Hitler Didi 8th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Hitler Didi 8th April 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 8th April 2013 Written Update

The show starts with Indira slowing coming to Indu room and sees her sleeping.She looks at her and thinks of Indu telling her how the students of the 1st standard were teasing her.She goes near her takes her in her laps and says she wants her to become a good responsible girl.
The next day Seher brings ice cream for Indu and she refuses as she has fever.Indira sees Seher and tells her she’s like her mom who needs ice cream in the morning.
She tells Indu to get up but she refuses as she has fever,Indira says Ishaan also used to make excuses like that and she used to drag him from the bed.She tells her to get up but she says she does not want and Rishi comes he checks her temperature and sees she has fever.Indu tells him about the guys in the school who’s tormenting her so Indira goes to pay Indu fees and also have a talk with the boys who’s teasing Indu in front of the principal.

She leaves the principal officeand gets a phone call from the inspector who wants her to come right away to the police station.She goes with the policemen to Rajrani place for a police search.Rajrani is doing a ceremony , the prayer of the Godess kaali.The police inspector shows rajrani the search warrant and Rajrani says they are free to do their job.
While they are searching Rajrani is doing some weird dialogues with Indira and he touches her shoulder.Indira pushes his hand away and tells him to stop using his hand.He asks why if ever because his an eunuch or because he’s dusty indira says because his soul is unpure.
Indira hears the girls crying and looks throogh the key hole and calls for the policemen arounds but to no avail.She asks why are they behaving so and not doing anything?
Rajrani lawyer says because his anticipatory bail is already paid and when Indira turns to see who’s she stuns to see Rishi who’s also surprise on seeing Indira.
She tries her best to make him understand not to fight the case of Rajrani.Rishi is adamant as he wants to earn money for his family.Indira also is adamant to drag Rajrani to the court.When the girls are taken out of the room they tell Indira they are brought only for the ceremony.Indira pleads to Rishi not to pay heed to the girls as they must be threatened to death for lying.
Rishi is in no mood to accept what is Indira is saying so indira threatens Rajrani to drag him to the court as he killed Sajni and she’s the only witness and she also has the proof which can’t save him.

Rajrani asks his man to go to SN to see what is the weak point of Indira and the man says she has an eight yrs old daughter.
The goons of Rajrani kidnap Indu in front of the school gate..

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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