Hold me again – part 3

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Bile rose up to her throat and covering her mouth she ran towards the sink… one more time she unknowingly ate glucose biscuits after the coconut chutney she was craving these days and now she had to endure this acidity in her stomach.

“Ahad! She called him softly over his covers.

“Hmmm… he replied sleepily.

“I am unable to open the latch, it has again stuck…she mumbled lightly.

“Hmmm… he was in some deep sleep.

“Ahad…Please get up na.” and this time she was a bit loud because of the acidity her throat was having this moment.

“hmmm, wait.” He finally answered lifting his covers.

“Do you need water?” he asked rubbing his eyes sounding sleepy as he opened the latch which she had been finding difficult due to the large belly.

“No, again it’s burning…”she replied gesturing towards her throat and making her way towards the kitchen.

“okay.” And he dozed off after hearing it, tiredness already calling him to sleep.

Taking big gulps of the cold milk she went near the window just above their little shade where his husband’s bike was standing with the pride Royal Enfield was meant for, the classic bike with a red tank! And she recalled how she never reciprocated to his small wish of going on a bike ride.

Everything her husband had or bought was different from him and she recalled the vague comment made by her sister, “Aapi, Ahad bhaijaan seriously have some class.”

Why she was comparing her husband to him… even after all these years and these many progressions she still wasn’t over with him and all the moments she started with Ahad made her recall a similar moment with him.

Staring the beauty she grimly made a sigh, “how I always wanted to go on a bike ride with You, Ahad.”

As the acidity subsided in her stomach she came back to her room and carefully slid inside the bed, as if sensing her presence he wounded an arm around her as if promising to protect her and their unborn.

This gesture again worked on her pregnancy hormones and she took the risk of bending to his face and kissing on his cheeks; the light-stubble layered cheek pricked her face and he murmured… “Don’t risk it; it’s already too much to control myself from this last month.”

With a sweet smile, she reversed back and in the warm embrace slept off…His thoughts long gone, the beautiful memory from past again buried somewhere.


They already knew each other from so long so it was not that awkward on their first night together… the young banker he was married to a few hours back had been sleeping peacefully on the other side of the bed.

The four days long ceremonies then all the rituals in the morning and finally a seemingly exhaustive night has taken a toll on her and so Jaishree was in a deep slumber.

He tried sleeping going by the saying if you don’t move for 15 minutes then you will fall asleep but every time a toss broke this plan and so he was still gazing the intricate designs of the white flowers hanging around their bed.

The fragile girl in the third year of their college again came to him who was sitting on someone’s bike for the first time, who was way too conscious about if someone saw them And most importantly his then girlfriend but who seemed so happy after the ride.

She always asked him how they managed to be in a relationship, she always felt it was useless to be in relationships where they didn’t mean it for future; she despised these girlfriend-boyfriend things couples did when they were meant to study.

Her thought again made him smile… she was a person of her words and she came to him when he needed though it meant their last wish.

He felt bad for making her go through all that she would have gone that day and afterward because that day she came but she wasn’t alone… she was accompanied by her dad and he knew the Shame and Guilt she was going through.

He didn’t know why but he wanted to talk with her, all these years he was busy making his career but now suddenly he missed her and he wanted to meet her even if it meant breaking a Promise.


Hello everyone, I hope everyone is bidding goodbye to 2018 so I too thought to do a little update for you guys.

Remember 2018 for all the good things happened this year and the lessons it made you learn.

I hope all of you have a great time ahead, see you soon.

With love Morusya.

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  1. It’s nice.continue writing…wish u a happy new year

  2. Morusya51

    Thank you dear… A very happy new year to you too❤️

  3. Palak_55

    The best thing, which i read in this update is that, after many years of their partition they still craving to meet each other…. Its very common now a days..after a long gap a people forgot to each other, but they still in a a hope to met each other.,this is what their real friendship is….and even after marriage they both still remember each other…. U r portraying a real sense of friendship…. Nice update…. Will surely wait for their meeting…

    1. Morusya51

      friendship is indeed the biggest joy…

  4. Morusya51

    i feel you never forget that someone who was so close to you..you still miss them even if you parted on a bitter note.
    though i don’t know if this kind of things happens but i miss a few of my friends whom i want to meet so maybe this would happen even after someone’s marriage.
    i am happy you liked this attempt. lets wait together for their meeting.♥♥

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