Horrific Past To Surprising Future – Ishqbaaz FanFiction- Episode 15

Hi This is VHM aka Harika coming up with a new story / Fanfiction on Ishqbaaz. This will involve all the three couples . A subtle romance, thrill, accusations, support and family bonding. Get on a new ride with me and do support me.

Please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes…….Hope the readers would support me the same way as they have supported me till date……

OmRu returned home after inviting Anika and family….there were talking about something when Shivaay came to them

‘’Did you both invite everyone?’’

‘’yeah Bhayya…everyone’’ Rudra upped his collar

‘’Everyone..i mean all the guests’’

‘’yes Shivaay’’

‘’Ok..good….very good…you ..i mean’’ he was scratching his forehead..

Om Ru looked at eachother with confusion

‘’Shivaay…do you have someone else to invite?’’

‘’no..no..i mean you both have invited everyone so I am sure no one is left..’’ he turned to go took few steps and then turned back and said

‘’actually..i am planning to invite the Australian clients …so…’’

‘’But Shivaay we never invite any clients right?’’

‘’yeah that is fact …but they asked me as they wanted to see the festivity before they leave to their country..’’

‘’fine…we will go and call them..don’t worry..’’

‘’no..i mean..i will go and invite and I am also thinking to invite her also’’ the last few words he murmured

‘’Who HER shivaay?’’

‘’no..when did I say HER..anyways forget it…I will show the recordings to the clients…leave it’’

Shivaay left from there ..rudra turned towards Om and said

‘’O..for the first time I saw Shivaay bhayya confused…what say?’’

‘’true duffer…it’s your sangath ka asar’’ he nodded his head in negation and left from there

‘’Duffer…I am not a duffer…no infact I am a duffer..i forgot to invite Fatso..i have to go to her now else she will chop me into kheema’’

Rudra left in a hurry to invite Saumya……….

————Saumya’s Home

Sumo opened the door and stood surprised to see Rudra

‘’You..here at this time?’’

‘’me..here…at this time’’ he smiled

‘’Dumbo duffer….why are you here?’’

‘’for eating you ..i mean dinner along with you’’

‘’you serious..no I am fine’’


‘’If I am serious I would be in hospital right’’

‘’bad joke duffer…anyways come in’’

‘’thanks…’’ he stepped in and started looking at the house

‘’now tell me why did you come?’’

‘’so that tomorrow I don’t get chopped by you that to into chunks’’

‘’you have gone mad’’

‘’yes…specially after getting along with you’’

‘’ohhooo…tell na why are you here?’’

‘’Actually tomorrow there will be lots and lots of food cooked in my home, so I am here to invite you’’


‘’ohho…tomorrow is Ganesh chathurthi..there will be Pooja and Prasad in my home..so I came to invite you…here you go with the invitation and gifts’’

‘’Like really you are inviting me to the pooja’’

‘’no your ghost…come on yaar Fatso…off course I am inviting you for the Pooja…’’ he hugged her smiling

She felt a tinge of sensation , something that she never felt before…when he broke the hug she just continued to look at her while he was smiling making fun of her…she too laughed …

‘’Okay Fatso..i mean Saumya…will meet you tomorrow…be there on time’’

She nodded, and followed him till his car, when he sat in car and was about to start


‘’haan..something to say?’’

‘’Thanks for the invite…and drive safe’’

He was surprised and left from there smiling……..

————The Day of Ganesh Chathurthi

Shiv Om Rudra Priyanka bought the Ganesh Idol and placed it in the specially constructed dais in the  garden area of Oberoi Mansion….the much awaited evening arrived and slowly the guests also started arriving

—————-Anika’s House

Sahil ‘’Didiyon make it fast ..we are getting late’’

‘’Anika didi had readied me and just give me 10 minutes I am making Anika didi ready’’

Sahil ‘’I am counting 600..the moment I finish counting if you don’t come then I will go with driver kaka and complain about you both to Oberois’’

‘’Sahil don’t disturb now..let me get ready in peace’’

‘’Gauri…enough na…we are going for Pooja not for my marriage…’’

‘’Who knows Didi…if some prince charming finds you..you may get married too’’

‘’shut up Gauri’’

‘’Accha one last thing…actually that locket will match with this saree, give me the key didi’’

‘’which Locket?’’

‘’Aree didi…the one which we spoke about…that has been along with you since your childhood that one…’’

‘’are you sure Gauri’’

‘’200 %’’

‘’Fine..today I promised you, I will not object you while making me ready…so do whatever you want…and key is right in that drawer’’

Gauri took out the locket gifted by Shivaay and placed it around Anika’s neck.

‘’you look stunning didi..hayee kisiki nazar naa lage..’’ Gauri put a teeka behind her ears….

‘’tujhe bhi nazar naa lage’’ Anika did the same as gauri did

Sahil ‘’598…599..six hun’’

‘’sahil we are here..shall we go’’

‘’finally thank God’’

Anika, Sahil and Gauri sat in the car and started ..in the mid way they picked Saumya and reached Oberoi Mansion.

As soon as Anika stepped in Shivaay felt her presence…He turned to see her but Om and Rudra walked towards Anika, Gauri, sahil and Saumya and greeted  them there by blocking the view of Shivaay.

Anika met few of the staff that she knew , while Rudra held Sumo’s hand and dragged her to introduce her to his other friends…Sumo just kept staring at him

Om ‘’Gauri..can I say something?’’

Gauri ‘’haan’’

Om ‘’you are looking stunning…absolutely charming…’’

Gauri blushed and turned her head looking sideways

‘’I am saying truth..you are looking…’’

‘’enough ..enough ..Om ..you are embarrassing me….’’

‘’no..i am serious and specially this dress suits just perfect to you..i wonder if it can look so good on anyone else’’

‘’stop flirting Om…’’ she just hit him playfully

‘’ok..fine..chalo..let me introduce you all to Dadi..’’


They both walked towards Dadi….Anika on the other hand looked at Shivaay and decided to speak to him …Rudra came and asked her to come with him so that she can meet Dadi…she agreed and was looking back, while Rudra held her hand and almost dragged her …this action made the Locket go inside the fold of her Saree pallu ……

‘’Shivaay…Dadi bula rahi hain…chalo’’ Om called Shivaay

Anika, Gauri and Saumya came near Dadi …Dadi didn’t recognise any of them

‘’Tum sab kaun ho puttar?’’

‘’Dadi…I will introduce them’’ Rudra came forward

‘’She is Saumya…my classmate…’’

‘’Namasthe Dadi..’’ sumo bent to take Dadi’s blessings

‘’Jeete Raho puttar’’

‘’I said na dadi yesterday about my teacher…she is the one’’ Rudra pointed his hand towards Anika

‘’Her name is Anika…Anika didi and she is her sister Gauri’’ Rudra smiled

‘’ANIKA………..GAURI’’ Dadi took their names and stood still

At the same point Shivaay came there and stood still looking at Anika…….Dadi looked at Shivaay and then looked at Anika and Gauri

Anika and Gauri bent to take Dadi’s blessings and Dadi just put her hands on their heads , but she was shocked to the core….

‘’I ..i will come in a while…Dadi left from there being little tensed’’

Om Ru winked each other and asked Gauri and Saumya to come with them to help ….Anika and Shivaay were left alone…….

Shivaay TAM ‘’I need to avoid her…I donno what happens to me whenever I see her…and in that confusion I behave rude and hurt her…so it’s better I go away’’

Anika TAM ‘’I came as a guest here that too after they themselves invited me and see, he has no courtesy to greet even…fine , let me greet him’’ she came out of thoughts and was about to say Hello when

‘’Billu….come to my room once’’ they heard Dadi’s voice

Shivaay went towards Dadi’s room speaking absolutely nothing…Anika left from there…

————-Dadi’s Room

‘’Dadi…did you call me?’’

‘’Billu…Anika and Gauri…are they?’’

‘’No dadi…I don’t think so….’’

‘’how can you be so sure?’’

‘’Dadi ..i asked Khanna to find about Anika and he backtracked her past and said me everything about her…from there I got sure to some extent that she is not the one whom …’’ he couldn’t complete the sentence he paused and then continued ‘’Gauri..she is from Bareilly and she is staying as a tenant in Anika’s house….due to their bonding she calls Anika as didi…it’s ..it’s just a mere coincidence that the names are same’’

Dadi TAM ‘’If she is the same Anika then many truths that were hidden till now will come out and then the future of this family will be a big question mark….i just hope she is not the same Anika’’


‘’Haan Billu’’

‘’what are you thinking? ‘’

‘’nothing…I was just remembering them…’’

‘’Don’t remember Dadi…it will lead us no where’’

‘’you are saying right Billu…it’s time for maha aarthi..come everyone will be waiting’’

———————————— Lawn , Oberoi Mansion

The maha aarthi started and all the four clan of Oberoi Empire did the aarthi…the drums were playing and there was divinity surrounding….everyone joined their hands and prayed

‘’God…please make me meet MY ANIKA …I have been waiting for since long…I am longing to meet her..see her, talk to her…pleae God…make me meet her ‘’ Shivaay prayed silently

‘’I don’t believe in you, but I believe in the belief of my Sahil…today he asked me to pray you..so here I am joining my hands before you… whoever is wishing whatever , just fulfil their wishes if they are genuine….’’ Anika folded her hands and prayed

‘’God…please make me meet my Sister…please complete my family’’ Gauri prayed

‘’Please make Shivaay meet her long last friend….please bring happiness in his life ‘’ Om prayed God

‘’God…let no other storm hit this family…even if it hits, please take care that this family doesn’t fall apart’’ Dadi prayed

‘’God…please pass me in my exams..please make sumo sit beside me in exam and make her help me..you know na I cannot pass any exam in one attempt…and ya please bring every happiness in both my brothers and sister’s life’’ Rudra prayed

Anika looked at Shivaay and Shivaay turned his head and left from there….Anika followed him…Shivaay walked and entered his room…Anika knocked the door……Shivaay knew it was Anika , he was not interested, yet he opened

————–Shivaay’s room

‘’Do you need anything Anika’’



‘’I need to talk to you’’

‘’I am busy..not now’’

‘’I am not asking for permission..i am saying my decision’’

Shivaay looked at her

‘’What’s your problem? Why are you avoiding me? ‘’

‘’I am not avoiding you’’ he spoke without looking at her

‘’really…then why are you not saying looking at me’’

‘’why should I?’’

‘’because I am asking?’’

‘’and who are you to ask me? Tell me who are you? Remember you are just an employee ..i already said this’’

‘’yes ..i agree I am employee…but today I came as a guest to your home’’

‘’why did you come? Did I invite you?’’

‘’your brothers invited us’’

‘’then go and talk to them..not me…’’

‘’Ohh..so I don’t mean anything to you Shivaay’’

‘’no..you or any other girl doesn’t mean anything to me..’’

‘’look at me and say this Shivaay’’

He looked at her and said ‘’you don’t mean anything to me…got it…now leave..’’ he walked fiercely towards her…she stepped backwards seeing him so and hit herself to the table, there by falling

‘’Anika’’ he screamed and took steps fast to help her get up

‘’No’’ she shouted

He stood still

‘’Don’t….don’t try to help me…’’ she stood up and spoke ‘’I am no one to you and so you should not help, I can help myself…I came to talk to you, to know what wrong I did that you are avoiding me…but when you made clear that I mean nothing to you, all the bubbles of my imaginations bursted out and I am seeing the reality…I thought to apologise to you for invading your personal space the other day and tell you that it wasn’t my intention, but now I am feeling why should I when the person standing before me is heartless…I always felt there is some pain that you are hiding from everyone, but now I want to say that you don’t have any pain..you can only give pain…you don’t believe in friend and friendship right…I am telling you don’t deserve any friends or friendship, because you are not worth it and the one who becomes friend to you is the most unluckiest’’

‘’enough…you have spoken enough..no one dares to speak to me so…and I warn you…I warn you never ever try to do this with me..because you will see my worst’’ he spoke jerking her shoulder

With the jerks she was losing the balance and in the process the locket sprang out , shocking Shivaay……….


To know what will happen further…stay tuned….


This is the Fifteenth episode…..please do let me know , how you felt after reading this…any opinions good or bad is welcome…i would reply as soon as possible……….do press the like button and post your opinion without fail…..Thank you so much !!!!

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      Hey Katz..howz you and Kiddos? no worries Katz, i can wait for your opinions though i would accept that i missed your opinion in last update…awee, our thoughts matched Katz, isn’t it a party time? Thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…mein kuch nahi karti Katz, bas jo dimag mein aata hain wahi likhthi hoon, achha ho ya bura, likhna accha lagta hain mujhe …aur baaki sab aap logon ka pyaar kam kar jaata hain…next episode posted…lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care

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    1. VHM

      Hey Chaitanya…welcome to this FF opinion section…i am so thankful to you, that you took time out of your busy schedule to post your opinion..it makes me feel really very special…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…so sweet of you to write such beautiful compliments, really overwhelmed…next episode posted…lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care

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      Hi Raji…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…next episode posted…you are such a nice person and a motivator for me…i am so glad and overwhelmed to know you liked the episode and you could actually imagine characters before you, the best compliment for any writer would be this….lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care

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