Hold me in the rain …(Vitharv – JnDsD) Introduction

Hlooo frnds , this is Sandy . I ‘m with a new ff on our favourite jodi VITHARV ,

The Reason I Breathe Is U ….

The story is up to where vividha revealing her love for atharv
To kailash and kailash denying it.But there are some changes
In the incidents that had happened in the past.

Vividha Kashyap : female lead
Atharv Sujata : male lead
Kailash Kashyap : vivi’s papa, loving and caring husband, son and father
Guddi (Shweta Kashyap) : vivi’s sister
Indumati: dadi
Sujata: atharv’s mother

In this story vividha’s mother died when she was 10 years old.
Kailash and dadi raised vividha and guddi without making them
Feel the vacancy of their mom. Kailash was a loving and caring
Husband , son and a father . He never hurt vividha’s mom. He loved her a lot and now he is living for his daughters.
Vividha’s and atharv’s houses are nearby (Kailash has not snatched atharv’s house) the
Story starts from where Kailash denying atharv’s proposal not because he has no father with him
But he was a poor guy.
Atharv has completed his studies and is about to set up dairy farm and a milk factory, same as in the real story.
In my ff Kailash is not that much cruel as in jndsd . He is a respected personality in the society.

Frnds wait for twists and turns and need ur support by presenting ur views and suggestions?

  1. Really superbbbb dear sandy good beginning keep writing next episode as fast as possible ????????? very excited to read next episode

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