Hoon mein jahan tu wo wahan – part 6

“life would be better if everything goes as planned

but unplanned events makes life even more beautiful”

Laksh glanced at the mirror. His own reflection had her traces , eventhough she left there was her memories freezed everywhere. Their room was a sanctuary of her memories.


laksh pov

 I was very happy as she smiled at me. I felt an unknown surge of endless happiness. There was not much moments in my life where i was this happy. I pushsed back all those thoughts to far corner of my mind for it to be buried and never come out.

“but little did i know that destiny had it own plans”(the words in quotes refer to preesnt voiceover)

It was the introductory session. I was too bored to listen to any of those stories right now. I was about to doze off when a sweet voice disturbed my peace. It was again her . Was this cutiespecs really sweet as her voice my mind pondered.

she was too cute the way she was expressing herself was quite amazing .I was too absorbed in her not a single word registered in my mind. As soon as she got down I was back again entering into the boring zone. A boy near me broke the silence , he asked me if I liked her.

I asked him why he was asking like that. He replied that not once since I arrived to look at anyone except her. I was about to reply. when he said nevermind bro she’s already mine dont think too much into it and by the way I’m raghav.

all of a sudden I was irritated. I told him that he can have her, anyways I dont do behenji types, not even if my life  was dependent on it . I told him I was interested in girls who are beautiful not chashmish. He gave me a smile and said”friends”..sure why not? I answered.

“how wrong I was, atlast I fell for that behenji chashmish for whom I’m alive now”

(intro was in benchwise manner)

when it was my time to introduce, I went up the dias. There was not much for my introduction. I saw her looking at me keenly and lost for a moment. I composed myself and continued but my eyes landed on her once again.

When I got back to my place , I saw  a guy smiling at me. He told me some secrets even if hidden doesnt give peace.. In that instant I knew that we were going to be best friends.. ‘shiv’ he said. Nodding I gave him my hand ‘laksh’.


ragini was looking at his potrait. She carefully placed it back in her closet. She looked at her face in mirror. So much has changed in the past year. Her bubbly self was lost somewhere and now was replaced with a plastic doll which would smile outside but it’s feelings are hidden inside.

Heavy wind blew through the windows and a little tendril teased her eye. She was taken back to another memory. It was the introductory day. She was a little nervous. She was giving her introduction when she noticed him looking at her. Something tugged her thought. She thought that it was sign for her to stay away from him as he screamed nothing but badluck,danger,problems.

“how stupid was she who couldnt differentiate the difference between love and luck. maybe he was really her badluck whom she could love but not have as hers”.

when it was time for  his introduction she was drawn to listen to him. Of all the information she processed . It was only his she never forgot .

still she remembered his introduction.’ hi everyone Im laksh . It’s pleasure to meet you all and I’m sure we will great friends and great memories are yet to come”

she came back out of the memory. She slowly took steps towards her closet. She took out a box and slowly caressed the chain. It had initials ‘CL’..he gave it to her on karwa chauth. Maybe it didnt have her in it  but still it was hers. She closed her eyes and let silent tears escape.

afterall all the time it was her and still her. Why laksh ? Why did you gift me her memories instead of us..

its been really a long time. but i hope you guys would welcome me like the first time i came here. hope you guys like this part. If any change needed let me know in the comments..

until the next part….

stay happy and blesses

LOVE PrincessKrisha

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