HO GAYA PYAR TUMSE let’s feel it…. (shot 46)

Abir:what was you saying?

Kuhu lowers her head and stands crying.

Abir:Kuhu tell me it’s a lie! Tell…

Kuhu is unable to say and react.

Abir: Calm down Broo… you are super cool like me. Just tell me it’s a lie. I won’t ask you anything .

Abir insist her. Kuhu shouts.

Kuhu: it’s not a lie, it’s a truth.

Abir:How dare you cheat us! I am not going to spare those who hurts my loved ones.

Kuhu: please bro. Please hear me out.

Abir: No way kuhu!

Abir walks in. Kuhu panics and goes behind him.

Abir gets hesitant to reveal as he sees the whole family happy and spending time together.

Abir:How can I say this? How will I make them unhappy?

Abir gets helpless infront of his families happiness.

Kuhu stands behind him.

Abir takes Kuhu with him and walks far away.

Abir:I want to know why did you agree to this marriage if you don’t want to get married to him?


Abir:don’t cry! I am just here for an answer.

Kuhu: I am sorry…

She reveals…

Kuhu:Hello… How dare you eat one piece from my pizza? I will complaint and throw you out of the house, just wait and see. You don’t know me,idiot

Unknown: Excuse Me…

Kuhu cuts the call. He calls back.

Kuhu:sorry won’t work.

Unknown:who is going to say sorry ? You are dialling a wrong number madam. I am not the one.

Kuhu cuts and checks.

Kuhu:oh God !

Kuhu calls him back.

Kuhu: I am sorry, I just said like that…

Unknown: I would suggest one thing mam, let it go… the pizza matter. He would have done a mistake. Forgive one.

Kuhu:I have paid for it. How can I let it go?

Unknown: Mam, someone time we should let it go, it’s better to become a loser than a winner sometimes.

Kuhu: sir, is it possible?

Unknown:if pandavas have won the gambling game, there would be no mahabarat.

Kuhu and the unknown person talks…

They starts enjoying each others company.


Abir:Are you talking in your sense?

Kuhu: yes I am…


Kuhu and the unknown have arranged many meeting plans and fails to meet.

From the beginning,itself all are being adverse to them.

Kuhu admitted injured Mehul and missed her meet up.
Like this each and every meeting of them was postponed.

Still they formed a bond between them slowly.


Abir:she should have informed us. It’s not justifiable act.

Kuhu:to whom? Badipa and Badima won’t understand. Mishti will ignore me saying Kuhu ki craziness. It’s easy to say bro.


Kuhu:hello you didn’t called me yesterday, was you so busy?

Unknown:yes ,I am. I won’t be able to call you again.


Unknown:I am ending this unknown relationship!

Kuhu:How can you!

Unknown:sorry! I am sorry.

He cuts the call. Kuhu calls him back. He doesn’t answer.

Kuhu:how dare he end this relationship like this?

She broke down and gets angry in her stupidity.


Kuhu:out of that anger,when Badima asked me of the alliance. I just said yes. Then,I realised it was Kunal. I never intended to hurt him.

Abir:then, forget that unknown and move on. My nanko will keep you happy.

Kuhu: there is something else left.


Kuhu is sadly getting ready for her engagement…

Unknown calls her.

Unknown:How dare you? You messaged me I Hate You and let me go. Is this how you see our relationship?

Kuhu:what should I do? You hurt me and ended our relationship. Then you are asking how dare me?

Unknown: I just wanted hear I love you from you so I just played a prank. I wanna give a name to our this unknown relationship. You let me go like this, I thought if hearing love you, but you. . .

Kuhu gets shocked. Mishti enters.

Kuhu cuts the call. Kuhu gets engaged to kunal.


Kuhu:I tried to go on with the fate. I tried to call him. But I am getting realised that he is my life. He is like my papa, I want him to leave

Kuhu breaks down. Abir stands helpless.

Abir:what are you going to do? Elope with him?

Kuhu stays mute.

Abir:what did he say?

Kuhu: he said I love you too. Let’s be together.

Abir: what should we do now?

Kuhu: please help me broo…

Kuhu hugs Abir. Abir stands helpless.

Abir:My Nanko should live in a loveless marriage. I will help you for my nanko, not for you.

Kuhu clears her face. Both walks into the function.

Mishti:what was you two doing alone? Kuhu your friends are here. Go…

Mishti sees Abir and smiles.

Abir is disturbed and can’t look at her.

Mishti:kya hua, both don’t look good?

Kuhu smiles with a heavy heart.

Function ends…

Abir is sitting alone by a lakeside.

Abir:This is a tough situation for me, I want to be strong.


Abir sees her and hugs her emotionally.

Abir (thinks):I wish to inform you,but can’t as I can’t see you helpless like me. Let this matter be with me.

Mishti also reciprocate.

Abir gets back after sometimes.

Mishti:you look disturbed in the party itself, kya hua?

Abir: woh kuch nahi.

Mishti:you are lieing, you look into my eyes first.

Abir:it’s difficult to…

Mishti tries to turn and his face but fails. Abir resist her and they both fall down into the lake.

Abir holds her close and gets her back to the bank of river,

Mishti shivers, Abir hugs her and warm her.

Abir:I asked you not to be adamant.

Mishti:I am adamant.

Abir:don’t be so stupid again.

Mishti:I will.

Abir frowns. Mishti also frowns.
They smile and gets back…



Mishbir fan,i don’t know whether you was a fan or not…let it be. Thank you.

Thank you Nitya,Avni,Meghna(actually my name is Meghna… i had shorten it Meghu),shivani, zingo and shital chauhan.

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  1. Woah very interesting episode
    I never expected Kuhu to fall in love with someone unknown
    I guess the unknown person would want to trap her
    I wish Mishbir’s love isn’t affected by Kuhu’s decision
    Can’t wait for next shot

  2. Mishbir fan, i dont know whether you was a fan or not ka kya matlab hai?? I did not get you..
    Also ‘let it be'(in your comment) looks like you are upset with me.. sorry if i hurt you but what is the problem exactly?? Please tell me know clearly..

    1. Meghu

      OMG,Mishbir fan I didn’t mean it… I meant in the previous shot , you commented about my new ff and told that you was not aware about ArYa beyhadh couples. So I just said let it be no problem. There is no problem dear… I said I didn’t knew that you was a fan of beyhadh or not. Nothing else. Sorry communication misunderstanding!!! πŸ˜“
      Hope you are are hurt, if yes then I am sorry

    2. Meghu

      Hope you are not hurt, if yes then I am sorry

    3. Meghu

      Hope you are not hurt, if yes then I am sorry. Hope you are clear now

    4. Oh ok!!
      Yeah clearly communication misunderstanding from both ends!!πŸ˜…

  3. Very interesting epidoe!!
    Loved itπŸ˜€β€
    Waiting for the next one!!!!


    Arey meghu… Nice update ..would have uploaded it long… Waiting for nxt

  5. Lovely update!!!β€πŸ˜€
    Pls keep writing!!
    Waiting for the next one!!πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
    Ohh wow!! Same names. What a coincidence!!πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

  6. Bhuvaneshwari

    I think the unknown person might be Nanko. It would be nice if it was him πŸ˜…πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜πŸ€©β€οΈπŸ€©

    1. Even i was thinking the same!!
      Lets wait and watch!!

  7. Risho123

    Lovely!πŸ‘Œ Hope Abir could find a solution for Kuhu’s problem…. And hopefully it wont affect MishBir’s relationship. (*fingers crossed*)

  8. Shital Chauhan

    Superb FF………..
    Very excited to know the unknown person!!!!!
    Waiting for the next update

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