can just go away resigning my job right now, but my ethics doesn’t let me do that, because I never left my responsibility in middle. So I came to request you that I will work for Oberois, but will work from home. I don’t want or to say I can’t withstand Shivaay before my eyes. And in a way it is good for him too because, he anyways doesn’t want me to be before him’’

‘’Anika..Anika…relax..relax…tell me what happened? I will talk to Shivaay’’ Om tried to handle the situation

‘’it’s of no use Om..and not every time I have to come to you regarding Shivaay. Just understand we are poles apart. Do talwaar ek mayan mein kabhi nahi reh sakte….and if you think work from home is against rules of the company, then I have no other option except to quit the job. ‘’

‘’Anika…you can work from home. But still please let us know what happened?’’ Priyanka spoke being tensed

‘’Thanks Priyanka…what happened you can ask your brother…I will leave now. Have you anything to talk I am available on my mobile and you are always welcome to my home. And ya onemore thing , The company car I am leaving it here for your services. I don’t think it is of any use to me further’’ She left from there without listening or turning back.

Om, Rudra and Priyanka looked at each other. They decided to talk to Shivaay after the guests leave.

———-Shivaay’s Room

Shivaay TAM ‘’is she my Anika…my stupid? Is she really the one for whom I have been waiting for years together. That locket, that locket I gifted to my Stupid, then how come it came in this Anika’s neck. No this cannot be a mere coincidence…the way she used to complete my sentences, Aloo Poori being her favourite, the coffee’s aroma thing, the unusual language and now this Locket…what more can be the proof when my heart has always felt and believed her to be MY ANIKA….i will have to talk to her, yes know about her and about this locket too…’’

Shivaay came out of the thoughts with Dadi knocking on the door.

‘’Billu…why are you here, when all the guests are there and some are waiting for you too. Where is Anika?’’

‘’Dadi..i was just thinking something and Anika…’’ he stopped and realised what had happened before and stood still

‘’Haan Anika what?’’


‘’Billu is everything alright?’’

‘’Dadi..I have to tell you something important…’’

‘’Yeah Billu..tell me’’

‘’Shivaay Bhayya…minister sir is waiting for you…he is about to leave and wanted to talk to you…’’ Rudra came in the moment

‘’Billu…once the guests leave I will talk to you…come now…we have to go…’’

Shivaay, Dadi and Rudra left from there…After they reached the lawn, Shivaay’s eyes constantly searched for Anika but found her nowhere. He wa mechanically greeting the guests, but his mind and heart were not with him….Soon everyone left and Oberois returned to the living room ……

‘’Billu..you were to talk something important , now tell me’’ dadi asked

‘’No dadi…before he speaks anything , I have something to ask and speak to him ‘’ Om interrupted

Shivaay looked at him

‘’Shivaay..i expect you to say truth and remember we want only the truth’’

‘’what’s the matter Om?’’ Dadi asked

‘’What happened between you and Anika sometime before Shivaay? Why did Anika leave disturbed and sad? Why did she hide her tears and tried to put up a brave face while talking to us? Answer us Shivaay’’ Om shoot his Questions to which Dadi’s face frowned

Shivaay remembered everything that happened and also got his answers why she was not seen .

‘’what did she say to you ?’’ Shivaay asked

‘’that’s not the point bhayya. First answer our questions?’’ Priyanka asked

‘’billu..now even I want to know what happened’’

‘’Dadi…woh…we had argument, that’s it…nothing else’’ Shivaay tried to just summarise

‘’I don’t think so Shivaay. Because as far as we know her, she would not have tears because of mere argument’’ Om said

Shivaay didn’t speak anything.

‘’I know you wouldn’t say anything else… I don’t know what happened to her, but let me tell you, she is really good person. She said you insulted her, yet she did not quit her responsibility that you put on her and said she will continue to work , but listen she is not going to come to office from tomorrow. She decided to work from home and I and Priyanka agreed to her this request. Now you should be happy. ‘’ Om spoke feeling sad

‘’what? ‘’

‘’why are you surprised. This you should have expected right?’’

‘’I mean, how can she stay at home . I mean , we need to work together.’’

‘’really Shivaay, you feel that..then you shouldn’t have done what you had done’’

Shivaay left from there and rushed towards his car. He drove as fast as possible towards Anika’s house while his thoughts travelled towards his childhood


‘’Khadoos. What are you doing?’’

‘’nothing..you should knock the door before stepping in stupid’’

‘’look Khadoos, I will not knock the door if it’s you in the room , so don’t expect’’

‘’Uff…why don’t you agree to anything? Forget it tell me why are you here?’’ Khadoos spoke ‘’What are you hiding khadoos?’’ stupid asked placing her hands over her waist and raising her eyebrows in suspicion

‘’No..nothing..absolutely nothing. And even if I am doing something why should I tell you?’’ he replied hiding the paper.

‘’Fine..don’t say..but remember na my birthday is coming ‘’

‘’Hmm..every year it comes. What’s new. ‘’

‘’you are saying this. fine..i thought you will be excited as I get excited for your birthday. Infact I bought ‘’ she closed her mouth and stopped in the middle

‘’you bought what?’’

‘’it’s not bought , it’s thought ..thought’’

‘’okay what did you think , thought whatever’’

‘’why should I say , you do your work , I will be preparing for my birthday…’’

‘’Hey stupid which color dress are you wearing for your birthday?’’

‘’as of now I haven’t bought , but yes I am planning to buy a peacock color dress..hope I find it’’

‘’yeah..yeah..you and your weird choices….’’

‘’huhh…rightly said , my choice of friends includes you too’’ she showed her tongue and left from there

Khadoos smiled and spoke ‘’Stupid..you are my only best friend, how will I forget your birthday, one more special day I wait in the whole year to come. This time I will gift you something very unique and that’s what I was designing . this will and should stay with you forever.’’

Shivaay made the design and handed it over to the goldsmith, explaining him his idea and ordered to make it within a week time . The locket arrived one day before Anika’s birthday.

On the day of Anika’s birthday when clock was about to struck 00:00 hrs Shivaay crawled into the house of Anika and woke her up.

‘’Khadoos let me sleep na…please…’’ she deliberately behaved as if she was sleeping

Stupid wake up..It’s your birthday and I must be the first one to wish’’

‘’No I am sleepy’’

He gave a slight knock on her head and said ‘’Wake Up…else I will leave’’

She smiled and slowly the smile converted into laugh

‘’you are impossible stupid…’’ He held her hand and walked towards the garden area , where a small cake with candles was ready. The clock struck 00:00 hrs and he Wished her HAPPY BIRTHDAY. She smiled and hugged him.

‘’thanks Khadoos. You know you are the best’’

‘’I know. Say something new stupid’’

‘’okk..you are khadoos ..’’

‘’Huhh…I said na you are impossible..fine I will not say anything today because it’s your birthday. Now cut the cake , I baked it and it’s your favourite flavour too’’

She cut the cake and fed him, while he fed her simultaneously

‘’Where’s my gift Khadoos?’’

‘’what gift…I baked the cake ..that’s enough’’

‘’but every year you gift me’’ she pited turning back folding her hands

He bought the locket before her from behind and her face glew like the stars that were shining in the sky.

‘’this is for me? Really? Say na is this for me?’’ she jumped in excitement

‘’yeah..i bought this from my pocket money’’

‘’it’s so beautiful’’ she kissed him on his cheeks while jumping in excitement.

His eyes widened while he touched his cheeks. But soon she became sad

‘’hey Stupid why are you sad?’’

‘’Khadoos this is very expensive. I can’t take it. Maa and Bauji will scold me. So I can’t take this khadoos. But thank you, it is really beautiful. Keep it with you and dare you give it to anyone’’ she spoke being sad

‘’Stupid. Dadi will explain to Harsh Uncle and Meghana Aunty. This I designed and got it made only for you , that too from my pocket money, so dare you deny taking it.’’

‘’From Your pocket money. ‘’ he eyes widened in surprise and excitement.

‘’yes’’ he said proudly and then explained her ‘’Stupid..this is not a simple locket..see this has photos of both of us inside. A & S initials within the design, also this doesn’t open simply, you have to rotate it in the shape of S . all this idea was solely of mine’’ he upped his collar

‘’you are the best Khadoos. But I have something to give you too’’


‘’This’’ she showed a band, made out of silver beads with each bead having alphabets S, H, I, V, A, A , Y, A, N, I, K A

‘’Why did you buy so expensive one stupid?’’

‘’no..i too saved my pocket money and then I asked for some more money from bauji. Everytime you give me something very special khadoos, this time I too decided to give something unique and all I could think was of this. ‘’ she tied the band to his hand

‘’Stupid this will always be with me and it will never lose it’s shine..i promise’’

‘’khadoos this locket will also be with me forever. I will never let it go away from me..i too promise’’

They both sat and finished the rest of cake teasing, smearing and laughing……..


Shivaay reached Anika’s house while his thoughts rested and he came to reality. He knocked the door and Sahil opened it.

‘’Can I meet Anika?’’ he asked being calm

‘’you are Shivaay Singh Oberoi? Am I right?’’


‘’I doubt Anika didi will meet you. But I don’t want to crash your hopes. So let me ask her , till then stand here’’ Sahil replied and left towards Anika’s room

Few minutes later Anika stepped down , still with the locket in her neck.

‘’Mr.Oberoi..i have nothing to talk to you. Before I speak something that might hurt you. Please leave from here’’ she showed him the door.

‘’Anika..’’ he was about to say but she shut the door on his face .


Precap : Shivaay to reveal about his thoughts of Anika being Anika Harshavardhan Trivedi to Dadi. How will the things take turn?

To know more stay tuned.


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      Hey Raji…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…awee you are such a sweetheart , the way you express your feelings in the opinion makes me so happy and overwhelmed… even i too search for words to appreciate you and every time i fall short of words….i am so happy and glad that i am writing something that is worth your time… regarding what you asked me, i have noted and will try not to disappoint you….next episode posted…lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care….

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