Hold me in the rain …(Vitharv – JnDsD) Episode 1

Gud mng frnds, here is the first episode of my ff,
‘Hold Me In The Rain’
Kailash has denied atharv’s proposal even after vividha pleading
him so much.
The same night, vividha in her room praying ,
Vividha : bhagavanji , why papa is denying atharv’s proposal .I know that
Papa loves me a lot and his happiness is seeing me happy and my happiness
Is atharv….

Tears roll down from her eyes…but suddenly someone comes and places his hand below her face and catches her tears….it’s nine other than our Atharv Sujata .
Vividha( happily) : Atharv ! you!
Atharv(wiping her tears) : vividha, see tears are such a valuable thing.You cannot waste it like this.
He cracks some joke and vividha starts smiling.
Atharv : I want to see this smile on your face ,always…
Vividha : How can I remain happy in such a situation ? How can I make papa believe that I cannot get a better life partner than you ?
Atharv : (naughty manner) : Am I that much good ?
Vividha : thum bhi na, be serious sometimes .
Atharv : Ok baba! Do you believe that your papa will accept me ?
Vividha : yes .

Atharv : then there is nothing to worry .If you believe in yourself then even the mountains will pave the way for u .
Vividha : but…
Atharv : sshhh!
He keeps his finger on her lips.” Now no more but wut.you are tired .Now go and sleep”
Atharv is about to leave . Vividha hold his hand.
Atharv ( turns) : ab kya?
Vividha : mujhe neend nahi aa raha hain ( making a sad face )
Atharv : to kya ? Do you want me to sing lullaby ?

Vividha (smiling ) : hmmm..
Atharv (laughs) : are u serious ?Agar mein gaana shuru kiya tho tumhe aaj kya kisi bhi din mein neend nahi aungi
Vividha pleads with a baby face. Atharv sits beside her and vivi keeps her head on his lap. Atharv sings1 lullaby…..vivi sleeps.
He smiles seeing her sleeping. He slowly stands up and makes vividha lie on pillow and starts to leave .When he turns he sees that vivi is still holding his hand while sleeping .He slowly makes her hand lie on bed and kisses her forehead .He goes back to his tabela .

Precap : Kailash kashyap is heading for a one week business tour to Gandhi Nagar.

  1. i like it so much keep it up. upload next episode as early as possible.

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    Sandy.. u rocked.. very interesting yaar.. waiting for kailassh’s approval

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  9. Keep writing ff. Yes its good to see positive kk here. Waiting for cute vitharv scenes. iam excited to see new stroy of vitharv journey here. iam late in commenting, dont mind. As iam new to TU and FF.

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