Ho Jaana Rihaa – Four Shot

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Hearing the voice of curtains opening, she sat with a jolt. Her aunt is going to beat her up for sleeping till late. She squeezed her tightly being scared of the upcoming slap.

“Good morning MamJi” A sweet fumble voice reached her ears.

Riddhima rubbed her eyes and opened them, looking at the old figure standing infront of her with a slight smile.

” I am D Souza. The head maid of VR Mansion. You should get ready, it’s your first day at the kitchen.” She said politely, and Riddhima passed her a smile.

“Sure. I will be in 15 minutes.” Riddhima said getting up.

The doors of the room opened, and Vansh frowned seeing the two ladies standing. D Souza bowed her head down seeing him, while he took his clothes and Riddhima silently watched it happening.


D Souza rushed out of the room, and Riddhima was sad at his cold tone.

“At least…”

“I didn’t talk to you. Do whatever you want to don’t talk to me and interfere in my things.” Vansh said and left Riddhima confused and sad.

“Now how will I talk to him about studying…aghh! Forget it Riddhima. You will never be able to do the biotech course.” Riddhima said to herself moving towards the washroom.

Being the first day, Riddhima was asked to wear a saree, which was a difficult task for her. Wrapping the saree as she knew, Riddhima slowly peeked out of the door to see a group of servants standing together.

“Excuse me!” She slowly whispered, audible to only one of them.

She was a young girl, probably of her age only. She smiled at reached to Riddhima.

“Yes mam. Do you need any help?” She asked looking at Riddhima who was hiding herself from curtains.

“Do you know how to wear a saree?” Riddhima asked her.

“Yes mam. I will help you.”

Riddhima let her inside and carefully watched her doing the pletes and wrapping and pinning it perfectly.

“What’s your name?” Riddhima asked at her genuine behaviour.

“I am Julia. Daughter of Mrs. D Souza.” She said with a smile.

“Why don’t you study?” Riddhima asked, she had an opportunity!

“I do study. I am in 12th class this year. Sir handles our education expenses, so when we are free I try to work and repell them.” Julia said.

“Riddhima beta! If you are ready please come it’s getting late!”

The voice of her grand mother in law reached her ears. Riddhima held the pletes of the saree lifting them up and slowly walked downstairs.

“She is looking so beautiful. God save her from evil eyes. Thu thu thu” Her orthodox grandmother said to her.

Riddhima silently passed a fake smile, she was the reason of this unwanted marriage.. well now it’s high time she should forget everything for herself.

“You know how to cook? Because generally these days girls know all about is fashion only.” Anupriya, Riddhima’s mother in law asked.

“Ji mummyji. I know how to cook” Riddhima said… merely whispered.

“Ohk then. Make today’s breakfast as the ritual.” Anupriya said and went away.

Mrs D Souza was still standing behind, looking at Riddhima who was sad. At least she wished to have a family..but looks like she will never get what she wants.

“MamJi…come” D Souza guided her.

“Please don’t call me MamJi. I feel very bad” Riddhima said to her.

D Souza chuckled, and looked at her.

“It’s the truth. You are our MamJi. Our Master’s queen.” D Souza said to her.

Well…Riddhima didn’t understand. But she didn’t wanted to talk more so she silently started cooking up breakfast. She made aloo ke paranthe, sandwiches and gajar ka halwa.

Everything was served into the table, and all the Rai Singhanias gathered for their breakfast. Vansh took his seat at the head chair, while Ishani moved towards the side of him, where she always sat but was now stopped by Indrani.

“Ishani. That’s Riddhima’s place from now. You can sit here.” Indrani stopped Ishani from sitting next to Vansh.

“Oh now this yesterday came girl will take my place?” Ishani taunted.

Riddhima silently stood at the kitchen door. She could take any seat. At least she doesn’t have to sit on the floor here. While the argument went on, Riddhima’s eyes roamed on the dining and living room, which looked marvelous to her. Her lips automatically turned into smile when she matched it with a fairytale.


The voice broke her trance as she flinched, Ishani was sitting somewhere else so Riddhima silently took place near Vansh, who didn’t even pay heed to her.

Riddhima served him everything and he ate without speaking a word. Most of all praised Riddhima for her eminent cooking skills at young age, while same made wird faces saying she is indeed a good worker.

“Vansh.. give some gift to her.” Anupriya said to Vansh who was wiping his hands.

“And why will I?” Vansh asked back.

“It’s a ritual, and she made such nice food. She deserves one.” Indrani said looking at Riddhima lovingly.

“I didn’t get anything” Vansh said expresionlessly.

“It’s fine. Riddhima will tell what she wants. Say Riddhima. What do you want? Jewelries, cars, or anything you want. Vansh can get the whole world on your feet.” Chanchal exclaimed happily.

Is it the right time?

Riddhima was in a deep thought, she clutched her clothes, being scared to ask what she wants. What if all get angry? Or throw her out of the house? What if her husband gets very angry and beats her up?

Riddhima looked at Vansh with a corner of her eyes, but his intense gaze made her more frightened.

“I don’t have all day…” Aryan said leaving the table, and so did Ishani.

Vansh was lost in other thoughts…what if she asks something weird? Or a divorce? He can’t afford it against his reputation.

Riddhima opened her one eye taking look of all of them, and Vansh holds her hand making her more scared, as Vansh knew will happen. She directly, looked into Vansh eyes and said mustering all the courage she had

“I want to study more..”

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