Horrific Past To Surprising Future – Ishqbaaz FanFiction- Episode 14

Hi This is VHM aka Harika coming up with a new story / Fanfiction on Ishqbaaz. This will involve all the three couples . A subtle romance, thrill, accusations, support and family bonding. Get on a new ride with me and do support me.

Please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes…….Hope the readers would support me the same way as they have supported me till date……

‘’Om…Ru !!! you two at this time? Everything fine right?’’

‘’yeah Dadi…don’t worry…we just came to ask and know about something.’’ Om replied

‘’What happened?’’

‘’Relax Dadi…we wanted to talk about Shivaay bhayya’’

‘’About Billu?’’

‘’yeah and we hope you will let us know everything’’

‘’Now I am getting tensed. Tell me what’s the matter?’’

‘’Dadi…we have seen Shivaay being alone all his life since we left India…he never made any friends outside. We were and are his everything. His life is comprised of his work and his family nothing else. We never saw him with anyone else than us. We wanted to know why? And moreover he said he cannot be friends with anyone and that such decision he took in his childhood itself. How can one be so. We tried to ask Shivaay but you know him dadi. He denied right away asking us not to bring this topic ever. ‘’

Dadi was in thoughts for a while and then a smile came over her lips.

‘’Dadi..why are you smiling?’’

‘’Nothing OmRu…he hasn’t forgotten anything ..that’s why’’

‘’I didn’t understand Dadi’’ om replied

‘’yes dadi please tell the reason of his such behaviour’’ Ru requested

‘’puttar …Shivaay was not like the one whom you are seeing now. He was very naughty, to say much naughtier than this Rudra. He had only one friend in his childhood…his STUPID…he used to play, roam around, fight, tease , share anything and everything with her’’

‘’HER’’ Ru and Om spoke loud in surprise.

‘’Yes …his only friend was a girl, he was very possessive about her..though he was never obsessive. They both were takkar ki Jodi. Both used to fight a lot before us, but I knew both used to share a lovely bond behind us. Shivaay could take anything but could never take when she was sad or she cried. She used to call him KHADOOS ….it was one of a kind of bond….i still remember one day he tore off a card that she bought for her some classmate in anger, she complained me with tears in her eyes, but Billu was not ready to listen to me….so I asked her to talk to Billu and I stood behind the door to listen and see to what they do..that day he promised her that he would not make any friends with anyone and she would be his everything. I am shocked after listening to you now that he still kept his promise to her’’

‘’But dadi…where is she now?’’

‘’No one knows where she is. We don’t know whether she is alive or ..’’

‘’Dadi…………….’’ Shivaay almost screamed

Dadi..Om..Ru…all looked towards Shivaay in shock as well as surprise

‘’Shivaay…you here’’ Om asked

‘’I..i was coming here to give these medicines to dadi and listened everything’’ he handed over the medicines and left from there being upset

Om Ru and Dadi looked on when Shivaay came back again and said ‘’I would never want her topic to come again…I have closed all my past and moved on’’ he turned to go

‘’you have not moved on Shivaay…you didn’t …you still are struck there at the same place. You still are keeping the promise you made to her. Don’t lie to us. There is nothing wrong in saying the truth’’ Om retorted

‘’I don’t want to talk over this. For me it was and always is a past and I don’t like it to be brought back every now and then. ‘’ he left without listening any further and reached his room closing the door behind

———–Shivaay’s Room

Shivaay TAM ‘’yes…when it’s about her I am struck at the same place…she is and will be my everything. No one can ever take her place. I tried to move on, but I couldn’t. I will wait for m entire lifetime for her and if she is not found, I will prefer to be alone’’

His thoughts travelled back to his childhood



Anika was searching for her khadoos but he was no where to be seen.

Suddenly the power went off and it became dark and she was getting scared, sweating and few minutes later she was shivering. But he didn’t come forth. Scared extremely she started crying

‘’khadoos…I am scared..where are you…come …it is very dark…please it’s not funny…’’  she was crying

Getting serious to the situation he came immediately switching on the lights.

‘’Stupid…what happened…you allright…tell me…first stop crying..look I was just trying to scare you..i am sorry…please don’t cry…see I am here’’ he hugged her and tried to persuade

She went calm and relaxed and after she was fine she looked at him

‘’I am scared of darkness and you tried to scare me. I will not talk to you for your this stint. I am leaving. ‘’ she left in anger

He tried to talk to her , but she ignored..he was feeling bad and lonely…he didn’t feel like having food or doing anything. She still didn’t care. Three days later he couldn’t bear anymore and went to her and held her hand, dragged her into his room , closing the door

‘’Stupid…I dint knew you are scared of darkness. If I knew I would not have done such prank. I said sorry also, that too lot of times. But you are ignoring me. What should I do?’’

‘’nothing…I am angry and I am going’’

‘’you will not go anywhere till we resolve this’’




‘’Stupid ..i am sorry’’ he held his ears making a puppy face

She burst out into laughter…he too smiled…

‘’Friends’’ he extended his hands

‘’always’’ she forwarded her hands and he immediately hugged her.

‘’Stupid…listen…do anything…but never stop talking to me..i can’t stay’’

‘’Khadoos..i also missed you a lot these three days. There is no fun if you aren’t there. I love to fight with you, tease you and play with you’’

‘’ same here stupid. I missed you. Promise me you will never leave me ever’’

‘’Pinky pro..’’

‘’Anika….where are you? Baba is calling you’’ Meghana Trivedi called her daughter Anika and she left from there without promising her Khadoos


Shivaay TAM ‘’that day the promise was not complete and you left me Stupid…forever you left me, never turned back’’ a lone tear escaped

——————Dadi’s room

‘’what happened to this Shivaay?’’ Om exclaimed

‘’om Ru….it is true he has not forgotten her, but there is one more truth there will be many unexpected happenings when she returns’’ Dadi spoke worried

‘’Unexpected happenings? What’s that dadi?’’ Ru questioned

‘’nothing..it’s getting late go and sleep now…tomorrow there is lot to be done in house. By the way you all will be staying in home right?’’

‘’yes dadi and we have given two days holidays to staff also…’’

‘’good…now you sleep and let me sleep’’

‘’gud night Dadi’’

‘’Gud night OmRu’’

Om Ru left from there and Dadi worried until she slipped into sleep.


——————————————-Next Day

‘’ Sahil…fast..handover the things to me…I have to clean other rooms too…uff this house is getting filled with so much of trash…’’

‘’Ohho …Anika didi…don’t worry, don’t hurry….Sahil is here , he will make everything merry merry’’

‘’Wah..Sahil wah…you became a poet too’’ Gauri came smiling

‘’Shall I also say something’’

‘’Yes Gauri didi…why are you asking..’’

‘’Gauri, Sahil …please..i have to clean house and there is hell lot of work..so please don’t eat up my brainnnnnnn’’ Anika screamed irritatingly

‘’Accha..okay…okay…we will help you that too silently’’ Gauri replied

They were setting up things as the next day was Ganesh Chathurthi…though Anika didn’t believe in God much, but she used to celebrate Ganesh Chathurthi because it was favourite festival of Sahil.

‘’waise Dii..i was thinking that I shall clean my room and sahil’s while you take care of your room and the living room…this way cleaning will be done much faster…what say?’’

‘’Aree no Gauri…you just help me..i will take care…you will get tired…I am accustomed to all these…so let me do it’’

‘’Ahahahaha…you are saying as if I am some princess …didi I am also accustomed to all these stuff in Bareilly…’’

‘’Gauri…you may be accustomed there, but here you will be a princess that’s it…In these small span you became my family…and I can’t allow you to do all these…so please’’ she spoke cupping her cheeks

‘’Didi this is not fair….first you made me accept that you will not take any rent..next you are saying I should not do any work..this is unfair…in this way you are making me lazy…so this one I am not listening and I am going to clean my room and Sahil’s …I am not listening anything ..i am going ‘’

Gauri didn’t listen and rushed to her room for cleaning…..after the cleaning was done, she joined Anika in her room…Anika was setting up things in her cupboard, while Gauri was helping her by passing things….suddenly Gauri’s sight fell on a small box….

‘’Didi…what’s in this box…it seems to be very old’’

‘’Nothing Gauri…there is a locket in it…I don’t know where I bought or who bought but this has been with me since my childhood…’’

‘’Didi can I see it?’’

‘’off-course why are you asking…here the small key..open it and have a look’’

Gauri opened the box and picked up the locket….

‘’Didi…this locket is so beautiful…I mean it’s a piece of art…I have never seen such locket ever does this locket open didi?’’ she spoke trying to analyse the locket and it’s mechanism

‘’Donno Gauri…I tried too since years, it never opened…so I just kept it safe’’

‘’fine then I will also not try to apply my brain and leave it as it is…but I am saying wear this someday…it will bring extra beauty to you’’

‘’Yeah…let the right time come then I will wear it’’

Both continued their discussions and were setting up things and were making arrangements for the next day Pooja

—————Oberoi Mansion

‘’Billu…Om..Ru…come down…where is Prinku? Prinku come down fast’’

Shivaay ‘’Dadi..everything okay? ‘’

‘’ohho tomorrow is Pooja you know na…did you make all arrangements for the maha Aarthi?’’

‘’ohh yes dadi…almost everything done…final check up’s I will do in the evening’’

‘’What about the the invitations and all for the guests?’’

Om ‘’dadi…I have sent out and I am going to invite few important guests personally after breakfast’’

‘’Food section who is taking care of ?’’

Prinku ‘’dadi…I am taking care and I finalised the menu and will personally check at the time of serving’’

‘’what’s Rudra doing?’’

Rudra ‘’dadi…I am youngest..so I will enjoy…what say?’’

Dadi ‘’oye khoteya…go with Om and know everyone…next time you will have to manage some of them ‘’

Ru’’ okk okk fine..but dadi…I am thinking of calling my teacher and her family  tomorrow along with fatso‘’

ShivOmPrinku ‘’teacher…when did you become so wise?’’

Rudra ‘’ohh hello….i am always wise…now forget about them Dadi, you tell me can I please?’’

Dadi ‘’off-course you can…who can be more special than a teacher..i will also meet them..happy’’ she patted Rudra’s cheeks…

‘’very happy’’ Rudra jumped in Joy

———–In Car

‘’Duffer…who is this teacher?’’

‘’O…Anika didi , who else?’’

‘’then why did you say you are calling teacher?’’

‘’O…isn’t she teaching me to handle project…so I said teacher..had I said I will call Anika didi and her family then you know what Shivaay bhayya would have said’’

‘’Yeah…you know what for the first time you did something really good…atleast I hope Shivaay will talk to Anika as a host not as an employer’’

‘’but I really feel sad for Bhayya and at the same time proud of him too’’

‘’what do you mean?’’

‘’O..i am sad because his only friend left him and proud because still he is keeping his promise…’’

‘’yeah…I just wish Shivaay finds his STUPID I mean his friend soon…Waise did you place all the gifts and sweets in the car’’

‘’O…Rudra doesn’t forget so easily’’

————Evening Anika’s House

‘’Gauri…please see who is on the door. Calling bell rang’’

‘’jii didi’’

Gauri Opened the door and was surprised

‘’Om…Rudra…you both here?’’

‘’Why? Can’t we be here?’’

‘’Whose that Gauri Didi?’’ Sahil came towards Gauri and asked

‘’Sahil..he is Om and he is his brother Rudra’’ Gauri said pointing towards Om and Rudra

‘’aree..why are you standing there…come in…please..Woh actually Anika didi is getting freshened up…’’

‘’Why are they here Gauri didi?’’

‘’Sahil sshhhh…you should not ask so..bad manners..’’ Gauri Whispered

‘’Ohh sorry’’ Sahil replied

‘’no need to be sorry champ…we came to invite you all to the Maha aarthi of Ganesh ji in our House tomorrow’’ Rudra replied

Gauri looked at Om asking was that true..Om replied to his gestures as it was why they came…Anika came down and OmRu hugged Anika

‘’Sorry..i was freshening…you both here…everything okay in the office right?’’

‘’relax Anika…everything fine in the office…we came to invite you , Gauri and your brother for tomorrow’s Pooja in our home…here’s the invitation and gifts for all of you…’’ he spoke while Rudra handed over the boxes

‘’So many…no Om and Rudra , I can’t accept…you could have just called and informed . what was the need to take so much trouble’’

‘’Didi..we can do anything for the ones we treat as our family and I feel you all as a part of my family…so please for my sake don’t deny these and please do come on time’’ Rudra spoke

Anika felt elated and hugged him again and said ‘’we all will come…but …’’

‘’but what Anika?’’

‘’Nothing…I hope Shivaay wouldn’t have any problem with me being there’’ she bent her head and spoke with nervousness….

‘’Anika…don’t worry , we will manage him…you just come’’

Anika smiled …

‘’Champ we will meet you tomorrow’’ Rudra said to Sahil

‘’I know I am champion but my name is Sahil’’ he stood up taking his crutches and  forwarding his hand to rudra…


Anika was looking at Sahil and Rudra while Om winked at Gauri making Gauri blush. He then made gestures to her saying ‘’see you tomorrow’’ pointing towards the box, he gestured her ‘’Wear that and come.’’ Gauri just nodded on agreement.

Soon after they left…Gauri and Sahil opened the boxes and looked at the gifts….Gauri was amazed to see the Beautiful suit …they insisted Anika to open the box named for her and found out a beautiful peacock color designer saree.

‘’Didi…I tell you ..you will look stunning in this saree….just let me stitch the blouse for this tonight…and I am before hand saying you…I will make you ready tomorrow…’’

‘’okay baba..as you say….’’ Anika hugged Gauri and Sahil

Precap : Anika to step into Oberoi Mansion wearing Shivaay’s gifted Locket…things to take a big turn


This is the Fourteenth episode…..please do let me know , how you felt after reading this…any opinions good or bad is welcome…i would reply as soon as possible……….do press the like button and post your opinion without fail…..Thank you so much !!!!

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    bond between gauri and anika is growing interesting.
    The revelation of stupid and khadoss friendship to omru was good and the way shivay reacted was normal
    Dadi said coins will turn at arrival of stupid
    Seriously your story is getting interesting day by day and i am just falling in love with your stories. 😊
    Eagerly waiting dear for next update
    Till then bye take care, keep smiling and stay blessed 😊

    1. VHM

      Hi …thank you so much dear…thanks a lot….glad you liked the episode…next episode is posted…lots of love and best wishes to you….keep smiling and take care.

  2. Just love this part..hope he meets her soon but will she remember him as her childhood friend.

    1. VHM

      Hi Jeeta …thank you so much dear…thanks a lot….will she remember or will he make her remember is what we need to wait for..let’s see what will happen….next episode is posted…lots of love and best wishes to you….keep smiling and take care.

  3. Nice pace

    1. VHM

      Hi dear …thank you so much …thanks a lot….next episode is posted…lots of love and best wishes to you….keep smiling and take care.

  4. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely dii eagerly waiting for the next update

    1. VHM

      Hi Nikki …thank you so much dear…thanks a lot….next episode is posted…lots of love and best wishes to you….keep smiling and take care.

  5. Hi vhm good morning oh no with these tremendous episodes we reached straight to the weekend literally before I liked weekend is my favourite time but now I’m literally hating weekend because i have to miss u madly.no problem friend chalthe hai I can manage with the old episodes.you are extremely awesome n specular writer that I’m loving liking n looking forward developments of shivikas meet talk n when he saw his locket in her neck what he will realise because both of them only know their gift n their moments at home oh no friend plz try to present shivikas confrontation as I can’t wait 2long days for that .how will dadi reacts to the anikas talking behaviour n for her concerns towards billu. I can’t wait how the face off between shivika n shall shivaay mesmerizes to Anika instead of ignoring.moreover whom will take team n side of shivaay or anika.aniri relation is simply super as much stronger than sisters it’s very good sign in anikas life as from her childhood she is facing only struggles responsibility n targets n there is no love left in her life as shivaay.now shivaay has to take the initial step to offer friendship to anika by declaring that she is his anika n something happened to her n without knowing what happened in past .so I wish to have those promises between shivika n to fulfill now n share love as friends that they missed upto now n to grew possessive Ness in middle as past .by this they can realise their places for each .I don’t know how my writings are impacting on your view but promise I totally n completely involving n dreaming fully in your world of expressing so by having on cloud nine I’m sooooooooooooo much of having pleasant n good time with you friend.im really honourable to you Yaar that I fully fallen to you.keep it up n keep ruling with your writing always..lots of love friend

    1. VHM

      Hi Raji…ha ha ha …i swear i didn’t plan to post the next episode just a day before weekend …it happened so….awee that’s really really sweet of you…readers opinions provide the much needed motivation for the one who writes and your opinion when i read gives me the scenarios….
      will tell you a fact today, i have never read my works till date..i am saying truth…i get embarrassed to read my works….before i post a episode i proofread and that is the only time i read …till today i have never read any of my works, not even looked back to write the further episodes…donno , why but this is my strange habit…so when i read your opinion i get a recap of everything which helps me a lot…
      …thank you so much dear…thanks a lot….next episode is posted…lots of love and best wishes to you….keep smiling and take care.

  6. JeevithaTK

    Hi Harika akka,
    The episode was always super lovely. So Omru came to know the reason. Akka but today while reading the fb I can’t express my feelings happy, feel bad, hurt some pain in me. Do nt how to tell day by day I’m getting in to the story v. Much akka. The bond between aniri be coming strong. Waw akka. Anika is wearing the chain nd going. Now I can’t wait akka. I don’t know ur going post the episode today r no. If no then my weekend will be to tough to pass. Nd dadi saying making me more tensed akka.

    1. VHM

      Hi Jeevitha…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot….yeah OmRu came to know the partial reason…awee i am so glad to know that you are liking the story, that’s really so sweet of you…next episode is posted, making your weekend no more tough , but yeah episode 16 on monday…..lots of love and best wishes to you….keep smiling and take care.

  7. ItsmePrabha

    hello akka..epi is super awesome..and yayy dadi cheppesaru..finally omru ki konchem telisindhi..anirihil scenes are always..so veellu aarthi ki vastharu..rudra’s dialogues are so touching..and talking about precap, ikkada video option vunte you can see me how much excited i am for the next epi..so thwara thwara ga post chesai..will be waiting for it like a maniac..Till then take care…and bye for now👋👋👋..and haa keep smiling😃😃😃…..love you loads❤❤❤…
    P.S.even i hope to meet my stupids ASAP..

    1. VHM

      Hi Chelli…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot….yess dadi partial truth cheppesindi…mari OmRu Anika vallani pilavali kada ledante ff munduki ela saguthundi…i can imagine nee words chaduvuthinte nee excitement telisipothondi…vaddu manaiac avvaku endukante next episode is posted…lots of love and best wishes to you….keep smiling and take care.
      PS : I will pray that you meet your ”stupids” i mean your friends ASAP

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