Hoon mein jahan tu wo wahan – part 1

A year ago

I rechecked everything i have taken. Everything is arranged perfectly. Today is my first day to college. Im so excited at the same time nervous. I stood before home temple and prayed to the god that everything should be ok. I fixed my dupatta once and stepped out of my home. Breathing in the fresh air, i walked to bus stop.


I woke up too late today. My mother was shouting  me to get ready. I am in no mood to get up from my bed. Today is first day to clg yet i dont feel any kind of enthusiasm or excitement or any other feeling. I dont like ….

Laksh get ready soon

Yes mom i will. With a half heart i rised up to get ready  I came out wearing a crisp blue shirt neatly tucked in with black pants. I swung my bag over my shoulder and began to walk.

Other side

I was waiting at the bus stand. When i saw my other college mates. We quickly became friends. They were too friendly seniors. I sighed as i saw the bus coming near us n stopping before us. We climbed in sat and i left my fate to take me to my destiny.

Other side

Great my first day im late to my clg. I catched my bus and sat at the last seat. I saw the girls giggling. None were beautiful. I sighed and spoke to the boys near me. 


Laksh pov

I was looking at her photos. She is so beautiful with those cute specs and her smile. I was so lost in her, that tears made its way in my eyes making me aware of her prescence. She looks a little short than me. But she is perfect to me anyways. Hugging her photos i whispered to it. 

I love you…. 

  Hope you guys like it  

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