Horrific Past To Surprising Future – Ishqbaaz FanFiction- Episode 10

Hi This is VHM aka Harika coming up with a new story / Fanfiction on Ishqbaaz. This will involve all the three couples . A subtle romance, thrill, accusations, support and family bonding. Get on a new ride with me and do support me.

Please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes…….Hope the readers would support me the same way as they have supported me till date……

Author’s Note : Coming few episodes will be a bit light hearted because i don’t want to rush to bring Shivika or other two pairs closer. Kindly bear with me.

—–Anika’s House

‘’Gauri..are you ready…we will be getting late…’’

‘’Coming didi’’

Anika opened the door to find the brand new Audi car standing and a man in white and white standing…

‘’Who are you? Why have you parked ypour car infront of my house like this? please park it somewhere else and give us the way’’

‘’Mam…this car is for you and I am at your service ..’’ The driver spoke

‘’You must be confused…let me help you…who or which house are you searching for?’’

‘’Mam..i have been sent from Oberoi Industries…Shivaay Sir has asked me to pick you and drop you and I will always be at your  service, I mean this car is for you’’ he replied politely

Anika stood numb reminiscing what Shivaay said the other day

‘’bhayya listen …you please leave ..i can’t accept this from them..i will come by public transportation’’

‘’mam…one minute…just speak to Shivaay sir’’ soon he dialled Shivaay’s number and he picked up instantly

—-On Call  Shivaay & Anika


‘’Ms. Anika…I will be meeting you in 45 minutes in the office. The car is for you for office and personal use. ‘’

‘’I ..i cannot accept this Mr.Oberoi’’

‘’Shivaay…you can call me Shivaay’’

‘’I cannot accept this ..i will be in office withing 45 minutes but please I request you, take the car away…I am not used to all these’’

‘’Ms. Anika’’

‘’Anika…you can call me Anika’’

‘’Anika….this was our deal…and I keep up my promise …now I am ordering as your boss to come in the car..i am waiting …we have much more important works than arguing regarding the car..got it…see you in a while’’


Shivaay disconnected the call before Anika could say anything and Anika was just looking on

‘’Didi..let’s go..’’ Gauri came down and ‘’Wowwww….such a beautiful car and that too red one…whose is it didi? I wish ..i wish I could have a ride in it’’ Gauri excitedly spoke

Seeing no response she patted Anika a little and spoke ‘’Didi …come…we are running late’’

‘’Gauri…what did you say few seconds back?’’

‘’come..we are running late’’

‘’no that About the car’’

‘’ohh that…I said …I wish I could have a ride in it’’

‘’then what are you waiting for Gauri…come let’s have the ride in this’’


‘’Yes…this car has been sent by Shivaay..i mean Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi..so shall we move now’’

‘’offcourse…’’ Gauri couldn’t contain her excitement and they both sat in the car and started towards Office


————–Oberoi Industries

Anika again entered while Gauri was entering nervously. Anika held Gauri’s hand and assured that she is there. Gauri smiled and Khanna came towards them

‘’Mam …your bag’’ Khanna asked Anika

‘’Here..is there any security check?’’

‘’No mam…I will carry it till your cabin…Shivaay sir’s special orders’’

‘’no..no…please ..i am not comfortable with all these…let me do my work’’

‘’Sorry mam..i am helpless…it’s about my job..please try to understand’’


Anika TAM ‘’I have to talk to Shivaay . this is get embarrassing.. what is he trying to do..he is projecting as if I am the owner of Oberoi Industries. I am just an employee..it’s okay he did a mistake but ..wait a minute..is he taking revenge making me feel uncomfortable by doing all these stupid stunts…whatever today I will talk to him for sure’’

Anika showed Gauri whom to reach out for her ID and cabin and walked towards her cabin

‘’Anika…finally you are here’’ Priyanka hugged Anika being excited and spoke ‘’I am sorry once again for whatever happened and I will see to it , it doesn’t get repeated’’

‘’I forgot everything Priyanka…I guess you too should forget this..i am here for my job, you have appointed me to extract the best out of me..so…let’s get back to work’’ Anika spoke

‘’This is what the best part in you ‘’ Om joined

‘’Mr.Omkara Singh Oberoi…I …I am sorry for whatever happened….i did my best then’’

‘’just now you said , we should forget everything and before we conclude the happenings …I should apologise to you…’’

‘’Mr.Omkara..it’s not’’

‘’ aha…let me complete Ms.Anika….it was because of me , that Shivaay terminated you..Shivaay loves his siblings a lot and he can do anything for them…when we lost the contract..i…i…’’

Prinku help Om and pressed his shoulders giving support

‘’I will tell you in detail regarding my problem someother day…for now, understand that when we lost the contract, I was disappointed..and this made Shivaay so angry that he took his anger on you…otherwise trust me Shivaay is the best person anyone could know…so SORRY once again…and WELCOME BACK..’’

‘’thank you Mr.Omakara Singh Oberoi’’

‘’Ms.Anika…you can call me Om..i am comfortable in that’’

‘’in that case Om, you should call me Anika’’

‘’Done Ms…I mean Done Anika’’

Both shaked hands and were smiling…when Rudra Popped up out of no where

‘’What’s happening here ..that too without me?’’

‘’excuse me who are you?’’ Anika questioned

‘’I…you donno who I am ? actually how will you know…I mean you should know right’’ Rudra made a cry baby face

‘’I am sorry…please don’t feel bad…I really didn’t recognise you’’ Anika spoke calm

‘’Anika didi..no need to say sorry…he is Rudra…Rudra Singh Oberoi…duffer dumbo and it’s not your mistake ..no one identifies or recognises him’’ Sumo came from behind and replied

‘’Hi Rudra….if I can call you Rudra instead of Rudra Singh Oberoi…..i am Anika’’ Anika forwarded her hand for a handshake

‘’Hi Didi..i mean you are elder so I am calling you didi …I am Rudy ..the one and only handsome hunk of Oberoi Family’’

‘’Duffer and ididot too’’ Om added

‘’Awee…don’t say so Om ..he is so cute’’ Anika instantly said

‘’Finally…finally someone has supported me ..thank you didi’’ Rudra hugged Anika and Anika’s eyes widened

‘’Ohh..i am sorry didi…I hug whom I like and feel as my family…I donno but I like you at first instance…so bear with me till I complete my project here and I am gonna irritate you, do some crazy stuff , make some fun …I total will change the way everything is here with my charm’’ he was self praising after complimenting Anika

Anika smiled…all these were getting noticed by Shivaay from his cabin and he was growing impatient for no reason

Shivaay TAM ‘’this girl…didn’t till now ask about me..i mean I have sent her car, asked Khanna to pick her bags…have done so much..but see her attitude..not even a single question about me…fine..why should I bother…if she doesn’t I will also not care about her much’’

While he was thinking , Anika turned her face towards Shivaay’s cabin and looked at him…

Anika TAM ‘’How come such sweet persons are born in this Khadoos singh Oberoi’s family…khadoos…again I am calling him Khadoos and I am feeling like I used to call this to some one very dear to me…uff…not again…he is not even looking here…forget about me, not even towards his siblings…what sort of attitude is this..if he shows tadi, I am gonna show double tadi…after all he has apologised and bought me back..itna tho banta hain’’

Om called Anika twice bringing her back to reality

‘’by the way Anika…rudra and Saumya will be assisting you in your work. They are in their final semester and they have to do some college project …we thought let them assist you, so that they will learn the work , help you and also simultaneously complete their college project. I cannot assure about Rudra but by now you could have understood Sumo is super intelligent and she will take charge of all situations including handling Rudra’’

Om and Prinku left from there leaving Anika, Rudra and Prinku in Anika’s cabin bidding bye to all the three

Anika started her work and was explaining Rudra and Sumo little things and was assigning small works while she indulged herself in her work.

Shivaay on the other hand was stealing glances of Anika. After sometime


‘’May I come in Mr.Oberoi’’

‘’yes MS.Anika’’

‘’How do you know it was me?’’

‘’woh..woh…nothing..tell me what’s the matter?’’

‘’actually I wanted to speak to you something’’

‘’okay..go ahead’’

‘’Mr.Oberoi’’ he looke at her

‘’I mean Shivaay…I am a very simple middle class girl who tries to be happy in whatever I have. I come here work and take my salary…I am not accustomed to riches like you are…and it feels really uncomfortable to adjust to all the luxuries.’’

‘’what’s the actual point Anika?’’

‘’I am speaking regarding the car that you sent. I am not comfortable to come in the car you have sent that too everyday. I can manage and be on time in the office using public transportation. So please I request you to revoke this immediately’’

‘’Done…are you done with what you have to say?’’

‘’yes Shivaay’’

‘’Good now listen….i or Oberoi Industries is not showering any sympathy on you…you are in a senior position and we would require your services at any point of time in the whole day. Be it in office hours or outside office hours….for this you need to e ready and at our service. The car or to say the cab facility is to make it easier for you and eventually for us that we don’t get late. I hope you got my point’’

‘’I got it..but why so expensive car…please…I feel uncomfortable..try to understand’’

‘’the discussion ends here Anika..you maky leave now, if there is nothing else other than this’’

‘’Forget it… there is no point in explaining you anything….you are and will always be Stubborn’’ she left from there

But her last words echoed in his head and his thoughts travelled to his childhood


‘’oye khadoos…please take this dress..i can’t wear’’

‘’why..what’s the problem?’’

‘’it’s too expensive and you know I don’t like to take such things’’

‘’Stupid..this is for you from me and you have to accept it’’

‘’but I never give you anything khadoos’’

‘’it’s okay..whether you give or I give it’s one and same’’

‘’no..it’s not one and same….khadoos…give me all these when I am in a position to return something equally valuable and moreover papa says we should not take anything from anyone’’

‘’I am not anyone..i am your best friend and dare you forget this..Now don’t annoy me and take this dress’’

‘’ forget it…there is no point in explaining you anything..you are and will always be stubborn’’


Shivaay TAM ‘’Why does her every word remind me of My Anika my stupid…why am I feeling something I never felt before till today…what’s all this…why suddenly every instance I am recalling my childhood….i must quickly come out of this else it would be getting difficult to cope up later’’

Pretty soon the lunch hour arrived and Om, Prinku came to Anika’s cabin

‘’Anika come we all shall have lunch together today’’ Prinku said

‘’I brought my lunch box Priyanka..you guys carry on and moreover I am waiting for my sister too’’


‘’yeah..Sister…why what happened?’’

‘’nothing…I am gonna call, Shivaay bhayya too and you along with Sumo and your sister come down to the private Lunch room next to the lounge area…we will be waiting…don’t worry, you can eat your lunch from your box there and we will also taste’’ she winked and asked Rudra to come along.

‘’Okay…will meet you in few minutes’’ Anika smiled and Om, Prinku and Rudra left towards dining room

Anika called Gauri and asked her to meet in lounge and Gauri agreed

————Lunch Room

Sumo, Gauri and Anika stepped in while Shiv Om Ru Prinku were waiting…

‘’Sorry…I was searching for the room ..’’Anika said

‘’It’s okay…come come..we all are hungry’’

That’s when Gauri came from behind and Om instantly stood up seeing her…..Shiv, Rudy, Prinku, Anika and Sumo stared at Om confusingly

‘’O…why are you standing..and please close you mouth else mosquitoes would get in’’ Rudy joked

‘’shut…shut up rudra’’ Om tried to compose

‘’Gauri…come…let me introduce you to everyone’’ Anika held Gauri’s hand

‘’Gauri’’ Om and Shivaay said together

‘’yeah ..Meet my sister Gauri Kumari Sharma..she has joined today and is appointed for the Architect post’’ Anika introduced

‘’Is she your real sister’’ Shivaay instantly questioned

‘’No..i mean she is like real sister to me’’ Anika replied

‘’Hi Gauri..i am Om..Omkara Singh Oberoi’’ he forwarded his hand

‘’Hello’’ she held his hand

Om TAM ‘’Gauri..i know this name…how…I know this name very well and I am feeling so much familiar with her…as if I know her ‘’

Gauri  TAM ‘’Om… so he is Omkara Singh Oberoi to whom I will be reporting ’’

Anika introduced everyone to Gauri and all sat down to eat.

Anika opened the lunch box and Shivaay got startled


Precap : Om-Gauri to work together..Shivaay to ask Khanna to find about Anika trivedi …Rudra and Saumya fight

This is the Tenth episode…..please do let me know , how you felt after reading this…any opinions good or bad is welcome…i would reply as soon as possible……….do press the like button and post your opinion without fail…..Thank you so much !!!!

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      Hey Dear…thank you so much …thanks a lot…glad you are liking this….lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care

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    1. VHM

      Hi Raji …days were gud…awee so sweet of you dear…yes few more episodes will be light and it will build the relation of leads gradually…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…it’s really a great and overwhelming feeling to read your opinion everytime you post it….next episode in couple of minutes….lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care.

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    Hi harika … This is beautifully written episode. Truly light hearted one. I was smiling all the while. Your vision of Anika’s self respect is commendable. Waiting for the next shot…. Take care and bye.

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      Hey Katz…thank you so much dear….thanks a lot…so glad to know that you were smiling while reading this episode….next episode in couple of minutes…lots of love and best wishes to you and your kiddos…keep smiling and take care

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      Hey Jeevitha…i and Akki are doing good….no worries, it’s completely understandable and don’t say sorry ….thank you so much dear…thanks a lot….next episode in couple of minutes …lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care

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