Hoon mein jahan tu wo wahan – part 5


Raginis pov

I made my way to classroom, I was very happy of my first day in New college. It won’t be like my school. Here no one knows me, so I would start a new life without any ruckus and lay a low social profile.


Little did I know I was wrong, I couldn’t lay a social life. Instead the contrast took place.

Ragini a voice called from downstair. She replied yes ma, what u need??

Her mother asked her to bring her brothers files kept in her cupboard.

Ragini stood up from near her window. She slowly walked to her desk. She took the keys hidden under a vase and opened her cupboard door. The wind from balcony was very heavy that as soon as she opened her cupboard papers in it flew randomly in the room. She  took the file and closed the cupboard and immediately caught the papers.

Tears filled her eyes as soon as her eyes fell on the paper. The paper which has the potrait of the one who holds her heart. The potrait she drew in night without her mother knowing. Those days when she spent sleepless nights drawing him. The one who stole her heart.

She whispered laksh… And hugged the paper close to her chest and let silent tears decor her face.

She steadied herself up and went downstairs and placed the file in desk and ran back to her room.

She took his potrait again and stated at it when her mind took her to first day back in college.

She wanted to sit in last bench but it was already filled and the only space left was first one. So she sat there and smiled to the next girl and started speaking with her.

She was speaking when suddenly something caught her eye. It was laksh, he was coming into her class. She was confused as to why he came to her class,but was happy  nonetheless.

Laksh pov

I was walking towards the class I was said to go. But the attender came and said there was a little mistake and that I belonged to class b. My heart was doing a victory dance.

A victory dance for gonna see myself ms. Cutie specs true self unfold…


How stupid I was to think like that on that day, my heart was doing a victory dance. A victory dance for being near you in the same class you.

I lost my heart the moment you smiled at me, when I entered the class….


But my ego and judgements didn’t let me see it. That’s why I lost you even before I could realise my love for you…


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