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continuing a left ff after about 4 months is strange and expecting same old support is much more stupid but i am expecting please pardon me
so here am posting it’s end

those who didn’t read previous one her’s it’s link

Previous Episode
let’s start

pyar ke parvano ke liay kya pather kya phool
kuch maine rakte hai toh pyar ke voh vade voh assol
jane kyu anjane me kar bethe hai sabhi veh bhool
jante hua bhi reh jani hai kismat me bas toote sapne ki dhool

om wrote this in his diary suddenly his friend randhir came
randhir: what’s up bro


randhir: worried for ishana

om suddenly changed his posture {he was sitting leaning against the wall}

om: why would i worry for that rich brat .who has no work but to irritate me

randhir: come on om i am your bestie so don’t lie to me why don’t accept you love her

om: i can’t my life isn’t for her .she deserved to be kept like princess not like this

randhir: like what om ,we all are living best life as we are living for people ,for our nation .


randhir: don’t argue just think about it again afterwards ,now sleep we have long day ahead

jeeps were ready to proceed whole group of om was all set to go
next day
om was leading the group his friend was driving fast soon he was ahead of all and none else was seen following them .he felt strange but randhir assured him suddenly a car came in front of the om’s jeep and randhir stopped with jerk

it was ishana

ishu: how can you go without me

om: your r not coming with us

ishu: i will

om: you won’t and randhir i’ll see you afterwards even you supported her
randhir:voh actually…(before he could say)

ishu:what’s wrong in listening to right person

om:you and right

om sat again and glared randhir and made him overtake her car .randhir looked at ishana with puppy eyes and started the jeep

ishu :dare you drive randhir{he instantly stopped}
om glared him again
om: he will

randhir[in mind}:indono love birds ke beech me tu kaha phass gya
as ishana nahi toh om ke haato se toh maar kahega
bhag le ehha se ise pehle inke pyaar me tu saheed ho jaye

ishana :let’s see how he’ll hear

they both looked at driving seat and randhir was no where

om:see because of you he went and i don’t know the route
ishana: if you had allowed me to accompany you nothing would have happened

om:you …

and they continued to fight
randhir who was watching them from distance smashed his forehead inka kuch nahi ho sakta

suddenly a bull came running towards them thanks to randhir both jumped in each other;s arm with fear and remained same even after that bull walked past them lost in each other

ishana: if you love me so much then why don’t you confess it to me

om: i’ll when right time will come

ishana: when om

om: you only say our love is like radda krishn and krishn had to leave his raddha for benefit of world .

ishana: what about me if you’ll go away

om: i’ll go nowhere but live in your heart and will return one day after setting everything correct
both were drenched in tears even randhir was in tears

ishana:jese raddha ne intezar kiya tha ishana bhi karegi
jese radda se krishn tha wese hi om se ishana rahegi

om:i’ll return and he bend on his kness
miss ishana singhani will you reside in my heart even if i amn’t not part of your life
will you wait for me even knowing that i’ll never return

ishana: i will wait forever om ,i will

and they both kissed until they both were breathless
randhir smiled seeing this selfless love

randhir came there again and he and om sat and went to their destiny and ishana went back to her home with her love
he gave her neither a ring,locket or any gift as he gave her heart forever

kuch kahaniya khatam milan se nahi
par milan umeed se poori hoti hai

those who won’t epilogue please say else it’s the end

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  1. Hey im new to this site and its strange that i read the previous part last night only.and i was waiting for the next part and today u posted it…
    It was marvellous…just touched my heart….but please don’t end it and write a happy ending….


      thanks a lot and it’s you to decide ending is happy or not epilogue is coming dear

  2. Renimarenju

    Wow……amazing…..ff……kushagra…..am happy 2 see ur ff……missing the ishkara pair…a lot….and thanks 4 portraying the wonderful pair’s story through this ff……Too good…….loved it a lot……by the way do you remeber me ?


      yes i remember you and your poetry on ishqbaaz family dear and thanks for reading it dear

  3. Sweetuishkara

    wow but it’s ending so early please continue

      1. Sweetuishkara

        thumbs up for your shayari

  4. Kavya347

    Wow. So FINALLY you posted. I was eagerly waiting for it. It is the most beautiful story i’ve ever read. Their selfless love and the feelings, is described so perfectly. Om sacrificing his love for the betterment, and Ishana still ready to wait him forever. He wants his Princess to get all the happiness in the world and for her it is nothing more than his love, his heart…the concept is simply impressive and the way you described it is awesome…magical words. Really, when two people love each other, no time is toolong, no distnce is too long and noone can tear them apart???? I loved it beyond all the levels. And plz plz continue Kushagra. Abhi ye daastan khatam nahi hui hai, i am sure that may be not today, but they are meant to be together, with eachother in future. Iss adhuri kahani ko poora hona hi hoga, Kanha ko bhi apani Radha se milane lautna hi hoga. Waiting for you, to continue this amazing story in your unique way. Tysm for this…


      thanks a lot and i happy that you loved it and i will end

  5. I read your previous episode. You are incredible dear or di. You know for the first time I am going to say something open heartedly the shaayri you said was just awesome. From the last 2 to 3 days I have become a huge omkara fan and now ishkara fan. His shaayri’s are so true. Inspiring. I want to be just like omkara.
    Mana vo bahout sensitive hai par usse jyada saaf dil kisse aur ka nhi hoga. Bhale hi om actually mein exist nhi hai. Par mere dil ki khwaish hai ki ek din mein omkara jaise kisse vyakti se miloon. And play the role of Ishaana not as a con girl. But someone who understands him.
    You know for that I tried to be philoshical but can’t. Mein kya karoon???
    Apka ff padhke mujhe lagta hai sabhi ishkara fan aaisa hi sochte hai. I am sure. Ki aap bhi aisa hi sochte ho. Haina??? Pls telll me ki Jo shaayri aapne likhe hai vo aap ne khud se likha hai kya?? Hai toh give me some tips pls pls. I think meine bahout lamba likh diya.
    Lastly aap ka ff bahout aacha laga. Pls do write an epilogue.


      i am overwhelmed by your comment dear and these shayari are my own as i am also bit philosophical poet and epilogue is coming

      1. Your shayri is awesome. Can’t you just continue it. As we all will love it.

  6. Yashu

    You write so good man…read both the parts just nw…n it poetry loved it to core…pls continue it dear…pls….


      thank you for your appreciation dear

  7. Amazing… loved it n definitely epilogue banta hai…


      thank you epilogue is just coming

  8. Sweetuishkara

    kushagra dear I saw your comments I think you are a big fan of param singh ,a humble request from my side please write ff on sandhir and ishkara if you get the time your ishkara ff made me cry please bring epilogue I am waiting

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